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 Whenever somone wants a change, the world pushes back. (T, Private)

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PostSubject: Whenever somone wants a change, the world pushes back. (T, Private)   June 10th 2015, 9:04 am

It had been a long night for Robin, he had detention after school for sleeping in class so his planned nap when he got home was canceled. When he had gone out on patrol tonight he had failed to find any Kishen egg's at all so he settled on these three gentlemen who just knocked off a liquor store, and now to finish it all off he was locked in mortal combat with two of them.

He was being held by a pair of strong arms behind him while his pal stripped the gun forcefully from the hands of their third friend who had a spear through his spine and was dieing a bit more slowly than Robin had intended. The guy raised the gun at him and the trigger clicked. The man was wielding a weapon not his own and he forgot the safety was still on. Robin used this time to flip over his first attacker on the ground in front of him with magic enhanced strength, he broke the mans arm. Then he pulled him up and used him as a bullet shield as he charged to the last remaining robber, he shoved the one man into the other causing the gun to go wide. Ten when the two of them were on the ground he snapped his fingers and summoned a spear into his hands. He impaled the two men with one blow and held it firmed as they wriggled like fish before their pulse stopped and their souls appeared.

He then walked out of the alleyway and sat on a bench. The three souls shining through his Robe. He looked tired and very sad, why was he killing so many people!? Why couldn't there be more monsters around after dark!? Was any of this even worth it!? He slumped into a ball and put his head down on his knee's. He was glad that he did not have to worry about anyone possibly seeing him sob thanks to his yellow robe and hood.
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Whenever somone wants a change, the world pushes back. (T, Private)
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