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 Vagrant's Logs

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PostSubject: Vagrant's Logs   May 15th 2015, 4:02 pm

Banks | The Voiceless Meister
Carol/Omega | The Empty Orphan | Enhancing Demon Armor
Grey/Justin | The Twin Glass Swords | Hunter's Axe
Haney | Ex-Meister | Soul Menace Practitioner | Kishin Egg
Melrose | Of Cursed Blood
Terra | The Terran Regalia | Monster-Weapon
Ukko, Keiko | The Demon Parasol | Demon Weapon


The Interaction Web is below in the third post

Justin Greyhearth


Partner= Xavier Peregon

Current topics
Our Son the Arsonist (inactive)

Other Topics
The guardian of the water: The black dragon makes his debut?(Grey ran like a wimp, he talked big game though)
Meanwhile in the Training Grounds (joke thread)
Welcome to the DWMA (dead)
What is that ? A Youkai ?! (Open)(Retconned)
A demon in Death City(finished)
(A Holiday thing-a-ma-jig)Under the Stars and Flashing Lights (very open) (finished)
Practice Equals Perfection (PM for Invite, Me and Idoc)(dead)
First Day Free (finished)
Back in the saddle (dead)
Plenty of time to spend on sketching... (open)(finished)

Grey is from a laboratory on a small uninhabited island in Falkland

His soul is a simple white soul that has black mist for eyes and a ~ shaped mouth.

When using a clone one of his soul's eyes becomes the "soul" of the clone temporarily.

The clones last until dispelled or Grey's concentration wavers too much. If the clone can be killed in a non painful manner it is possible that the clone can die and its "soul" leave the body.

Grey can dispel the soul fragment from a dead clone and the clones body and "soul" disappear and his soul becomes hole again. If the soul fragment was consumed then Grey loses access to those abilities.

Grey can sense the direction and distance between his soul and the clone's.

Secretly he wants someone to make a character for and play as the professor.

"special resonance:

Alicia & Jasmine: NN: twin gunblades that are argumentative. Saw them spar at the academy.
Calvin: a weapon master who seems very skilled. Sparred at the academy using the twin gunblades.
Chicory: a bō with bad eyesight and a habit of tapping a lot. Sparred at the academy. Grey may be about to spar with her.
Drake: A cuckoo-cachoo Kishin egg who thought that pairing with a clown was a good idea. He was a little bit difficult to  fight, but Grey thinks that if he could fight him one on one with a little bit of preparation he could take him out.
Juro: a probably blind weapon master who makes due somehow. Used chicory to  spar with Calvin. He didn't think they would win, but talent, focus, and Calvin and the twins holding back seemingly gave him a chance.
Melody: a weapon master who is overly blunt or just spits out a stream of consciousness. Seems nice though. Not that he would say that aloud.  Seems to have an advanced knowledge of anatomy. Grey doesn't want her as a weapon master, but he would love to work with her and Sullab... You know if it was not inconvenient  for them, actually that would probably never...
Professor Exagera: She seems to care a lot for this Yui, so much so that she let it cloud her judgement a bit. She doesn't seem t be a particularly good leader, but she does have a good heart (as far as I can tell).
Salem(NN): a monster who has a bone to pick with Grey. He showed Grey the limitations of being non-autonomous, and is a major motivator in Grey's new training. His shadowy powers may mean that they are fated enemies.
Sullab: a bow that is lost in his mind. He is not a coward, just lost. He seems like a really nice guy, and Grey really wants his friendship. Grey is curious if Sullab produces his own arrows and if so if he can shoot those arrows in weapon form. Grey is currently imagining what it would feel like to be shot out of a bow.  Grey wants to be on a team with Sullab and  Melody because they are his favorite people he has met so far they are very honest with themselves.
Vincent: a kind-hearted Dragon witch with good intentions but bad practices.He seems to like children.
Xavier: He was late, now he is a meat shield to ward against clammy hands. He now has become Grey's weapon master (meister). Grey often does not wait for Xavier ( like when he went to train with Xavier.)
Yui: a dragony looking girl with a terrifying temper.
Yume: a self-conscious weapon that is a little bit difficult to pry out of her shell, but is quite an interesting person to be around. She isn't quite sure what she would like to do with life which is kind of hard to understand for Grey because he was made for a very specific purpose. Her hobbies include doodling. She likes to showcase her doodling online, and despite the fact that she was doodling when they met Grey thinks maybe he shouldn't ask to see what she was doodling because it might be rude.
Zera: A candy clown who was terrorizing the moon. While Grey would like to think that she died in the explosion that knocked him unconscious. the fact that the moon was coated in candy heavily implies otherwise.


Alibaster, Haney

souls=15 (you know I had no idea Haney would get souls before Justin. It kinda makes me sad. You were able to keep up for a while J. He has stopped progressing this is your chance J.)

Current Topic

Other Topics
Let's set the world on fire(finished)
Let's take a trip to Paris(finished)

I suffer from the madness of servitude.

Inside of that pill I took was a piece of the cloaked yellow man. I don't know that though. My powers from eating souls will come from merging with him.

Under my coat, my arm is... We will have to wait and see.

