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 Spydead & I are working on a story...

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PostSubject: Spydead & I are working on a story...   January 19th 2015, 2:54 am

The year is irrelevant, because that was a human concept and humans no longer exsist. However, All of the man made items, cities, and slightly altered rules still exsist. When the humans died away (the cause is unknown, but rumored that they all killed each other off) the earth created new creatures. Creatures that we called myths by the humans. Species such as mermaids, fairies, dragons, nagas, centaurs, vampires and werewolves. An infinite amount of mythical creatures now roam the earth. But they've adapted to living in a world made by humans. They have occupied the homes, set up a school system and set up a government. The world is blooming stronger than when the humans ran it. This is their story, this is their world now.

Rosie; age 16. Species: woodland fairy

Sebastian; age 17. Species: vampire

Kiki; age 15. Species: Harpy

Noelle: age 17. Species: Banshee

Ronald age 17. Species: centaur

Jonas: age 20. Species: Nāga (he da punk)

Nicholas: age 16. Species: Rugaru

Woodland Fairy: a magical humanoid creature who can control and communicate with nature
Harpy: Scary bird lady of Greek origin that screeches scarily
Vampire: humanoid creature who feeds on blood and can't tolerate sunlight / UV rays
Centaur: literally half human half horse. That's it.
Banshee: usually feminine spirit with the ability to change into a black dog or horse who's scream predicts death
Rugaru: humanoid creature that starts it's life looking normal, when coming to the age of sixteen they begin to crave the flesh of living beings
Nāga: the apparent offspring of Medusa, they have the lower half of an enormous serpent and the teeth and tongue of one too.

CHAPTER ONE: Last day of "school"?!

Deep in the overgrown section of town, the part of town where grass has grown over the streets, ivy has grown not only up the homes but inside them as well - a woodland fairy named Rosie was preparing herself for the last day of school. She was sitting on a wooden stool in her home, brushing her long, ashy-green brown hair. She sighed as she plucked four or five newly grown leaves from her scalp. She hadn't adapted to wearing make up like most of the other creatures, and preferred more natural clothing VS the clothing found everywhere when they inhabited the earth. She slipped on her hemp dress, which was pretty modest looking and reached her knees. She slipped on grass shoes she had made herself and did one last check in the mirror. She noticed a leaf growing from her elbow and winced as she plucked it off. She spread her dragonfly like wings and floated down the stairs. Her mother, father, and younger brother were gathered around the breakfast table. Rosie paused to kiss them but honestly was running late already and flitted out the front door. Ronald was waiting out front for her, stretching his equestrian legs. "You took forever this morning... Who are you trying to impress?" He said with a small smirk. Jonas popped up in her mind automatically but she forced the blush on her cheeks to go away. "Shut up Ronnie! I... Actually grew quite a few new leaves last night." She frowned at him and started flying down the road, not waiting for him to catch up. "Ugh... TMI.." Ronald mumbled as he took off into a trot after her.

Sebastian pushed his coffin open quietly, to ensure he didn't wake any of his family members. He was the only vampire in the community to attend school, but he yearned to learn about the old world, to meet other creatures. He changed into a fresh pair of clothes, black dress pants and shoes, a white long sleeve shirt with a red tie and a black blazer on top. He applied SPF 90 onto his face before putting on his thick gloves. He combed his black hair over to one side and brushed his fangs. Sebastian had been told he is extremely handsome, but having never seen his face he was slightly insecure. He waited by the front door until he heard a quiet knock. He knocked back twice before scurrying down the hallway. A door opened and his friend Claire quickly entered. She had the bird cage with her, which is how Sebastian safely got to school. He transformed into a bat and flew into the bird cage, closing his eyes when the thick black blanket was placed on top. He felt movement and quickly dozed off to sleep.

Jonas was finally waking up. It had taken him around an hour to pull himself out of his slumber, and when he looked at the crude, quartz clock at the end of his bed, he wished he had woken up earlier. He had five minutes to get to school, and his hair was a mess, his fangs still had animal blood on them, and his serpent lower half was tangled. Now, usually he would have just stayed in bed and skipped, but today he was finally moving to the next year, and not repeating again. Jonas used every swear in his vocabulary as he rolled out of bed, dragging out his serpent tail with great effort. He slipped a vest on to his bare chest, tied his deep purple hair into a pony-tail, and quickly slithered out of the archway carved into the rock. Jonas' mother hadn't woken up yet, to his fortune, and he let out a sigh of relief. Being as quiet as possible, he slipped out of the entrance to the little cave he called home. Of course, no one awaited him outside. They all hated the Naga that had repeated grade ten around three times. But how he wished he had some sort of… Company… Maybe that banshee that sat next to him in math? Or that Rugaru he sometimes partnered with in Gym? Jonas didn't care. The Naga shook the usual feeling off. They say that a Naga's lust can only be beaten by that of a Succubus. And they're sluts, so it didn't really make Jonas feel any better. He stuck out his forked tongue in disgust.

