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 Turmoil inside my Soul

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PostSubject: Turmoil inside my Soul   March 5th 2015, 6:11 pm

So this is a little something to... help me express some issues in having. I don't plan to go into detail so please don't ask. I only mean to release my feelings a little as to not hold them in and torture myself. Anyway hope it turns out... poetic? Lol. Also picture this as sort of a Soul Room situation cause that is sorta what it is lol.

It's dark in this place... although, I guess it always was. But now... I truly feel lost. I float here, feeling nothing but the crippling sadness, and the overwhelming darkness of my anger. Why do I feel this way? What could have possibly started this torture in my soul? I can hardly think of anything besides these overwhelming emotions.

I see a light in the distance of the darkness... Oh, that's right, now I remember... something was taken from me... something so precious I don't know if I could live without it. Something I love more than anything or anyone, including myself.

I'd give my soul to save this precious treasure... but I can't be there for it... they have taken it away from me... along with the trust I had for them, especially her...

Why did this happen? Why would she share this gift with me just to take it and throw me away like I was nothing but a tool to create this wonderful treasure? I hate them for this, I'm so depressed my heart and soul feel like they are breaking every day. I can hardly eat or sleep... and any time I have to think only reminds me of the pain of her betrayal.

Shadows have engulfed the light of my treasure, blocking most the light away from my sight. But what can I do without any power to banish the shadows? I can't love my treasure like it should be loved for these dark forces deter me from doing so. As I float towards the dim light the shadows cut and tear at my soul, sending me back to where I originally started.

My soul bleeds just as much as my heart does. Madness seeks to overtake my mind within the turmoil and chaos. I can't take the pain... can anything ease this pain? Maybe death is the only way out, but I can't do that to myself, to my treasure... but what can I do? I'm... so scared...

I float there in the darkness, looking at the pale light that starts to fade. Tears come from the projection of myself, but as my tears fall to a false ground, and from their resting place a form made out of light comes forth and joins me.

Not just one, or two, but many... Many forms of light come to me and the feelings of pain, sadness, and anger start to lessen...

I find myself feeling empowered, and me and the other lights fly slowly towards the shadows... I start to see the brightest light of all, my treasure, coming into view. This isn't the end... I'm not hopeless after all... with the help of these lights and my own will, I may yet be united with my treasure again... One day... I will be with you again. A single tear falls.

Okay... Well thank you all for reading. You can comment, and what not but don't ask me for specifics right now please. Anyway hope it was... Interesting to read? Lol
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Turmoil inside my Soul
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