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 Jack O. Leggiéri (Abandoned/Dropping)

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Jack O. Leggiéri (Abandoned/Dropping) Empty
PostSubject: Jack O. Leggiéri (Abandoned/Dropping)   Jack O. Leggiéri (Abandoned/Dropping) I_icon_minitimeAugust 12th 2015, 6:32 pm

Jack O. Leggiéri (Abandoned/Dropping) E7YXpLT

Jackson Omri Leggiéri

Gender/Sex: Male

Age: 22; Physically 19

Meister: Franky Steinbeck

Weapon Form:
Jack O. Leggiéri (Abandoned/Dropping) GR7fNcb
Jack O. Leggiéri (Abandoned/Dropping) 6u8X4RL
(Form may be temporary and is subject to change)
In life, Jack's weapon form was a standard, black scythe. In undeath, the form has become slightly twisted, the colors greying and seeming to die as the form itself seems more malleable and even dead itself. In Franky's hands, his coloration will change based on her mood and commands. He lacks an element of his own, though he will manifest one depending on his meister's affinity.

Love Interest: Si~ingle

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Poly/Pan

In life, Jack was a fairly typical young boy, however lanky and scrawny he was. Agile and thin, he operated well as a solo weapon, when necessary, fighting on his own, but his shockingly white hair is nearly impossible to hide. In death, it seems just the slightest bit drier, a hint of grey cast upon beneath the shadows, but otherwise, it appears about the same. He has always been pale, but undeath has brought with it a greyish tint to his skin, barely noticeable in darkness but incredibly obvious in intense light. Undeath has caused his previously soft green eyes to pale to an almost glassy, greyish green; red eye is prominent, and he occasionally seems completely and utterly albino. He now seems fairly close to skin and bones despite maintaining enhanced levels his human strength and abilities.

ISFP | Adventurer
Spontaneous, unpredictable, fun-loving, passionate, and charming, Jack is a little bit of an odd spade. Living in the moment, releasing the past, but being far less careful with the future, he has a way of causing trouble in the here and now and moving on from it as though nothing has happened, seeming to forget even more than he forgives. Even still, Jack is an artist by nature --- words, artwork, music, anything --- both creative and imaginative, and can generally manage to worm his way out of trouble with such skills alone, a useful trait given that he is also immensely sensitive to others, especially their criticism.

Nothing of Jack's life was particularly extraordinary. He was a weapon, yes, with approximately 42 souls under his belt by his death, but elsewise, he was entirely... average.

Death came to him at Soul 43, a solo mission he attempted on a case that should have been simple enough for an amateur. As luck would have it, he was sorely misinformed, and said misinformation cost him his life... and his scalp. His soul was not consumed, however, as another weapon, along with his meister partner, arrived and slayed the beast before such could be done. In this, his soul was assumed to pass on.

This was, of course, also misinformation.

Instead, he was (supposedly) buried in the school's cemetery, his soul collected by a local, Master Necromancer for the sake of curiosity and experimentation --- he had allowed himself to be used for organ donation or to be studied for scientific purposes. Well... magical science is still science, right...?

At any rate, the Necromancer and his wife, a Necronomicon, chose to do what they could to revive the body, experimenting slowly and working to artificially preserve andhobby mend his decay body and soul. For the most part, this was almost a sort of hobby for the couple, the husband in particular, but as time passed on, things began to... change. Tragedy struck the family when their daughter was killed in a car accident some two years after their initial experiments on Jack had begun. Using what they knew, had already learned, and had planned, they managed to raise their little girl from the dead. She wasn't absolutely perfect, by any means, but literally raising a zombie meister was no small feat, either.

As Franky's continuation at the DWMA occured, it became increasingly more obvious that she was still having trouble finding a weapon that would join her and stay. With the experiments coming to a (scalped) head, her fatherm hoping to partner him up with Franky, began taking his hobby even more seriously. It was over a year after Franky's resurrection that Jack was finally created, modified and repaired soul and all, but in the end, he turned out remarkably well for someone that had been dead for over three years.