It's difficult being a Rugaru in Highschool. Not only do people always think you're a wendigo, but most of the time you haven't yet reached maturity. Which means that you look exactly like one of the forerunners that destroyed their entire race and nearly the entire planet. Hint-hint: no one likes them. Although they are pretty good builders. So when the end of the school year came, Nicholas was ecstatic. The Rugaru had leapt out of bed one hour early for school, so after a bowl of cornflakes mixed with chunks of an unidentified species' flesh, he buttoned up a white collared shirt and slipped on bright red trousers. The forerunners definitely had a good taste in fashion. Of course, he didn't put on any shoes. Nicholas had an eternal hatred for shoes. And yet, he had fourty five minutes to spare. Seeing the amount of time he had, he fell back on his bed. Nicholas was so proud of himself. His eyes were slowly turning a dark red, and his teeth had been growing especially pointed. He was finally becoming a real Rugaru...
Nicholas was woken by his father with a start. "What're you doing, you little brat?! Your school's going to start in five minutes!" Shit. He'd fallen asleep. Nicholas dashed out the door, having to slash through ivy growing over the door again using his newly growing claws. To his dismay, Jonas was awaiting him outside.
"Good morning, my little forerunner~" Nicholas groaned at the Naga.
"I don't have time for your shit, Jonas..."

Kiki yawned loudly, which turned into a earspilting screech. She ruffeled her feathers and stood up out of her hay lined bed. She noticed she lost more feathers in her sleep and sighed sadly. She was prematurely losing feathers and was very sensitive about it. She walked over to the mirror and began to brush her golden hair, and started preening her feathers. It was the last day of school and she was a little disappointed. The harpy community was pretty solitary and she was going to miss her friends. She put on a black tank top (which was specially tailored to fit around her wings.) she slid on booty shorts, which were normal because she had a human like bottom. She couldn't wear shoes due to her talons, but she made sure her claws were manicured and polished. She opened her window and hopped out, spreading her golden brown wings.

Noelle was already at school. It's sort of hard to be late for it when you're dead. Well, not really dead, just a spirit. Although some argue they're the same thing. Ugh, all of these debates of the nature of spirits made Noelle's head hurt. She was just a simple banshee, after all. Her usual white rags were covered in blood, a usual trait of a banshee, but she was also wearing some sort of shoes. What did they say again? The label was faded, and hard to make out. Conve, she supposed. Noelle was certainly not looking forward for this day, for she had literally nothing else to do with her time other than tell people when some guy no-one knows is going to die. That's the only reason she even bothered coming to school. Noelle sat on one of the old, rotting desks of her roll group, (or whatever you Americans call it) and awaited they arrival of her fellow classmates.

CHAPTER TWO: Class begins...

Rosie and Ronald saw the football field from the forest. Typically before class all of the grass loving creatures hung out there and ate breakfast, breakfast being the grass from the football field. Rosie saw a large herd of centaurs gathering around the goal post snickering and hollaring. A bad feeling crept over her and she turned to Ronald, who was already galloping towards the ruckus. A small gnome named Pete was being tied to the post, his pants removed and thrown on top of the post. "Enjoy the last day of class loser!" The leader of the group sneered. Ronald, who was big for his age charged him and shouted, "what's the big idea?! You think this is funny Karl?" Karl puffed out his hairy chest and stomped his hooves loudly on the ground. "What are you gonna do about it? Gonna go tell on us? What's gonna happen? We graduate today! Hahah!" Rosie had caught up to the group and stared in horror. Ronald could be hot tempered when it came to bullying. She flew up to the top of the post and grabbed the gnomes tiny pants, hovering above them watching. Ronald cracked his knuckles and said, "untie him now or you're gonna pay." He began to stomp his hooves as well, a common indication among centaurs that there was going to be a fight.
Nicholas had finally ditched Jonas when they got to school, and class was about to start. Not many people went to school on the last day of school, and most of those who did were gathering around some sort of ruckus on the field. Probably those douchy centaurs again. Nicholas thought to himself. But even his little group of friends were off watching the fight-to-be. That's when he realised that happened to be where Jonas went off to.
Rosie waved at Nicholas frantically to come over, hoping if her side had more numbers the centaurs would back off. Nicholas didn't go over, in fact, he backed off, for the obvious reason that only he could see. As in the large naga sneaking up behind a certain group of centaurs.
"Hello, boys~"
Karl groaned in disgust when he saw the naga. "Ugh, what the fuck are you doing here freak? It's a shame mommy medusa didn't look you in the eye yet." Ronald's eyes widened in fear when Karl said that and he began to slowly back up, which is a tricky thing for any four holved creature to do. Rosie took this opportunity to flitter down to the gnome and begin to untie his restraints whispering comforting words quietly to him.
The ridiculous grin on Jonas' face was erased at the mention if his mother. He quickly slithered towards the centaur, and stoped centimetres from his face. "Is that so, my little Karl? Well at least I know yours is looking me in the eye." Karl began to laugh loudly and replied, "My mother would go within fifty feet of any of your kind." He then turned around and aimed one of his back hooves towards Jonas chest. "At least my 'kind' doesn't live off dirt." Jonas then began to slither around him in circles, giving him the obvious advantage of possible constriction. Unfortunately these centaurs aren't known for their noble fights and the other four rushed towards him, stomping at his tail. Rosie gasped and slammed her hands on the ground, thick thorny vines rose from the ground and wrapped themselves around not only the centaurs but around Jonas as well. "Please knock it off!" She begged, obviously shaken. "You guys are acting like those savage humans!"
Jonas swore and wrapped his tail around him defensively. "Anything for you, love. But I can't assure you these savages are going to listen." He hissed at the centaurs, two large fangs showing. "And if they don't, I'll be happy to strangle the life out of them~" Rosie turned bright red when she was called love but kept the restraints. Suddenly there was a flapping overhead and Kiki arrived, landed dramatically on the ground. The centaurs groaned loudly and said, "Ugh, not this bitch. Please let us go and we will leave you guys alone!" Kiki ruffeled her feathers and stared at him angerly. Rosie knew better than to upset Kiki and quickly sent the vines back into the ground. The centaurs immediately took off towards the school. Kiki rolled her eyes and decided not to ask what the hell was going on but instead said, "Have you guys forgotten about Sebastian? He's been waiting for us inside for about ten minutes! Let's get the fuck going!" Jonas ignored the harpy and slithered towards the woodland fairy. "I hope that midget's okay. Oh, and you've got a little something just back..." Jonas reached around to the back of her neck and plucked off a leaf. "Here you go, girl." And he placed it in her hand. Rosie turned bright red again and looked at the ground. "Yeah... I'm getting to that age where I grow more leaves... It's pretty gross." She said quietly. Woodland fairies grow leaves with age, the elders become almost completely plant. The oldest fairy alive is now a tall strong oak tree, and many fairies go to her for advice. Ronald turned towards Rosie and Jonas, hiding his envy. "Kiki is right, it's time for class. We have finals today if you didn't forget... And it's rude to keep Sebastian waiting especially because he takes such a risk to come here!" He then nodded at Kiki and they started walking to the school, the gnome riding on Ronalds back. "Eh, I risk my life by living with my mom. I'm sure he can go to school..." He muttered. And with that, Jonas slithered away from the two. Nicholas joined him as he made his way to class. "Since I can't find any of my friends, I guess I'll just walk with you..."
"Oh, stop lying to yourself, human. You find me irresistible."
"Aaand I've changed my mind. And I'm not one of those forerunners, you snake bastard."
And Nicholas sped on past him. Jonas would usually have chased him down and made him uncomfortable, but he just wasn't feeling it. He sighed, and made his way to class.


