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 Grey (Justin Greyhearth)

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PostSubject: Grey (Justin Greyhearth)   May 12th 2015, 5:58 pm

Name (Greyhearth, Justin)

Gender/Sex: Male

Age: (He is not completely certain)
Physically and mentally he is 17

Meister: will look for one eventually

Weapon Form:  In weapon form Grey becomes a transparent, more glass-like than invisible, straight katana with an extended handle, a short nagamaki. The entire length of Grey's weapon form is transparent from his hilt, to his guard, to his blade. Within the blade is a black mist that contracts and expands. Grey can contract this mist until his weapon form is transparent, and he can expand the mist until his blade becomes a lustrous black. Grey's weapon form is 50 inches half of which is the blade's length.

Love Interest: not currently interested

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): hetero

Appearance: Grey has well kept straight dark brown hair and olive skin. His light blue eyes typically are focusing off in the distance if he is not engaged with someone.  He is just under six feet. He typically wears a low cut, black, button-up and black slacks. On occasion, especially when he is doing something he is excited for, he will wear a black trench coat and a 12-foot thin scarf to tie it closed like a gi. He keeps a case attached at his belt with three small daggers, a basic medical supply box, and a wakizashi in it (instead of the gun that will be in the picture). The box is made to open while attached to the belt and each item is held in place since they each were meant to be there.

Personality: Grey is typically coy, composed, and self-confident. Grey often becomes flustered with the antics of those close to him and will often hide his amusement or discomfort by pretending to get pissed.  Though Grey is not particularly fond of social interaction, he is able to hold his own in a conversation. His biggest pet peeve is repeating himself. He is fond of knowledge be it petty gossip or eldritch secrets, so most often he will be found at a library. He often will send a snide comment at people if the opportunity presents itself. The comment is more meant to make the situation more comfortable than to offend anyone. Grey has been known to try way too hard to look cool at times, but typically only when he has no one around to impress but himself. Grey is coy and tries to make himself seem shy or introverted at times because he is often embarrassed by how strongly he can be influenced by his whims and emotions. Grey treats all those he meets with respect, and expects the same in return. Though just because he doesn't get respect that he feels he deserves, doesn't mean that he will say anything about it. Grey's pride often leads him into taking very brash actions that he otherwise wouldn't even consider, and instead he acts with blind emotion and tries to prove himself unless he can calm himself down.a major weakness in Grey's personality is that he craving for growth is insatiable, and nothing that he has achieved so far has satisfied him enough. Grey wants to grow to be the most powerful of the Death Scythes because he thinks that when he is strong enough for the world to acknowledge him maybe, just maybe, the professor will notice him and he can see her once again.

History: Grey is a test tube baby who was engineered from a regular human to become a weapon. He was named Justin by a mysterious lady who taught him while he was still inside his test tube. Grey was in the test tube for as long as he could remember when one day he was released from his green oozy bed into a white room where he lived for the next two years. The mysterious lady appeared as a hologram and taught him everything he needed to know to survive. A weak kishin egg found the place and destroyed the ladies lab eventually confronting Grey. Grey dispatched the egg and made his way out of Dr. Greyhearth's lab looking for her when his search finally led him to come to Death City to learn what he is and how to become stronger.
Long Version


Grey can turn his shadow into a copy of his current form. It cannot change in and out of weapon form like Grey. He controls it mentally and does perceive anything it does. It has an slightly impaired reaction speed if it is not in direct contact with Grey. Any mind affecting drugs, magic, etc affect both of them. Grey can only have one active at a time because he stops casting a shadow after that as if he was made of glass, though the shadow of his clothes and such are still cast. Grey can produce this copy from any part of his shadow. He most often uses this ability to let a meister dual-wield him or to wield himself.

Have You Read the Rules?
"Come with me, overwhelming power and madness await."

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PostSubject: Re: Grey (Justin Greyhearth)   May 13th 2015, 6:58 pm

There is a LOT of potential in this character and I like him a LOT!!!

Amazing job; Accepted!


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PostSubject: Re: Grey (Justin Greyhearth)   April 17th 2016, 8:29 pm

Grey just consumed his first soul, a monster soul, so I would like to nab a mutation from him. I was also hoping that Grey could be moved to the Hunter's Axe section.

NameDescription# of souls until unlocked
Never leave my sideThe person using this ability must have first come in contact with his weapon form in the current thread. They must be resonating with Grey. Grey must be in weapon form. The person disappears from where they are, and in their next post they appear in contact with Grey making their teleportation pattern not too hard to predict.

This ability must cool down for one of Grey's post before it can be used again, and this happens after the person reappears. Ex:Disappear(post one), Appear(post 2), Wait(post 3), Repeat(post4).
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PostSubject: Re: Grey (Justin Greyhearth)   

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Grey (Justin Greyhearth)
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