Ideal: Money is just a means to an end. Years ago I used to enjoy parading around and showing off my wealth, but I became jaded. My mother's wealth was just a reminder of my mistakes and what I had lost. I invest in stocks and do what i can to make my inheritance last, but that is just for the sake of convenience. I am very familiar with the luxuries money can buy, just disinterested.

I will follow the person with the most charisma who wants me. That being said I have never met someone with more charisma than the Goddess.

It is alluded to in Haney's history, but he uses a type of soul menace. It manifests as a golden flame. Haney causes dissonance in part of his soul and use that to create dissonance in another soul.

Hikari Inari (ooc: to be honest I don't know which is her surname), Lady Inari, Goddess, Mistress, My Lady, Goddess of Everlasting Beauty. Likes: Beauty, people buying her things. He has recently grown over her

Kenneth: a youngster who Lady Inari has taken a liking to. He does not seem to understand what the difference in our positions are.


Terran Regalia

No Current Topics

Other Topics
The Job Offer (completed)
The incident (completed)
This party is on fire! (Me and Greyhearth M for mature) (completed)
Let's get drunk! (private, M for mature)(completed)
"Nothing but... Kishin eggs and monsters out there..." (M for mature, open) (Dead, my fault)

Misc. Topics
Meanwhile in the Training Grounds


I can perceive through a weapon when my soul is in it, can link telepathically to someone resonating with me, and I can speak through in my Terran Regalia form.

My psuedo body is made of granite in the Terran Regalia form, and can uses my ability to control earth to piece her body back together. There is a small black sphere inside of the Terran Regalia, and the destruction of this sphere effects my ability to manipulate earth.

I am very capable of soul resonance.

The speed of my Terran Regalia form can reach 30 meters per second if moving in a straight line. I can imitate this with my smaller constructs, but the bigger the effect the slower typically maxing out at one third of max speed.


Alex: a kishin egg that __ met through Robin. He takes good care of Robin and while he seems sketchy I think he might be a good guy.
Robin: a sorceror that __ protected from a stranger who was slamming on his shield. Apparently she was able to follow the young boy they are now working together on a mission.
Yui: NN: the strange dragon girl who attacked Robin.



Souls= 6 KE

Partner= Perina Legari

Current topics

Other Topics



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PostSubject: Re: Vagrant's Logs   June 1st 2015, 8:22 pm



Grey almost almost always keeps his weapon case on him. In it is a wakizashi, a basic first aid kit, and three daggers. Each piece of equipment clips almost perfectly into the case making it easy to remove them quickly and keep them locked in place. The weapon case itself is extremely solid and extremely well built being able to take most beatings without a scratch.

Grey also typically keeps ten homemade flash-bangs in one of his inside coat pockets.

"Primary Eclipse" When there is adequate lighting Grey takes the stance in the image below with a dagger in one had and a flashbang in the other. Grey dodges and deflects blows while he has the clone come out and attack repeatedly, throwing flashbangs and cutting at the opponent. The flashbangs don't hurt or stun just create a blindingly bright light. They are no bigger than the size of a grape and grey doesn't typically keep more than five on him at any given time since they require so much effort for him to make. Grey uses the vision of his, hopefully distant actual form to allow the clone to hit even when the clone can't see.

"Secondary Eclipse" (or some other less lame name that I will probably come up with on the spot) Grey squints his eyes and throws a flashbang down at (opponent)'s feet. The explosion doesn't hurt or stun just creates a light bright enough to blind everyone around for a second. During the flash grey creates a clone in his place then has the clone throw him (as a weapon) into the air high above (his opponent) so that he won't be seen easily.  Meanwhile the clone dashes forwards towards (opponent). The clone will swing from below (opponent) as Grey swings while falling from above.



The color from Haney's skin shrinks into hundreds of small dots and his skin becomes whiter than ivory. Steam starts pooring from Haney's mouth and strands of golden cloth envelope Haney. A tall figure in a golden cloak is standing where Haney was with both hands at his side, his skin wrinkled and pale, his eyes crescents concave side down, and his mouth a crescent concave side up. [color=#ffcc00]

A giant golden flame spontaneously spreads from Haney's chest and surrounds him. Water condenses out of the air and forms a spear head that begins spinning rapidly to attempt to deflect the on coming barrage. The flame fades and Haney winces a bit from the heat of the flames.

"Soul Dissonance" - The form of soul menace that Haney managed to learn from training with Q'tar. By creating dissonant frequencies in himself he can manifest one flame at a time on himself or a weapon. This flame burns Haney if he is exposed to it for too long, and causes dissonance in the souls of those hit by it. It causes soul resonance to be significantly more difficult as well as other soul techniques. It allows the attacks to pierce through soul-power or magic based defenses albeit not as well as soul menace.

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PostSubject: Re: Vagrant's Logs   March 28th 2016, 4:42 pm

Friends and Acquaintances





Professor Exagera



Long-Term Antagonists


Faces From the Past



Best Friends

Did I forget you? If you are interested in having a character put on this list post in this thread or pm me. I have been interested in having these roles filled in Grey's threads, so I would be more than willing to start threads with people who want to help me do so. If you wish to work with another character of mine that feel free to pm me or post below.
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PostSubject: Re: Vagrant's Logs   

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Vagrant's Logs
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