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 Meeting Your Match (Zakia, Private)

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PostSubject: Meeting Your Match (Zakia, Private)   July 28th 2015, 4:16 pm

7:10 AM

Toshioni sleepily walked to the Academy that morning. Currently, he was on the steps in front of the Academy. He needed to get to class soon but he could spare a little time. The problem was finding someone to spare said time with. As it was, he was blending into the crowd of students walking towards the Academy. He hung back a bit in an attempt to stand out. Maybe he could catch another straggler and walk to class with someone. Making a new friend sounded like a solid game plan to him, so he stood at the side of the steps. Observing those that passed, he sincerely hoped he would meet someone willing to partner with him soon. Not being able to undergo missions was getting a bit embarrassing. His eyes darted lazily along the crowd. Who would he meet today?
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Meeting Your Match (Zakia, Private)
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