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 Castle In The Sky (Akira and Savannah's House) M

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Castle In The Sky (Akira and Savannah's House) M Empty
PostSubject: Castle In The Sky (Akira and Savannah's House) M   Castle In The Sky (Akira and Savannah's House) M I_icon_minitimeFebruary 2nd 2015, 12:52 am

Akira lead her up the hill by the hand, his necktie fastened around over her eyes like a blindfold as her heels clacked on what felt like a winding stone pathway. It smelled like woods, and birds sang songs to the newly blossoming spring and Mika mewed in Savannah's top, "Almost there." he chuckled, his voice deep and the grin audible in his words.

She followed along after him with little difficulty, her heels occassionally getting caught between the stones as she moved forward. Savannah's free hand was stroking the cat's head as she cooed softly, jokingly asking her to tell her where they were going, as though the small feline could, let alone would, possibly do so.

Akira held her still by the shoulders on a large flat area of stonework, stepping behind her and unfastening her blindfold, "Happy aniversary."

The meister's eyes dialated new instantly, and she stared at the intricate, extravagent building in awestruck silence. Even as Mika screamed and cried at her bosom, Savannah seemed unable to move or speak, staring with her mouth agape.

Akira placed an arm around her shoulder, grinning like an idiot, "I thought we'd go small for the first house."

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Castle In The Sky (Akira and Savannah's House) M
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