The banshee was sitting at her desk, staring at the paper in front of her. Everyone had fourty five minutes to finish the test, and Noelle couldn't remember anything on it. Were they even taught any of it? She didn't think so. It looked like the vampire near her wasn't having any trouble at all, so apparently she had just fazed out of existence in the middle of most classes. She was supposed to be the smart one! The girl that always had the answers! And yet, the page was filled with unanswered questions. Noelle felt like she could scream, but she knew that she would likely burst everyone's eardrums. Sebastian was answering away, the study of the undead was his favorite subject after all. After this class he had transformation class which he was nervous for. Sebastian had a hard time turning into a bat in front of people. He knew Noelle could also transform and almost smiled when he read the next question on the test. What animal forms can a banshee transform into? Sebastian neatly wrote black cat, black horse and black dog.
Noelle easily answered the only Banshee questions on the test, but then came the vampire question. How much blood must a vampire drink each day to stay "alive?" Noelle slammed her head against the table, unable to remember anything that she had been taught. She desperately looked over to Sebastian and whispered. "This may seem like a weird question, but how much do you drink, exactly?" When Sebastian noticed noelles eyes he stood up quickly and waved at the teacher. "Teacher! I have reason to believe Noelle is under a spell! A memory charm to be exact." He turned and looked behind him, and the witch Caroline was turning bright red. The gargoyle teacher slowly made his way towards the pair. "You know I can tell when someone is lying..." He groaned, his voice deep and rusty. "Caroline I'm going to need you to follow me to the principals office immediately. Sebastian, please escort Noelle to the nurses office." When Caroline passed Noelle she sneered, "you're lucky your boyfriend caught me, you know it all bitch." Noelle laughed at her. "Good job, genius. You literally just admitted you did it." Mockingly, she kissed Sebastian on the cheek, hoping the witch would get even angrier. Caroline had her back turned and didn't see, but held up a middle finger that shot out sparks. Sebastian stood up and waiting for Noelle to join him before walking to the door. "We better hurry... Honestly I'm surprised that stupid witch was even strong enough to cast a memory spell. She probably did a bang up job so it's best we get you cured sooner rather than later." Noelle was about to keep mocking Caroline, but turned her attention away from her and to Sebastian. "I guess you've got a point, blood sucker. I should be able to get there on my own..." She stood, and began walking out the door. But she suddenly stopped. Noelle rattled her brain for the directions, but couldn't seem to get a grasp on them. "Uh, which way was it again...?" Sebastian shook his head smiling and took her hand, leading her down the hallway. He snapped his fingers and all of the blinds on the hallway windows snapped shut, leaving the hallway dark and safe for him to travel. He saw the bloody rag in her pocket and slyly took it and began sucking on it. "The answer to your question by the way... One cow a day." Noelle looked at him with disbelief. "One cow?! Isn't that like... A lot? Or is that just me?" She shook her head, seeming to forget more the as time passed. "Sorry, but what was my name again? I'm feeling a bit off right now..." Noelle held his hand tighter, not wanting him to leave her side. Sebastian grew alarmed and gentley pushed her against a wall, leaning down his face to hers, his blood red eyes staring into hers. "Your name is Noelle, and you are my love." He said quietly, softly kissing her on the lips. "And tomorrow you are coming to my family's castle to meet everyone. But for now, we are going to the nurse my sweet pale princess." He then started walking quickly towards the nurses office, her hand still in his.
"I am? And... And I am?! That's, uh... That's pretty cool..." If she had blood, she would be blushing right now. But she just continued to follow him, ignoring the other patches appearing in her memory.

