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 Veronica (Orphaned; Property of Beyril)

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Veronica (Orphaned; Property of Beyril) Empty
PostSubject: Veronica (Orphaned; Property of Beyril)   Veronica (Orphaned; Property of Beyril) I_icon_minitimeMay 16th 2015, 3:16 pm

Veronica (Orphaned; Property of Beyril) 70KtmEm

Anghelrescu, Veronica

Gender/Sex: Female Witch

Age: Appears about 26

Weapon: Zackeus

Animal Form:
Ver's animal form(s) are Corvus birds --- crows, ravens, and the like. She's not generally one to transform, but when she does, it's for the view; what better way to spy than from the air? Her form is generally the same color as her hair, but appears to be black in lower lighting.

Mantra: Steel Wing Steal Feather...

Love Interest: All the world's a stage... ;)

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Polyamorous, pansexual

Eyes like amber in molasses and hair a wavy, frizzy red-brown, she doesn't typically looking anything extraordinary, merely normal. Were she to wear clothing typical of a "normal" american, it's unlikely that anyone could spot her out of a crowd. However, she loves to wear bright dress on her thin hourglass frame, and though she is not ashamed of her body or skin, she certainly has a nack for hiding it besides flashy jewelry. Honestly, the jewels and gems she wears seem gawdy and out of place, typically, but somehow, she always manages to make it work. She does the same thing with makeup --- usually exclusively on her eyes, though occasionally also her lips --- and still, somehow, it works.


xNFP (primarily ENFP)
Loyal to a fault but slow to gain the trust of, Ver is a rather curious Teller. She is silver-tongued to the point of proper misdirection & persuasion, well-masked and expertly guarded, and no one will ever know something if she does not wish it so. She is not one for crowds or parties but perfectly capable of talking even the biggest forum into near insanity.

A lady never reveals her age, and that is the sort of reasoning that Ver follows, almost religiously. No one knows her name or the details of her life, however long it is or has been, where she's gone or what she's done. Secrets are meant to be kept, and if people needed to know the details of her life, they would have been involved, then.

Over the passed decade or so, she has been traveling the Americas relatively solo, occasionally tagging along gypsy caravans and traveling circuses as their fortune teller; any money she made was split between herself and her hosts. In general, she manages to stay quite well beneath the radar, off any government documents and out of any and everyone's hair.

In Vegas, some years back, she came in contact with Zack. Never one to kiss and tell, or really reveal any of her exploits, it is largely unknown, from her side of things, just what happened between the two. Partnered together for a time, they parted ways for apparently unexplained reasons, and have not seen each other since. Any wounds there, on either side, are likely still fresh and unattended to.

More recent years have landed her in Death City, owning a curiosities shop in the area, riddled with magics of the more mundane kind and various items from around the world. Occasionally, she steps in to help the Academy as a substitute or example, mainly in Soul Perception-based classes and occasionally in combatant.

Miscellaneous: Ver's magic relies on shadows and light manipulation, very similar to some of Rogue's abilities, but in far greater forms.

Learned: Light & ShadowsIn combat, Ver primarily utilizes her manipulation of light and its contradictory darkness to blind, stun, and manipulate her enemies. This includes things such as blinding merely from a deprivation (or surplus) of light or even such offensive things as using shadow fog to immobilize them.Veronica (Orphaned; Property of Beyril) 3163dd569aab4b6300ceae9324e3ccca
Learned: Omens & FortunesHer primary form of magic, Ver is well known for astonishingly accurate fortune tellings. Typically, such are performed in the way of palm readings or readings of her crystal ball(s), but occasionally she is plagued by more... disagreeable means. With Zack, she is able to perform Tarot and various other readings.Veronica (Orphaned; Property of Beyril) 254585_103141896446542_3280844_n
Object: Crystalline SpheresObject magic, such as magic tools or the book of Eibon, allows magic users to use their powers through other inanimate, otherwise mundane objects. Under certain circumstances, Ver will actually channel her powers or even her actual fortunes into various crystal balls, usually smaller ones. As a result of this, she essentially has her own series of "lucky 8 balls," except that they're actually crystals. And don't have eights on them. But you get the point.Veronica (Orphaned; Property of Beyril) OK1dTHw

Have You Read the Rules?
"Come with me, overwhelming power and madness await."

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Veronica (Orphaned; Property of Beyril) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Veronica (Orphaned; Property of Beyril)   Veronica (Orphaned; Property of Beyril) I_icon_minitimeMay 19th 2015, 12:10 pm



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Veronica (Orphaned; Property of Beyril)
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