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 Club Overview

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PostSubject: Club Overview   December 26th 2014, 9:34 pm

Become more than just a Death Scythe or top ranked meister! Discover your passion, become an artist, survivalist, or master of martial arts!  

-DWMA clubs and activities Board

The following clubs have sign up sheets and descriptions.

- Weapon transformation support group.
Having problems transforming into your weapon form? You're not alone! Stop by for tips and support from senior weapons!

- GSA (gay - straight alliance)
The DWMA supports all sexuality!

-Writing Club
"The pen is mightier than the sword" Here, a pen and paper are your weapons! Be creative!

-Soul Hunt
Can't get a soul on your own? Don't fret, we all work together to achieve greatness!

-Kendo Club
Practice your swordsmanship with this traditional Japanese sport!

-Combat Club
First rule of Combat club, do not talk about Combat club! Test your skills against other members!

-Drawing Club
Put your art skill to use! Whatever your medium is, we'll happily provide you a place to express it!

-Dance Club
Dance til the sun don't shine! The Dance club teaches a different kind of dance every week, and holds dances every month!

-Survival Club
Get ready to be dropped into the wilderness with your club members and survive! Monthly trips available.

-Explorer's Club
The explorer's club sets out around the US, anything from nature hikes to mountain climbing to spelunking!
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Club Overview
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