In the gymnasium the fitness final was going on, and each species had a different test. Ronald was up next for archery, which was a major talent among centaurs. He was nervously tapping his hoolves watching the other centaurs galloping and shooting arrows at the moving targets. He had his fathers long bow with him, and nervously started plucking on the string. He saw Kiki flying threw the air chasing the pigeons in the room. She savagely caught one with her talons, squeezing it and making the blood rain down onto the floor. "That's ten outta ten Kiki! Outstanding!" The gym teacher hollared at her. "You pass! Now go clean up!" He added when he saw the mess she was making. Meanwhile, in one of the corners of the gymnasium, were what the other, more pure teenagers called "the rejects." This is where all of the very human students had to take the test set. This was a variety of young werewolves, witches and warlocks, and animagus' had to do whatever ridiculous test the teacher set for them. Today, they had Brunwick. The terrifying Minotaur. "Nicholas! Nicholas Fitzgerald?!" The bull headed man bellowed. The young Rugaru stepped forward, wearing a helmet and a mouth guard. He didn't want to damage his newly pointed teeth. "You're up against Richard!!" Of course, the brute of a Minotaur chose wrestling as the test. They all fought three people each, and they had to win at least once to pass. The bad part happened to be that Richard was a were-bear. The heavily built Richard stepped forward, ready to throw Nicholas to the ground. The fight lasted for around four seconds before Nick was thrown to the floor and pinned. "Fucking Rugaru shits can't do anything until they're twenty..." Brunwick muttered loudly. Rosie was outside of the gym with the rest of the fairies and was peering in the window, just in time to watch nick get thrown to the ground. She shuddered and was glad her test wasn't as physical. "Roserade! Pay attention! It's your turn next!" Rosie quickly spun around and looked at the teacher. It was an air element fairy, or more commonly known as sky fariries. "Your scenario is your forest is under attack by angry trolls and giants, how do you protect them?" The teacher then pressed a timer and Rosie took off flying down the field. Instead of real animals they were using stuffed animals and she spotted a toy rabbit laying in the open. She scooped down and grabbed it, tapping the earth with her foot causing a small hole to open under her. She dropped the rabbit inside and made a strong lid of thorns and vines, concealing the animal. She saw a tree "falling" towards a family of stuffed deer and quickly used a similar trick, making vines form from the ground and wrapp around it, holding it up. She saw the mock village and got to work making ravines filled with thorns and covered with greenery to conceal them. She began to pant heavily and wiped sweat from her forehead. Jonas had already finished his test, which had been specially made by Medusa for Jonas, and decided to screw around with Rosie. He had dug himself a little hole on her testing grounds, and he hid himself in it, only letting the end of his purple snake tail see the surface, hoping to fool the fairy. Rosie saw the tail sticking out of the earth and flew towards it, growing a thick thorny cave around it to conceal it. Then the timer went off and she breathed a sigh of relief. She fluttered to the ground and wiped her forehead again, leaning against the wall of the school. Meanwhile, Jonas was having a panic attack. "This wasn't meant to happen! This wasn't what I wanted!"
"Ronald! You're up!" The gym teacher snapped and Ronald awoke from his anxiety induced trance. He grabbed a few arrows from the bin and took off in a trot, looking for the moving targets. His long black hair was getting in his face and he shook his head to move it out of the way. A target popped up from the ground and Ronald quickly flicked his long bow, sending an arrow flying towards the target. Nicholas was up again, this time against a werewolf. This should be a bit easier he thought to himself. The Rugaru quickly discovered he was wrong as his face was slammed into the ground again. He only had one more chance to win, and who knows who that'll be against. His last bout was against a warlock, with ridiculously long hair and bad teeth. The warlock charged first, to which Nicholas responded to by stepping slightly to the right. When the opponent reched where he was before, Nicholas tackled him from the side and pinned him. But that wasn't the end. He realised he had strength, and he wasn't going to give up his first kill! The Rugaru began tearing at the warlock's throat with his newly emerged claws. They easily slashed through his asophagus, then cut straight through his arteries. He tore a large chunk of flesh off his lower neck and shoved it into his mouth. And how he loved the taste. The taste of still-warm meat in his mouth was amazing. And it was quite tender, yet stringy, forcing him to tear off certain parts using his teeth. He was wondering why no one was trying to stop him. They were all just standing there, in shock, their horror evident on their faces.