Undead SystemsDying and coming back again can leave the nerves, and other bodily portions, a little off kilter, resulting in not everything working properly 100% of the time. As a result, sensations are not always felt, felt fully, or felt properly (pain can translate as pleasure, pleasure as nothing, etc.). Additionally, this can cause a sort of (temporary) organ failure.
Bound & BrokenHis soul being detached from his body for three years has left it in a less-than-stable state. However, it has been (magically and artificially) repaired as much as possible, with an additional quirk to keep him from returning to the grave; Jack's soul is bound to his form, meaning that it will always return to the body, regardless of what state either are in, unless the soul has been completely consumed.
Incorporeal MemoryJack is able to, to some extent, recall his training, powers, and abilities from his life and apply them, to some degree, in his current form.
Unsteady RemedyJack is able to partner with less-than-stable wavelengths and people, whether they are typically within his compatible range or not, so long as there is a willingness to allow him to do so; this causes great strain on him if performed for too long, however, and can lead to side effects such as...
TrickUnintentionally or otherwise, Jack's soul is able to (temporarily) separate from his body without much issue... other than excruciating pain (under the assumption that his nerves are even working right).
TreatMore a curse than a blessing, the fact that his soul is supposed to already be separated from his body makes it sort of... long to return that way. As a result, it has an allure of sweets to it, drawing forth soul-based predators in the hopes that they will kill the undead host body. Eating portions of the soul are possible, but they will be...
StitchedJack can reassemble himself (and Franky), metaphysically and otherwise, though it takes a substantial amount of time and supplies. For example, the spell that keeps him bound will slowly piece his soul back together, but he needs Franky's parents to fill in the gaps left by damage or consumption. Mostly, this is his capability and knowledge to do so, not the ability to make it happen automatically.
Idoc wrote:
~So you wanna be a Zombie~

Alright zombie lover, you have decided to make a zombie character based off of my predetermined rules. CONGRATULATIONS! You might be as badass as Franky Steinbeck! :D

Seriously though, these are all of the details I've made so far as to what Zombie's are able to do:

1: Zombies are able to completely eliminate the feeling of pain. With that being said they can also decide to simply allow themselves to feel pain by not using this ability. For instance, Franky doesn't use this very much at all because she is aroused by pain. Sick huh? I love her ~<3~

2: While Zombies are capable of normal lung function, they do not require air to survive. Meaning they can't drown, die from lack of oxygen in an area, or die from being buried alive. But that was a little obvious huh? Moving on!

3: With the above being said, Zombies have the ability to force or dig themselves underground leaving them invisible from sight. With the exception of Soul Perception or X-ray vision.

4: With all these fine traits, you can see that Zombies can be very durable. This also counts for physical harm as well. While Zombies aren't invulnerable they do have stronger bodies then that of humans. It should also be known that Zombies cannot die from loss of blood or lost limbs. That isn't to say losing blood doesn't have an effect on them. Actually if a Zombie loses enough blood they will actually go into a condition called "Corpse State" where there body pretty much shuts down completely while it waits to heal and or reproduce or somehow obtain replacement blood.

5: Zombies cannot regrow limbs or anything, but they CAN put severed limbs back on. Now, it is recommended that an expert "mender" be seen for serious procedures. Lucky for you, your body was raised by a Master Necromancer who can also mend bones and skin better than the best surgeon in all the world. He can even make scars disappear completely. If you want them to of course.

6: I feel this should be mentioned although it isn't necessarily applicable to all Zombies. A certain Sexy Zombie has the ability to make her soul wavelength into a solid form. While she uses this for combat mainly by creating Soul Needles anywhere on her body, she has shown she can also use this technique to craft a sort of temporary brace for broken bones, allowing her to move normally until her dad can fix her up properly.

7: And this is very important! With the amazing work of a Master Necromancer and his wife a Necronomicon, he has made it so that Zombies can experience the natural feeling of a human body. Blood flows through there veins, their organs function normally, they actually have body heat, and maybe one of the most important things (for Franky) Zombies are capable of experiencing sexual sensations like an ordinary human. It is unknown whether Zombies can actually reproduce, but it will be fun to find out wont it?

Alright, that is all the details I have thought up so far. If you have questions please contact the author (Me) and I will help you best I can. Also if you have any ideas for this guide, go ahead and relay them to me. Iddy5 want Input! Thank you for purchasing "~So you wanna be a Zombie~" No take backs, refunds, or substitutions, have a nice afterlife!

Have You Read the Rules?
Jack O. Leggiéri (Abandoned/Dropping) HBfzA7G

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Jack O. Leggiéri (Abandoned/Dropping) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jack O. Leggiéri (Abandoned/Dropping)   Jack O. Leggiéri (Abandoned/Dropping) I_icon_minitimeAugust 22nd 2015, 2:57 am

Jack O. Leggiéri (Abandoned/Dropping) 200_s
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Jack O. Leggiéri (Abandoned/Dropping)
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