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 "That new teacher smells like dog." (Open)

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PostSubject: "That new teacher smells like dog." (Open)   January 13th 2015, 10:08 pm

Spencer wasn't really teaching Kataro's class for the time being. But, he was subbing. Kataro had been gone for a week or two and it was more of stubbornness on behalf of both of the two of them fighting. Spencer did something he shouldn't have done around the school, and Kataro flipped out about how he would lose his teaching job because of his mistake. The reason haunted him and the fact that Kataro had started ignoring the phone calls and texts worried him. He knew he wasn't in Death City, so maybe something could've happened to him. But then again, this was Kataro. He wouldn't stop beating somebody's head in they made sure to cut his head off first.

"Class dismissed." Spencer sat back in his chair with a nonchalant look on his face. The class Kataro taught was well-behaved when he was there, but while Spencer "subbed" the class, he would hear offensive slurs, walk in on negative messages on the board, and other things. But at the same time, everybody got along. Awkwardly, sure. But it always worked out.

As everybody began piling out of the room, Spencer stood up and sighed. The school felt like the building of shame to him after the harsh incident that happened not too long ago in the dojo. He was scared that his secret wasn't safe with the person he shared it with and if somebody of high authority found out, he didn't know what would happen to him.
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"That new teacher smells like dog." (Open)
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