Sebastian had just gotten Noelle to the nurses office when the scent of blood made him drop to his knees moaning. The nurse - who was a medicine witch - lead Noelle to the back office and didn't see Sebastian's reaction. His body was screaming and he pulled at his hair desperately. "Fuuuuck!" He groaned and finally lost control, his red eyes turning pure black and sprinting at top speed to the gymnasium. Within a minute he had crossed the school and shoved Nicholas so hard he hit the gym wall and began to messily suck the blood from the dying warlock, moaning loudly.
Nicholas didn't respond well to this. A Rugaru shouldn't be interrupted in the middle of a feast. He flung himself towards the vampire, using his now enhanced strength to tackle him off of his lunch, and began clawing at his face. A large croud had gathered now, but that wasn't stopping Sebastian from throwing him across the room again and drinking from the nearly dead warlock. Ronald and Kiki shoved their way to the front of the crowd and Ronald ran to Nicholas, blocking his vision from the vampire. He pointed his longbow at him and said quietly, yet seriously, "I don't want to do this man. Get yourself together because you need to get the hell out of here pronto!" Kiki waited until she saw the warlock take his last breath before pulling Sebastian away. "He's dead! Tainted blood! You'll die!" And upon hearing that Sebastian stopped and spit out the mouthful of blood, soaking himself in it. Nicholas stared Ronald in the eye for a few moments, before grabbing the bow out of his hands and snapping it over his knee, before tackling the centaur to the ground, trying to break off his arm, overcome by a raging bloodlust. It's like hormones, but Rugaru version. Luckily, before he could go any further, a heavily cut up and injured Jonas grabbed his arms and put him in a Nelson hold. The size difference had Nicholas' legs dangling a few inches off the ground.
"Let go of me, you reptile bastard! I'll tear off your bloody head!"
"Now now, young Rugaru. I don't think you're very attractive when trying to eat people."
Nicholas blinked and hung limp. Jonas slung Nicholas over his shoulders. "Okay, so, goodbye."
While the crowd was stunned, Jonas slid out of the gymnasium with Nicholas in his arms. Ronald grabbed his bow and ran after them. Sebastian turned into a bat and Kiki carefully grabbed him, tucking him into her tanktop. She then flew after them, looking behind her to see Rosie standing at the window, crying. Kiki motioned for her to follow and took off at full speed.

CHAPTER FOUR: Fugitives!

"Nice one, asshole!" Ronald screamed at Nicholas once they were in the woods outside of the school. "You do realize you just sentenced yourself to death right?" Kiki added as she landed in a tree overhead. The creatures had set up a form of government when they inhabited the earth, unfortunately they decided to follow the practices from medieval times. Rosie was sitting against a tree mending Ronald's bow quietly, deep in thought. The delicate Nicholas had tears streaming down his face, blood still staining his hands and teeth. He was in no position to defend himself, so a heavily cut nāga took his defense. "Don't you talk to him like that you pretentious prick! Imagine being one of them, alright? Think about the constant urge to tackle someone to the ground and tear off their fucking flesh, and eat it!! Of course, a dirt eater like you would never understand!!" The scream of a banshee cut off all conversation and argument. One could only assume Noelle saw the death coming. Rosie stood suddenly and said, "The earth was talking to me. She told me that they are coming for us. She told me where we will be safe, but we must go now!" Rosie flitted into the air and took off into the woods. Ronald quickly trotted over to Nicholas and said solemnly, "I will never understand blood lust. I am sorry friend." He knelt down and said quietly, "it would be my honor to bring you to our destination." Riding on a centaurs back was extremely rare, and often humiliating to the centaur. It's considered a great honor to ride upon a centaur. Kiki was shocked but took off towards Rosie, Sebastian sleeping safely in her shirt. Nicholas looked up from his tear covered hands, not believing what he had just heard. Jonas wasn’t believing it either. “Oh, so you insult him, then try to get him to ride you?! Wait… no, nevermind.” The naga slithered off, slightly embarrassed that he realised he did exactly that. Nicholas clambered on to Ronalds back, still not entirely sure of what was happening. Ronald stood, and began to quickly follow the rest of the group. "If you lose balance just grab my shoulders." Ronald told Nicholas quietly. Soon they arrived in the wide open grassy fields known as centaur village. The village was made up around a large abandoned ranch, so their were plenty of stables for the centaurs to live in. "Can we stop by my house?" Ronald called out to Rosie. "No! We have to keep going!" She snapped back, flying even faster. Kiki was in the air, soaring high above everyone else keeping an eye on things. That's when she saw the puff of smoke coming from the direction of the school. "DRAGON!" She screeched towards the ground, her heart pumping. Dragons were the police of this world, and nasty ones at that. Jonas swore several times, before slapping Ron upside the head. "Do you want your house to be burned to the ground, you equine bastard? And it's no use now! The Drakes are way faster than us, and we'll be caught in minutes." The nāga could see one swooping down around a kilometre away. Luckily, Drakes were known for poor eye sight. Using this to his advantage, he took a very drastic measure. Jonas dislocated his jaw, and swallowed Nicholas whole.

Sargon approached the group, his large red wings causing quite a stir in the centaur village. "I have been informed that you are in the company of Nicholas Fitzgerald. If you hand him over, you're punishment will be less severe." He eyed up the group of four, quite suspicious of them. Rosie looked around and then looked at the dragon. "I don't see him here, do you?" She asked innocently. Kiki landed in a tree, watching the entire endeavor take place. She felt Sebastian sleeping soundly against her chest. Ronald tapped his hooves and said, "we were just going to my home, to discuss where he could have gone." And he pointed to a nearby stable.
"And yet, your all supposed to be at school, correct?" The dragon tilted his massive head.
Jonas stepped forward, not wanting to leave it to the amateurs anymore. "Aww, man, you caught us! We were wagging the last day of school! Don't worry Mr. Drake, I'll get these trouble makers back to school in no time!" The nāga began heading back to school, hoping the other three would follow along. They quickly did, anxiety washing over Rosie.
Sargon shook his reptilian head and left the group, still hunting for the Rugaru. Jonas groaned and almost fell over as he dislocated his jaw once again and Nicholas slid out of the gaping maw that was his mouth. Nicholas slid on to the ground, covered in... Who the hell knows. He was shuddering uncontrollably. Jonas stuck out his forked tongue in disgust. "You could've at least warned me you tasted like shit!" Nicholas was too busy thanking the gods for sparing his life to answer. Rosie sighed and said seriously, "Okay, we seriously need to go now!" Ronald nodded and helped Nicholas get up off the ground. He wiped the slime of of his tan arms and looked up at the trees. Kiki flew down and said, "we really do need to get Sebastian out of the sun. He's getting a little too close to my tits." Rosie flew up into the air and lead them deeper into the woods.

