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 Ceri Farran

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PostSubject: Ceri Farran   Ceri Farran I_icon_minitimeAugust 11th 2015, 12:33 pm

Ceri Farran Anime_Boy_by_chibi_kiro_cb

Ceri Farran

Gender/Sex: Bro

Age: 19

Meister: Leila Thorton

Weapon Form:
Ceri Farran 310041-sawnoffdb
"I'm a sawed-off double barrel shotgun that is shown in the picture. The model of shotgun is one of my own design which I've dubbed "Trojan," so, unlike regular boring shotguns, i have a far more explosive discharge with each of my barrels firing off a different elemental shot. You could basically say my element is Fire&Ice. My handle is also very comfortable just for the ladies"

Love Interest: "Currently single and looking to mingle."

Orientation: Straight

Appearance: "I am a six foot tall male with a lean athletic build --- that's right ladies I am athletic. There are a few scars on my body, but hey, women love scars.  I would say that I have a fairly attractive face with two piercing green eyes that could capture the heart of any young maiden and lips that, despite their look, are great for making out with. My hair is orange and a bit messy; when you're as busy as I am, you don't have time to fix it. Overall, I am an attractive individual that any lady would want."

Personality: "There are those who would say that i have a bad personality because I'm short tempered and easy to overreact and cause trouble. Also, it has been said that I'm a huge pervert, but deep down I am a gentleman who just really adores women. I may also have a bit of a "sticky fingers" problem but hey, if people didn't want their stuff to be taken, they would not make it so easy to take; plus is it wrong if I want it more than them?"

History: "Before coming to the DWMA, I was a street urchin living off of whatever I could get my hands on. This is the life I would still be living if it wasn't for the meister that found me and convinced me to come to the DWMA after he helped me out of a job gone really, really south. No, I'm not going to talk about it. I have no blood related family, but I used to have someone who was like an older sister to me until she disappeared 5 years ago. I would never had made it on the streets without her. That's my life in a nutshell"

Miscellaneous: "I am a Badass"

Soul Count (Ghost Only): 4
4 gained from "Transcendental"

MutationsDescription# of souls
DuplicationUpon eating one of the souls of a group of triplets, Ceri has gained the ability to duplicate, creating mirage copies of himself. They can be destroyed by singular wavelength attacks. This includes instances of his weapon form, additionally adding a third barrel to it's standard appearance.1
IntangibilityA side effect of consuming four ghost souls, Ceri's second mutation causes him to "go ghost" for lack of a better terminology; he can become intangible, walking through walls and gaining a sort of translucency at will. The ability retains the same properties in weapon form. Until further mutations develop, he cannot pass through spells.9
MutationGained from tenth soul, activated at nineteenth19
MutationGained from twentieth soul, activated at twenty-ninth29
MutationGained from thirtieth soul, activated at thirty-ninth39
MutationGained from fortieth soul, activated at forty-ninth49
MutationGained from fiftieth soul, activated at fifty-ninth59
MutationGained from sixtieth soul, activated at sixty-ninth69
MutationGained from seventieth soul, activated at seventy-ninth79
MutationGained from eightieth soul, activated at eighty-ninth89
MutationGained from ninetieth soul, activated at ninety-ninth99

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PostSubject: Re: Ceri Farran   Ceri Farran I_icon_minitimeAugust 11th 2015, 12:43 pm



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Ceri Farran
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