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 Spencer R Hidgefield (Last Redo)

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PostSubject: Spencer R Hidgefield (Last Redo)   November 9th 2014, 5:44 pm

Spencer Hidgefield

Gender/Sex: Male

Age: 22


Love Interest: Kataro Hattori

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Bisexual

Weapon: N/A

Appearance: Spencer has dark brown (almost black) hair that is rather shaggy and covers his neck in the back. His skin tone is white, but not too pale, and his eyes are a strange shade of green and blue. Almost a glowy green with a pair of square, black framed glasses over them. His clothing usually consists of a black vest or short sleeved shirt with a black or white long-sleeved undershirt. His jeans are a dark blue and torn in the knees and his shoes are heavy work boots. A lot of times, he's either wearing a black beanie or his hair is a shaggy mess. He's about 6'2" with a heavy, athletic build.

His monster form is far more grungy looking than his human appearance. It stands about 9 feet with mangy, dirtied fur. The eyes glow the same color as his ordinary eye color. There's a torn, red sheet or fabric around its waist, and small chains are wrapped around his forearms. As well as being wrapped around the wrists; ending in cuffs that lock onto them. Teeth always seem bloody or stained and the expression is almost always pulled into a twisted, toothy cheshire smile.

Personality: Spencer has his own version of humor. It's not really a funny one to a lot of people, but he tends to laugh at them himself. He never really feels upset about anything unless it's a rough topic. Sleeping is a habit with him and he tends to fall to sleep when he's had a little bit of time to lay down and rest for a few minutes.

He's pretty happy for the most part, and it's hard to make him angry. That still doesn't mean he won't snap. When he does, it's not pretty.

His mother was a monster as well, and she eventually lost her sanity to her monster form and became bloodthirsty. Any heavy amounts of blood can make him the same way, but he controls it pretty well.

An automobile genius. He tended to teach himself a lot about them when he lived in his old apartment, and always tries to find the opportunity to fix one when it needs fixing.

History: Before he was sent to the 'orphanage', Spencer's parents loved him dearly. Especially his father whom he's recently found again. However, his mom lost her mind and his dad had to turn him into the place because his bloodlust as a kid made him dangerous.

Spencer wasn't always the mentally and physically strong person he is currently. The unfortunate series of events of his childhood brought him down to the outskirts of sanity. He only has a vague memory of his parents blank faces stored somewhere in his head and a scarring memory of the place he grew up in as a piece of his childhood.

The orphanage he was placed in when he was turning on one year had a dark aura emitting from its outside. Mold dripped from the roof, cracked and missing bricks were scattered around the outside of the building, and everything was stained with mildew. However, on the inside there were only smiling faces. Almost too smiley. Everybody was happy about everything, but in almost a psychotic way. Bad news was brought up with a smile and a 'bright side'. Spencer was the only sane one. He showed emotion. And that's why he was so pushed away and watched like hawk would eye something. Of course, he never knew why they were like that. Nor why there weren't ever any other kids.

He didn't have a bed to sleep in. They placed him in a room where he was watched through cameras placed on all corners of the square cell. He only had a few, hand-me-down toys that he played with. Like an old ball with faded shapes and stains on it. And every so often, the people would walk in with their clean coats and smiles on as if they'd been hiding that they won the lottery for months.

It happened every year. The same routine everyday just like you would go to school everyday. He woke up in the chair he had in his room, took care of personal hygiene, changed clothes, and then went to another room where a nice, young lady worked. She educated him on everything he needed to know. Language, literature, math, biology, you name it.

But then something happened. The smiles on everybody's face seemed to slowly disappear. They all transformed into blank expressions with stone cold gazes. Only because Spencer did something he thought was normal. He'd done what he was born with the ability to do. He remembered the first time it happened vaguely. Like it was in a dream from weeks ago. The one mirror he had in his room had seemed to alter his appearance in a strange way. However, when it happened, he wasn't scared. He felt it normal and usual. He wasn't a human. The thing in the mirror had resembled something he'd seen in some of the books his teacher showed him.

That was around the time he was turning thirteen. A short time after, a few men and women in clean, white coats stood in the doorway of his room and murmured things to each other. Then immediately, grabbed Spencer by the arms and took him into a room where they extracted a vial of blood from his arm and shoved him down the steps of the 'orphanage' and told him to leave and never come back.

Not knowing what to do, he sat on the first step of the building and watched people walk by like they weren't part of reality. But right as he was about to leave, the door opened behind him and somebody in high heels clicked down the steps after him and he felt a hand rest on his shoulder. They had fingernails painted blue with little white swirlies on them. Immediately, he knew who it was: his teacher. She had a careful smile on her face that showed softness. It wasn't the hard stares he received from the others. And she only chuckled quietly before walking away from the satanic building towering behind him.

Living with the teacher was nice. She did everything she could to keep him comfortable until he could find a job. And once he had enough money to move out, he hesitantly moved into an old apartment that he barely had enough savings to own. However, two years later, he moved in with his closest friend and grew a strong, close relationship with him.

Miscellaneous: Spencer lost his legs a while back, but gained them back through a Kishin Egg and a Sorcerer after a favor was done for them. There's still scars where the prosthetics had made up for legs, but they're usually hidden behind his clothes.

Abilities: --Table is at the bottom of the app--

Weaknesses: Cold: If the temperature is too cold, Spencer will grow sick and weaker than usual. He won't be able to use any abilities involved with heat for as long as he usually would.

Restraint: Putting him under any form of restraint will cause him to be pulled into a state of worry and distress. He'll struggle, but he'll get worked up and more stressed about it than anything.

Brute ForceSpencer can gain about five times his normal strength for about 6 posts. It allows him to throw large objects effortlessly. Up to about the size of a phone booth or a motorcycle. The downside is that he will have an intense soreness in his muscles for a few (about three) posts afterwards. Only if he's in human form. Otherwise, his strength is five times more than usual either way.
InvisibilitySpencer can remain invisible for as long as he wants. BUT. He can still bump into things and there's usually a series of burned footprints where he's walking no matter what he's stepping on. He's also able to be hit when he's invisible. Touching anything when he's invisible can burn him, so he'll only use it to get away from somebody or something.
"The Heavens are Screaming"Spencer can summon a large war hammer both in and out of his monster form. However, this ability allows him to control it's movement with his mind. Basically, he can cause the weapon to rain onto the opponents from above. It can crush them or pin them down for a period of time. Otherwise, he has to physically swing the weapon.
HeatwaveSpencer can create a wave of searing heat with a swirl of his hand. But depending on his mood, he can create even larger pulses with the power to burn skin from bone. It takes serious concentration for him to do so though. Usually, it's enough to cause red, nasty and painful marks on the opponent.

Have You Read the Rules?
I love Steve Peter.

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PostSubject: Re: Spencer R Hidgefield (Last Redo)   November 9th 2014, 5:45 pm

I decided to redo the app because a lot of things have changed and I didn't like his last sheet, so here's a new one.
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PostSubject: Re: Spencer R Hidgefield (Last Redo)   March 12th 2015, 9:44 pm

Slight edit due to recent changes.
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PostSubject: Re: Spencer R Hidgefield (Last Redo)   

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Spencer R Hidgefield (Last Redo)
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