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 Roleplay Rules

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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   December 26th 2014, 2:15 am

Roleplay Rules

  1. You can NOT use a character before it has been approved AND moved to its respective "Accepted Characters" section.
  2. The following are not allowed, under any circumstances and are considered cheating:
    Godmodding/Powerplaying wrote:

    like the common cheat code, "God Mode," godmodding is where a character has impossible limitations, or rather, a lack of limitations altogether. Nothing seems to damage them and they can do seemingly anything they want, whether it makes any sort of sense or otherwise. These characters are often invincible. This includes one-shot hits and auto-kills
    Bunnying wrote:

    taking control of characters other than your own in order to make the storyline go the way you want it to.
    Metagaming wrote:

    the use of OOC knowledge in roleplayed actions, behaviors, thoughts; basically, your characters knows things that they’ve never learned IC. Does not affect characters infected with the Madness of Reality strain.
    Retconning wrote:

    the act of rescinding or otherwise acting as if an in character occurrence never happened

  3. To kill a player character, you must first be in a fight/situation where the death could occur.
    Evils in Death City Exception:
  4. Canon Character Rule: Only Staff members (red and blue names) can roleplay as canon characters; do NOT take it upon yourself to do so.
  5. Please rate your threads based on the content you intend for them to have or any content that develops in them. Thread ratings system has been updated to a hybrid of MPAA (Film) and ESRB (Game) ratings. We ask that they be included in a thread’s title, preferably with suffix letters to explain why. Example: You have a mature thread with language, gore, and explicit content. You would title it: “Title Name, Private/Open, M-LGEc”
    Ratings Masterlist:
  6. Death Scythe Rule: To make a normal weapon into a Death Scythe, you need to have an administrator's permission, and you need to run a thread with your meister and/or a supervising Death Scythe about killing a Witch to gain your hundredth soul; this same concept also applies to Demon Blades and Eibon's Grimoires.
  7. Logging: Whether they use the Character Logs section or not, all members should keep track of their threads and make sure that nothing affects the timeline. Character logs are also used to keep track of specific character details: relationships (friendships, partners, SO's, etc), Soul Counts, abilities, and injuries. (Example: Sam is kidnapped in one thread, but continues to act like nothing happened in the second thread.)
  8. Timelines: As of 2015, SERP has been following a semi-standard flow of time. Unless otherwise stated, it is assumed that a thread begins on the day it is stated, after all previous threads. Other threads may be used as reference points, as well as character Birthdays. Seasons may also be used in lieu of time/date. To keep things as clear as possible, it is requested that some form of this Timestamp be used in the first post of a thread:
    Month and Day
    00:00 AM/PM
    Time after any significant event related to thread (I.E: 2 months after X)
  9. No time skips over 1 week without Administrator Approval.
  10. Threads should be labeled as follows: “Private” (optionally including those involved), “Invite/Permission Only,” “Closed,” or “Open (to all).”
  11. Please add the (Finished) tag to any and all finished threads, as well as the (Dead) tag to threads that it applies to.
  12. If you are absent for a long period of time and return to the inability to find one of your threads, check the the thread archive. If you find it, ask a Staff to return it for you.
  13. Soul Worlds (I.E Soul's Black Room) are acceptable locations to RP, and if you choose to include them please describe them under the Misc section on your character application.
  14. If someone creates a thread and does NOT want there to be any of a certain content (violence/fighting or what-have-you) and someone goes against their wishes, Staff is allowed to intervene. This means, in the most specific and targeted of forms, that anyone creating and aiming for, say, a "slice of life" thread has the right to keep their thread as such. If another user comes in and decides that they want a fight, but the creator does not, staff may intervene and diffuse the situation, in-character or otherwise.



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Roleplay Rules
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