Chapter six: The giving tree?

Once they reached the deepest part of forest Rosie stopped suddenly and turned to them. "No creature beyond fairies have passed this point. Specifically because there's a charm cast here." She smiled a little darkly before continuing. "If one of you were to pass me you would instantly forget your intentions, turn around and walk a mile in the opposite direction." She began to laugh for a moment before adding, "I've seen it myself, it's actually super funny." Noelle chuckled at the mention of the spell. Kiki groaned and said, "Okay so how the hell are we supposed to keep going?" She was perched on a branch overhead, tired from all of the travels. "I just have to disarm it.." Rosie mumbled, a little disappointed no one else thought it was funny. She crossed the invisable boarder and whisked behind a tree, quietly mumbiling a counter charm. "It's safe now guys. I'm bringing you to the oldest living fairy on this planet. She is mother, and you will address her as such." Rosie was deadly serious. Ronald bowed his head, "Of course. We would never disrespect your elder. Right guys?" Kiki nodded her head agreeing.
Jonas groaned, but slowly nodded. If there's one thing he hated, it was old people. But he would have to play along to keep the group happy. Nicholas agreed much quicker than the serpent next to him, knowing that only an extremely powerful fairy could protect him from around two hundred red drakes. He finally decided to speak up. "Look, guys, I'm so sorry for dragging you all into this. I didn't mean to fuck up so badly and you don't have to help me if you don't want to." Ronald shook his head and laughed. "Friend, among centaurs you aren't a true man until you have taken a journey. This is my calling, this is my journey." Rosie turned and touched a thick gathering of bushes, which parted when she touched them. She continued walking and the group followed quickly behind. After the bushes there was a large clearing, and in the middle a large oak tree. Ronald looked around looking for a fairy and was confused when he didn't see one. "Mother!" Rosie cried when she got close to the tree, then got on her knees as if she was praying. Ronald followed suit, still confused. Kiki awkwardly walked over and sat behind the two, using one of her wings to block the light from her chest. When everyone was close to the trees the thick thorny bushes grew back together, blocking them in. "Roserade, you brought outsiders in. But I know why... And I'm glad you followed my directions."
Jonas was quite nervous of the enormous sentient tree, and tried to stay out of its gaze as much as possible, staying quiet. Nicholas was unaware of how to behave around Mother, and so decided to just beg. "Please, mother! Give me shelter from the dragons! I'll do anything for you!" Jonas chuckled at how desperate the Rugaru sounded. "I have what you need, Rugaru. But you must first listen to the prophecy that has been buried in my soil. I am the oldest living thing on this planet, I am even an elder to the dragons. When all of our species came to coexsist, I was three hundred years old. I buried my roots into this sacred spot. When I settled a vision came to my mind. A group of young creatures would face a death, from the hand of one of their own. The new world had taken too much likeness to the old one, and it must be changed. This group will travel this planet to the lair of the dragon and confess their sins. This group is you... The kind woodland fairy... The brave centaur... The hopeless lovers... The misunderstood banshee and the charming vampire... The ruthless harpy... The cunning naga and the Rugaru with blood on his hands..."
Jonas stood there for a moment, before breaking into hysterical laughter. Nicholas looked shocked, but the nāga couldn't care less. "You expect us to believe that bullshit?! Oh my god!! So let me get this straight: our quest is to confess... To fuck tonnes of lizards on a far away mountain?! I think I'm gonna pass Mrs. Gigantic fucking tree." At that, Jonas began slithering back to the entrance of the clearing. "Okay, the snake bastard has a point." Noelle agreed, following a few steps behind him. The giant tree swayed slightly and it's branches reached towards Jonas. "It was also foretold that one of you would resist. I should have known it would have been the naga. I have a way to prove what I say is true..." And suddenly, the light in the clearing change and warped. A screen of some sort appeared in the sky and a movie began to play. It showed the world in flames, all of the green was turned to ashes. Dragons flew the skies and walked the lands. All of the other species were in chains, enslaved by the dragons. "When the Rugaru got away with murder the balance of this world became unhinged. The dragons, hungry for power and justice, took it in their hands to correct the world. You see, the rest of the species started disobeying the law. The peace was broken. Murder, pillaging, rape... Became a trend throughout all species. Wars broke out, much like the ones that destroyed the forerunners.. That is why you must travel to the dragons lair..."
Noelle groaned, rolling her eyes. "Oh shit, it's time for a life-changing adventure." Jonas still hadn't stopped laughing. Nicholas stared at him with a look of concern, but then stared at the tree before him.
"What happens after I confess?" Nicholas questioned. It was entirely possible that they executed him and his friends after the confession. Jonas even stopped his laughter and turned back to mother. "Yeah, what does happen Mrs. Leafy green?" "That is unknown to even me, children. But as I promised I will provide you shelter for the time being." And then the ground shook, and one of her massive roots, (which was partially unearthed) rose from the earth and moved, exposing a tunnel leading into the ground. Rosie stood and walked confidently into the dark tunnel, followed by Kiki. Ronald shot Jonas a dirty look and nudged Nicholas to follow him deep underground. Noelle shoved Jonas in front of her. "Get going, snake."

