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PostSubject: Proxy   November 17th 2014, 7:56 am

Krake, Terminus a.k.a. Proxy

Gender/Sex: Male

Age: 204, appears 13

Species: Humanoid Proxy of an Elder Being. Proxy is another word for agent, but with the pure inhuman-ness of his masters, agent just doesn't fit. This bestows him with direct telepathic contact and certain perks, such as an extremely prolonged life.

Love Interest: Nope

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Demiromantic, Demisexual

Weapon: The Necrønømīcøn, an unbelievably powerful spell book of necromancy and conjuring, with very unpredictable contents. It is bound in human flesh and written in human blood.

Appearance: The eyes of this demon of a child may seem a demonic red from a distance, but you will be surprised when you get close enough to see bright magenta colouring. His once blonde hair has turned an unhealthy, void black and his frame is dangerously thin, with little to no muscle mass. Terminus often dresses in deep black coats and trousers with white it grey lining, and only rarely wears a tank top under it. The skin of Proxy is not the expected pale white, but in fact a corpse grey, covered in demonic, otherworldly sigils scarred into the flesh. Strapped around his waist is a belt, with a case built into the side for holding the demonic spell book that Proxy claimed as his own. He also has an artificial foot.

Personality: Terminus is, quite honestly, a sociopath. Not as much of a "lol imma kill everybody" sociopath, but he simply just doesn't feel emotion when he brutally murders people. The boy is quite submissive to anyone that is of higher power or higher authority to him, due to his many years serving the Old One Cthulhu. He doesn't understand sarcasm, never understands jokes, and quite generally doesn't care about anything you have to say. Everything is secondary to orders from his master. His years of servitude have wiped most emotions away from his persona, leaving only a cold, heartless, 15 year old. Or 203 year old. Either would work. If anyone obviously weaker or has less authority than him try to boss him around, he will attempt to annihilate them. And, having been around for so long, Proxy will not even try to tolerate closed minded-ness, such as racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia. And, for some unknown reason, Terminus absolutely adores a Capella, and has an eternal hatred for androids and other humanoid robots.

History: Terminus was born in the year 1810, and was born into a fairly wealthy family. Back then, his hair was a vibrant blonde, and he had loving parents and a wonderful sister. His name wasn't even Terminus, it was Charlie Dale. Well, "wonderful" sister would be more accurate. For a teenage girl in the 18th century, she was quite enthusiastic about pushing limits. Her name was Claire, and every Thursday, her and her group of rebellious friends practiced otherworldly rituals as a joke. Nothing ever happened, of course, but they persisted.
They did it for three months straight, to express their inner rebelliousness toward society. For unforeseen circumstances, on exactly the third month of the year, they were to perform an extra-special ritual on a Wednesday. Claire had decided to freak out her brother, Charlie, so she invited him to come along to meet her friends.
This was when he was optimistic, and happy all the time, so he was thrilled to come along.
Before he knew it, he was tied up and placed in the middle of a circle drawn on the floor, and he was crying his eyes out and pleading for them to stop. And they were all laughing at him. One began to chant unearthly words, while they lit candles around Charlie, all while he's sobbing uncontrollably. They finished the chant at the same time they lit the last candle, and when it was finished, they all laughed hysterically at Charlie's confusion. That's when all the lights went out. The candles were extinguished, the curtains were closed, and every possible light source in the room just... Stopped. From all the panic, and confusion, Charlie blacked out.
It was a few hours before he awoke. He obviously vomited from the foul sight that lay before him. His sister, and all her friends, lay ritualistically slaughtered before his eyes. It was then he heard a voice that would be with him for the rest of his life. «Īf ÿøû dõń't wäñt tø ęńd ūp łįkê thèm, Í šùggęśt ÿøû łīštėñ tø mè»
Charlie felt frozen. He didn't want to do anything this sinister voice told him. He didn't even want to move. But he was trapped in this monstrous circle, and his soul no longer belonged to him. Charlie looked down at his hands, and saw a corpse grey. "What did you do to me..." Charlie had whimpered, tears running down his face.
«Ï hävê gîvèñ ÿøū â gîft ÿøū üñgrātėfúł brät… Nów łïštēń üp» Charlie sobbed at the voice in his head. It proceeded to tell him to... dispose of his parents. What use is an agent if they're constantly being supervised by parental figures. At this instruction, a mythic dagger appeared at his side in the circle.
Of course, Charlie didn't want to kill the two people that had given birth to him, and given him so much love over the years. But the boy didn't understand. He had no choice in the matter. So he left the accursed circle, with his newly blackened hair and grey skin with tears streaming down his face, tuning out the voice from his head, but somehow knew they were still with him.
Charlie finally arrived at his home, and his parents were shocked by his new appearance. But Charlie didn't care. All he did was get down on his knees and begged. He begged for forgiveness. For mercy. For death. For anything that would save him from this newfound madness. Of course his parents were absolutely terrified. What happened? What did this to their dear Charlie? And where was Claire?
They both leaned over and hugged their son. It was a nice hug. Warm, and full of love. But Charlie had to do what he was told. He took the knife from his pocket and slit his mother's throat, then stabbed his father in the chest. The knife disappeared from his fathers wound and Charlie cried his eyes out, screaming with regret and sorrow and hatred and anger and–well, general misery.
But Charlie forced himself up to his feet and ran out of the small mansion his wealthy family owned, running into the streets of London.

