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 Kallan (Finished!)

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PostSubject: Kallan (Finished!)   January 27th 2015, 10:10 pm

Name (Morningjewel, Kallan)

Gender/Sex: Male

Age: 30

Species: Atomie, a member of the Fey similar in appearance to a Pixie. Though he finds the comparison insulting.

Love Interest: None. One would also wonder how that would work.

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Straight, though he rarely shows interest in humans as he finds them clumsy and sluggish.

Weapon: No Weapon partner, and again he would probably be hard pressed to find one that he could actually use. He does have a little rapier that he keeps with him though, even if the blade is barely larger than a toothpick.

Appearance: The first thing that anyone would notice about Kallan would be his size. Standing at just under a foot tall, being overlooked is nothing new to the Fey. Next would be the fact that he actually has wings. Though not your standard birdlike wings, in fact his wings are much closer to what you would expect to see on a Dragonfly. Four long, almost perfectly straight, gossamer wings. As someone got a better look at him, they would notice that his skin had a slightly green tinge to it. These two things differentiate him from your run of the mill Pixie, which normally had a standard skin color and wings closer to those of a butterfly. Lastly, upon close inspection a person would be able to see that Kallan still had a rather youthful and even handsome appearance, thanks to the fact his species was so long lived. In fact, it was unsure if they even could die of old age at all. Also, his ears were pointed, much like those of an elf.

Personality: A classic trait of the Atomies is their pride and confidence. They see themselves as larger than they really are, and never back down from aggression and accept any challenge. This is not to say they do not notice that they are much smaller, but instead they enjoy defeating and humiliating foes much larger than themselves. Kallan certainly shares this trait, though he is also a bit mischievous. He has no qualms with humiliating a bully with pranks, enjoying it almost nearly as much as defeating them in combat. Speaking of which, Kallan is not a fan of bullies, or anyone who uses their strengths and abilities to abuse those who are weaker and will come to the aid of the oppressed whenever possible.

Kallan does not have the best temper, and takes his pride very seriously. As mentioned earlier, he feels insulted whenever someone mistakes him as a Pixie, though his frustration is usually seen as “cute”. Not exactly something that calms him down, to be frank. He also dislikes being held, as he sees it as demeaning. Not to mention he'd much rather just fly using his wings. He will usually only allow someone to hold him if for whatever reason he cannot fly, and even then it requires a certain level of trust.

History: Kallan is still considered to be young by his people, and so the list of his experiences are still rather low. The Atomies, taking such pride in their fighting skills, teach the young ones a bit of swordplay from an early age. Kallan was no exception, and actually comes from a family that helps guard other races of the Fey, namely Dryads and their forests. During his early years, he underwent a good deal of training preparing for this job. In swordplay, stealth, and tactics. Atomies normally have to ability to shrink other beings as well, but since Kallan had mostly squared off against other beings of his size, he never learned how to use this skill It remains locked away, even though he retains the capability in his small body.

Over the course of the past 10 years, he had served a particularly friendly Dryad, to help and keep her forest safe. The territory of this nature loving being was well secluded in the forests across central Europe. It was great fun at first, tricking intruders into getting themselves lost until they inexplicably find their way back to the entrance of the wood, scaring others that foolishly got too close to the grove that his charge called home. But excitement was few and far between, and while the Dryad was very nice, the job itself was quite boring.  Besides, he was not the only person in charge of protecting her home, and they often had to argue over who got to get rid of an intruder, meaning that even if something happened he would not necessarily get to have some fun.

After a couple years of no new incidents during his guard duty, Kallan decided he would go off and explore the world, perhaps even test his skills along the way. This was nothing unusual for the tiny race of Fey, they had always been known for being whimsical and free, coming and going whenever they wanted. So he did just that. So far he had spent a vast majority of his time in Europe, though he had occasionally taken trips to the fertile crescent of Asia and Northern Africa. His ability to fly was certainly helpful for travelling long distances, but crossing an ocean was out of his league.

Kallan was still an adventurous being however, and decided he would not let something as silly as an overgrown puddle get in the way his exploration. So he hitched a ride on a ship headed towards the Americas. With his tiny body, and a spot of invisibility here and there, the stowaway had no trouble taking the trip undetected. His new destination left him with no lack of adventure, and certainly no lack of bullies to humiliate. He would probably stick around for awhile. At least, until he got bored again.

Miscellaneous: Kallan has fully functional wings, and can fly with them. His speed and maneuverability are close to that of the Dragonfly that his wings resemble. The little guy is also a vegetarian, preferring to eat fruits and nuts.

Animal SpeechAs it says on the tin. Atomies are able to speak to and understand animals.
CamouflageLike most Fairy-like creatures, Atomies have ways to make themselves harder to spot. Though for them, it is rather limited. The little creatures have an almost magical ability to blend into their environment, much like a chameleon. The skin and even the clothes of the tiny beings can change colors so that they seem to fade into the background. Though this requires a certain level of concentration and awareness of their environment, and of course moving too quickly makes this method ineffective. Staying still, or moving slowly gives the best results.

Weaknesses: Kallan's biggest strength, and his biggest weakness, are both his size. While he is a hard target to hit and very nimble, he is anything but powerful. His strikes carry little force behind them, requiring precise targets and to wear his opponent down. On the other hand, nearly any solid blow could knock him out of a fight when facing the average opponent.

Have You Read the Rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Kallan (Finished!)   January 29th 2015, 6:25 pm

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Kallan (Finished!)
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