Chapter seven: (insert thing here)

The tunnel lead to a huge opening underground, which strained off to seperate rooms. A large table sat in the middle of the opening, with various candles and a large lantern. Rosie found the matches and lit the lantern, placing it on the table. "It's safe for Sebastian to wake up now." She said softly to Kiki, who hastily yanked him out of her shirt and flung him in the air. He immediately transformed and leaned against the wall. "I really hope that was all a dream.." He muttered moodily. Ronald was pacing, feeling uneasy not being able to see the open sky. "Does every tree have a secret base under it?" Kiki joked lightly. "Before our species learned to merge, we lived seperately. I guess this is where the woodland fairies lived." Rosie said, lighting candles and placing them around the room. Jonas sneered in the corner of the room. "The woodland fairies lived in a shithole, that's for sure." Noelle nodded in agreement. "I've definitely seen better." Nicholas ignored them, still shaken from the experience. His white shirt was stained with warlock blood, and his teeth had gotten sharper. "And I don't know about you guys, but this quest sounds like a load of centaur shit... Some offense. Seriously, we're traveling around the world to confess that Nicholas committed murder. You know what they're gonna do to us? They'll execute us. Nick first, then me, then Ronny boy over there, and assuming Rosie over there is still alive after the journey, her." He slowly slithered towards the centre of the room. "I don't fucking care what that bullshit 'prophecy' says, if you guys are getting yourselves executed, I'm not gonna help." Rosie crossed the room and slapped Jonas across the face, hard. "Mother has never been wrong before!" Tears were streaming down her face. "And to think I stood up for you when everyone else called you as evil as your mother!" She flittered down the hallway, crying loudly. A door slammed and her crying became muffled. Ronald scowled at Jonas and shook his head sadly. "I think we should all rest to clear our heads.." And he slowly trotted down the hall finding an empty room to sleep in. Kiki was actually already sleeping, curled into a ball with her wings hiding her face. Sebastian had made his way over to Noelle and was whispering softly in her ear. The banshee gave Sebastian a gentle smile and kissed him. Jonas seemed to be stunned in his slapped position for a few moments before looking at Rosie's back as she walked away. Nicholas shook his head at the nāga, a disappointed look on his face as he hunted down another room. Jonas sighed, collapsing in the corner of the main room and using his reptilian tail as a sort of blanket. "Sorry if I don't want to fucking die..."

Sebastian sighed and pulled Noelle into one of the empty rooms. "I suppose my family won't be seeing your lovely face for a little while longer..." Noelle smiled at him. "Oh well. They'd probably hate me anyway, Sebby." Sebastian smiled when she called him his pet name. He stroked her silvery white hair and tucked it behind her ear. "How long into this journey do you think they will last? I'm not too worried about us... How do you kill something that's already dead?" He crackled a smile, his white fangs glistening. He lifted Noelle up and placed her in the bed that was in the corner. She grinned up at him from the bed. "It depends if Jonas sticks around. He's probably the strongest out of us. If he sticks, we could make it to those dragons. But what he said got me thinking..." Noelle wiped the grin off her face and it was replaced by a look of concern. "What if they do kill us when we get there? Shouldn't we be avoiding the dragons and not literally confessing to helping a murderer?" Sebastian thought about it for a moment before sighing. "We have to bring Nicholas. If justice isn't served then the balance of our new world will be destroyed... But I think there's a loophole." He plopped down on the side of his bed rubbing his temple.
"You know how I love loopholes~ Spit it out, Sebby. I wanna know how to cheat the drakes and get away with it."
Noelle replied, pulling the covers over her ghostly figure. Spirits don't really need sleep, but it was nice to relax in bed from time to time. "If we can convince him that Nicholas was being controlled by someone... Ugh, I don't know. I don't know very much about rugaru's."
"So... We frame that bitch–I mean–witch that hexed me?" Noelle liked this idea. Not only would she get off Scott-free, but some complete bitch is gonna get framed and executed. She was getting pretty pumped up for this.
Sebastian frowned when Noelle cursed. "You know I don't like it when you curse, sweetheart. You are far too beautiful to say such nasty words." He then laid down next to her, his internal clock telling him the sun would set in three hours. He closed his eyes and almost instintfully crossed him arms, but instead wrapped them around Noelle and waited for the sun to set.