Fifty years later, and Terminus looked exactly the same. He had ditched his name and regret a long time ago, and was now being notified that one of the proxies of the old one Cthulhu had turned their back. As a challenge, the Thing commanded that he must dispose of this deserter. If he succeeded, he could have the wondrous spell book that he possessed.
It was rather easy to break into the traitor's abode, using his size to slide through the chimney like a little satanic Santa. Terminus slit the throat of the traitor in his sleep and took the book that they were cradling in their arms. It seemed to have a monstrous face on the front for dramatic effect. The boy chuckled and opened the book, only to be greeted with to streams of flame flying directly into his eyes. Apparently, it had been booby trapped.
The voice in his head chanted a few gibberish words, and his vision was returned. Thank Cthulhu that Terminus memorised them.

Miscellaneous: The character Terminus Krake is of my creation, based off of concepts in stories by H.P. Lovecraft. The Necrønømīcøn, and all Elder Beings mentioned, are property of H.P. Lovecraft. I do not own them in any way.

Sight of the Elder BeingsBeing a proxy, Terminus was given many abilities by these Old Beings, including the flawless vision of the supernatural, given to him by Cthulhu. This means he can see through any and all illusions cast by others, as well as seeing through invisibility and the ability to see creatures that cannot be seen by "normals".
The Dead TongueTerminus is one of very few people around the world that is fluent in all languages, current and dead/extinct. This ability is what allows him to read the Necrønømīcøn, and thus perform the incantations inside it. There is only one language that Proxy doesn't know a single word of: French. All languages were taught by the Elder One Cthulhu, and it found French so useless, so irrelevant, that it didn't even bother teaching him.
Abyssal FormThis ability allows Terminus to use an abyssal form, meaning he will convert his body into a kind of reptile-fish hybrid. Proxy gains deep green scales, along with a new snout replacing his jaw with large, murderous teeth lining the insides. His arms split, giving him an extra pair of arms on his sides, as well as even more arms emerging from just behind the shoulder and on the shoulder blade. Proxy's hair turns into hundreds of long, thin tentacles that hang down past his shoulders. And finally, he grows a tail, with a large, scorpion-like stinger on the end of it. Of course, this form is naturally stronger in the water, and the legs form into one fin (similar to a merman) when in vast expanses of water.
The NecromiconThe Necrønømīcøn contains hundreds of spells and rituals, making the possession of it a highly commendable ability. By reading out one of these incantations, it could do an infinite amount of things. Like turn someone inside out, or insta-cook poptarts. Well, it's a fire spell, but that's what Terminus uses it for. So by owning The Necrønømīcøn, he is given many, many abilities. There was even a spell for planetary destruction, but Terminus tore that page out, for obvious reasons. Sadly, on the other side of the page, was the ritual to full immortality.
Echoes of the VoidTerminus can mimic any voice he has ever heard, including copying their speech patterns and disabilities. He can also have several different voices. As in, he can speak regularly, and while doing this, can speak with a seperate voice, and another voice, and another voice. This makes it sound like that there are several people in front of you instead of just one. But he only really uses it for one man a Cappella.

Weaknesses: Although Proxy is somewhat resistant to most things, he can be killed like any normal human. Blood loss, electrocution, poisons, anything. He shares the same weaknesses of any other human, even if he's slightly more resilient to them. Terminus is also legally blonde—wait, no—legally blind. Yeah, that's the one. Thanks to the first time the young teen peered into the Necrønømīcøn, he has had to cast a spell on himself every three hours to keep his vision. All he really sees are flaming outlines.

Have You Read the Rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Proxy   November 17th 2014, 10:44 am

I fixed your image for you, spy. I know this is a WIP, but can you be sure to explain what a Proxy is?


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PostSubject: Re: Proxy   November 17th 2014, 5:16 pm

Of course! I still need to work out all the Elder Thing stuff with it, so it'll be there.
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PostSubject: Re: Proxy   January 8th 2015, 9:04 am

So I've taken a huge risk with this character, but it's finally ready. I really doubt that it'll be accepted, but you never know if you don't go. YOU NEVER SHINE IF YOU DONT GLOW.
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PostSubject: Re: Proxy   January 9th 2015, 7:23 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Proxy   August 14th 2016, 10:20 pm

As of 8/14/16, this character is in perfect compliance with the rules :cheer:
Otherwise, if you plan on dropping/deactivating him let me know!
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PostSubject: Re: Proxy   

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