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 Ambitions, the Futures of Fate?

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PostSubject: Ambitions, the Futures of Fate?   July 5th 2015, 9:10 am

Character Ideas that I WILL be making. There are a few, I will also be posting there Face Claims so DO NOT TRY TO STEAL THEM FROM ME, YOU'RE NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE! Planning to update later when I can access my computer.

Alex >\, Leax :|, & XELA!! ;D.

Face Claim: Nu from Blaz Blue

One body, 3 crazy people. The Trio is a Witch that works for the Organization. They have many jobs including Distraction, Information Gathering, Bodyguard, Strike Team Leader, Assassin, and Test Subject.
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Ambitions, the Futures of Fate?
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