"Wake up children, it is time for you to begin your journey." Mothers voice rang threw the tunnels, loud but not menacing. Rosie awoke quickly, rubbing her bloodshot eyes from crying. She quickly braided her ashy green brown hair and opened her door, walking down the dirt hallway. Ronald followed close behind her, slinging his longbow across his chest and moving his long brown hair out of his face. "Your hair is my favorite when you braid it." He said quietly to Rosie, who gave him a weak smile. Kiki was waiting for them in the same room Jonas had fallen asleep in. Nicholas didn't sleep at all as he came out of his room before everyone else, shuddering. Sebastian came last, holding noelles hand. Jonas had awoken very sluggishly, his semi-cold blood slowing him down a considerable amount as he uncoiled his tail. "Good mornin' errybody..." The nāga sounded, trying not to collapse on his way to the table in the middle.
"On your journey you will be welcomed into the lands of the fire fairies, water fairies and the fairies of the sky. I have already contacted them and told them to expect you." Rosie nodded when she understood. "I know the path to take." Jonas sluggishly shook his head. "I'm still not buyin' all this shit. Am I really the only one thinkin' straight here??" Nicholas elbowed the nāga, hoping he would shut up for at least five minutes. But Noelle spoke up from across the room. "Actually, I'm, uh, having second thoughts too. How can you guarantee our safety if we confess to the lizards?" Nicholas swore under his breath. He just wanted to get out of there already, not invoke the wrath of an enormous fairy tree.
"I wish I could promise your safety, but I can not." Jonas cleared his throat, and put on a voice to mock Mother. "For you see, I am an enormous leafy bitch who is trying to get you eaten by fucking dragons. I may be able to see a huge ass prophecy made from bullshit, but I can't see even twenty minutes after it's finished, for I am simply a huge fucking tree."
Nicholas forced himself not to snicker at the nāga's stellar impersonation of mother. The tree remained silent, and her presence seemed to disappear. Rosie was crying again but didn't say anything and quietly headed up the stairs to exit the underground hideaway. Ronald nudged Kiki who followed suit. Sebastian looked at Noelle and said in his usual quiet tone, "I don't think we are welcome here anymore. It's best if we leave now." He took her hand and lead her up the stairs to the starry night sky. Jonas groaned and hissed, spitting venom on to the roots of the tree and shoving past the people in front of him. And Nicholas, of course, stayed at the back of the pack, where no one could see what an emotional wreak he was.

Chapter eight: the journey begins

The moon was bright in the sky and Sebastian seemed to glow in the light. Rosie's wings seemed eerie as the moonlight beamed through them. She flew up into the sky, absent mindily flying around, enjoying the crisp night air. Kiki followed her into the sky and her stomach growled. "I... Need to go find something to eat. I'll be back don't worry." She said before flying off into the woods. Ronald was pacing around the clearing, looking for something to eat as well. Nicholas was hoping to starve to death before he needed to eat another living person's flesh again, so he just sat there and awaited the time they would leave. Jonas' scales reflected the moonlight in a sort of heavenly way, but that didn't change the fact he was still quite sluggish from the lack of heat. Being half snake, he had no need for food at the moment. Although munching on a mouse wouldn't hurt. Noelle clinged to her boyfriend's arm, supplying him with more blood stained rags if required. Kiki returned with a racoon and two owls, blood dripping off of her talons. She landed on the ground a bit heavily and placed the food on the ground. "Anyone is welcome to it... But I call the barn owl." She then grabbed the dead owl and took a big bite from it's chest. Ronald turned pale at the sight and quickly looked away. Rosie landed next to Ronald, knowing how he felt about eating other creatures. She quickly grew an apple tree and strawberry bush, handing Ronald a huge apple as she quietly ate strawberries. Sebastian looked at the racoon and sighed, "Noelle my love, I need fresher blood today. That racoon still has a heartbeat." He quickly picked it up and began to drink deeply. "I understand, Sebby..." She said quietly, stepping away so he could enjoy his meal. Nicholas dashed in and swiped the second owl, quickly devouring it, tearing into it with his pointed teeth and throwing a wing over to Jonas, which proceeded to swallow it whole. When the Rugaru had finished eating the tail of the beast, he looked up at the harpy. "Thank you, uh, Kiki." She grunted a reply as she ripped the meat from the owl. Ronald was eating his third apple and Rosie had already finished eating. She started to draw a map on the ground and Sebastian watched her and he headed back to Noelle. When she finished she called everyone over. "Okay so we are here..." She pointed to a roughly drawn forest in the middle. "We are going to go here first..." She pointed south towards the beach. "Rumor has it there's a man made bridge we can cross to get to the island, that's also where the water fairies live..." She traced her fingers going across the island going towards a mountain. "We cross the mountain and after that we only have a short hike towards the volcanos where the dragons reside." She drew a huge circle around it. "We can take shelter at the fire fairies home before we go to the volcano." She then looked up at the group. Kiki was staring in disbelief and Sebastian was rubbing his head. "That's... A long journey." He said in his usual quiet voice. Nicholas finally realised why Jonas thought they would die. "Um, quick question, Rosie, but what exactly is... In between our destinations?" He asked, looking concerned for their well being on the journey. "Probably towns and maybe a few cities. Plenty of places for us to stop and rest. Most of our travels will be during the night time so Sebastian can travel freely, not to mention that we are kinda outlaws right now..." Jonas cleared his throat rather loudly. "Correction: Nicholas is an outlaw. We're the stupid fuckers that volunteered to get eaten by dragons." The nāga commented and crossed his arms, his tail coiling around him to preserve heat. "And can we get a fire going? I ain't no use when I'm cold." Nicholas shook his head at the snake, even though he was quite cold himself. "I don't know if it's smart to light a fire in a fairy forest. Even though it would make good alliteration as a flaming fairy forest on fire." At this embarrassing sentence, Jonas rolled his eyes. Rosie rubbed her head. "I'm sorry you're cold but we really must be going..." Ronald spoke up and added, "I'm not used to the dark and honestly I can barely see. Perhaps a torch and Jonas can hold it?" Sebastian stayed quiet, he felt fine and fire didn't bother him very much. Kiki broke a large branch off of the tree and handed it to Jonas. "Just keep the fire away from me, I'm extremely flammable."

(Will update as it goes )

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