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 Raphael Highborn the SoulWeaver

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PostSubject: Raphael Highborn the SoulWeaver   December 22nd 2014, 8:48 pm

Name (Surname, Forename)

Gender/Sex: Male

Age: 230 (appears 17)

Weapon: N/A

Animal Form:  The SoulWeaver clan- a specialized clan of Sorcerers and Witches- sacrificed their animal forms long ago in order to combine with Soul Allies. A Soul Ally is a lost (or unclaimed) soul that the SoulWeavers go around and find. Whenever a SoulWeaver finds a lost soul, they go and talk with it. They offer the soul a deal, the soul gets a chance at life again, where they experience and live again, but the SoulWeaver is in charge, and the SoulWeaver is strengthen by the soul. The soul, if it agrees, is combined with the SoulWeaver and becomes a Soul Ally, whose job is to help power the SoulWeaver's abilities.

Love Interest: N/A

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Straight

Appearance: Raph stands at around 5'9, and weighs 175 pounds. He has snow white hair, which hangs down in his eyes, which are a messy, blood red. Raphael' s canine teeth on his upper and lower jaws have been ground to an extremely sharp point, giving him a vampiric look. He has a pale skin tone, and a scar across his left and right palms. He dons a grey dress shirt with a short crew collar, which is covered by a black jacket, which has a gold collar and gold cuffs. A silver necklace with a wing pendant is worn around his neck. He wears black tightish jeans, and light brown boots. Silver rings are found on either of his fingers. Raphael has six runes across his body in total. He has one on the back of his neck, which translates as Remorse, one on his chest that translates as Vengence, one on his left knee that translates as death, and one his right elbow as renegade. The rune on his left hand reads justice, while the other translates as rage.

Personality: Raph isn't exactly the nicest guy. Just by looking into his eyes, you can tell he's been through some real shit. He has a more savage nature within himself, which doesn't seem to come out until you see him more often. He takes real pleasure in destroying those in his way, be it kishin, meister, weapon, or death himself. But before his savage nature starts to kick in, he's seen as just a guy that seems to just think a lot. He's rather quiet, and tends to stay out of affairs he doesn't need to be involved in.

History: Born 230 years ago to the SoulWeaver clan, Raph was not unlike the other children. He lived a normal child hood, until he was around ten. His parents were extremely worried about the rune on his left knee, Death, and had asked others what would done with him. They decided he needed to done away with and was send to rot away, far from the village. He was too much of a scare for the other SoulWeavers. And they were right. They lived in peace for the next couple decades. Then Rapheal came back. And let's say they didn't live to tell the tale. Now Raph's in Death City hunting another SoulWeaver by the name of "Aegis Zuesson."

Miscellaneous: (Additional information of any importance that does not belong to any other category can be placed here)

Energy Weapons
Description: Raph can generate weapons via using his Soul Allies. His weapons range from sword to shield, but the most commonly use by him are his clockwork pistols, and his steel broadsword.

Burst Dashing: Raph can "burst" into extreme speeds to avoid enemy attacks, get somewhere faster, or putting force behind an attack.

15 Souls.

Destroyer Movements: Raph's movements become more destructive, changing from simple cutting attacks to more cleaning like strikes. It's most effective on weaker enemies, and can take numerous tries to take out tougher ones.

25 Souls

Wicked Destroyer: Raph can fabricate dozens of falling daggers that seem to just home in on the enemy, and can cause massive damage. He can summon 8 daggers every six posts.

30 Souls

Kinetic Rush: When he's out of luck, Raph can use his Kinetic Rush ability. This lets him quickly run at the opponent, depending on the distance from them, and hit them, knocking them backwards, giving Raph sometime to think.

45 Souls

Wicked Weaver: When Rapheal really starts to unleash his true nature, he starts an unholy transformation. His eyes change from red to silver, and his hair becomes more pointed and edgy. His features become way to real, and his strength and adaptability increases.

75 souls

Wicked Rebirth: Raph's transformation goes a step further, granting him red, glowing claws, and more strength. Raph can call upon stronger Energy Weapons in this form, ones that he couldn't handle before.

105 Souls

Raph's current Soul Ally count is at 45.

Have You Read the Rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Raphael Highborn the SoulWeaver   December 22nd 2014, 11:04 pm

Acc Accepted
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Raphael Highborn the SoulWeaver
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