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 Avis Craft The Home Builder (WIP)

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PostSubject: Avis Craft The Home Builder (WIP)   August 29th 2015, 4:41 am

Name: Avis Craft

Gender/Sex: Female

Age: 23

Weapon: None, won't want one.

Animal Form: Avis Craft can turn into a horde of black vampire bats with purple eyes. Killing some of these bats will partially damage and harm her true form. She can however morph back into her animal form and generate more bats to reclaim her original human form.

Mantra: Vampy Flaping Bat-Bats

Love Interest: None as of yet.

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Tries to stay heterosexual but she may be willing to experiment in same sex relationships in an attempt to find what she is desperately longing for.

Appearance: Avis is an incredibly tall individual, standing at an astonishing height of 6'9 while also sporting an incredibly slender frame. She is however very flat chested but she makes up for this with long and alluring legs. Avis possesses a very healthy white skin tone, violet eyes, and long brown hair that usually glows a tint of purple and floats whenever she casts spells.

Avis' usual attire is a black full body long sleeve turtle neck shirt that ends with a skirt for bottoms. Avis also happens to wear black stockings with matching pitch black ballerina style shoes. Finally, Avis will always wear a black hat that's surprisingly similar to some kind of monster. This hat has two purple eyes and Avis will most likely always be seen wearing it.

Personality: Avis Craft is a particularly peculiar fellow, more often than not sticking to herself than with others. This doesn't mean that she's stuck up but that she is actually quite introverted and somewhat shy when it comes to speaking with others. She will converse with people she doesn't know but it will take quite a bit to actually have her speak her mind about her feelings. When she finally recognizes someone as her friend, she will be more open with this individual. She may still seem distant every now and then but she will be an open book to questioning.

Avis is usually very peaceful with others, never immediately resorting to conflict with other individuals. In fact, she will actually attempt to work out agreements with others to avoid said conflict. When left with no other choice, she may engage in full on combat. Her fighting style is mostly defensive and evasive however. She'll really only be making attempts at defending innocents or even escaping from her combatant. She may take on an offensive stand every once in a good while but she will never be able to bring herself into murdering someone.

Avis has a complete variety of multiple... Quirks she needs to work out of her system. Avis is a bit of a female pervert, harboring a great weakness for highly attractive men. She may occasionally find herself confronted with the urge to spy on them every now and then with the assistance of her teleportation powers. She is capable of ignoring said urges when an objective of greater importance presents itself. When she has time to kill however, she will watch and admire the opposite sex from afar. Avis is prone to intense nosebleeds whenever men are in highly sexually suggestive situations. Avis also harbors a immense feeling of longing for something she doesn't particularly know of. If this thing is material or not is still a mystery to Avis herself. She will however sometimes take things that doesn't belong to her as a means of attempting to ease or even satisfy her feelings of longing. This has made Avis a wanted criminal to some. She has managed to suppress this feeling to the point of actually only taking anything if the item she attempts to steal screams out to her, "BITCH, YOU BETTER FUCKING PICK ME UP!" If this helps reduce the amount of trouble Avis gets into truly only depends on the situation.

This feeling of longing could possibly tie into Avis' secret obsession of motherhood. The feeling seems to be expressed most whenever Avis is around little children. She finds all children to be adorable and she will often treat them very kindly, offering them treats or even a chance to play with her. Avis will jump at the opportunity to babysit small children at any given time.

History: Avis was born into the Craft family, a family mostly made up of witches. Like her family, she is a witch with many unique spells and abilities at her disposal. A special form of magic, unique only to her, was teleportation. This would be one of her first and most frequently used spells she had when she was younger. She would often use it to get into tons of trouble before escaping within a blink of an eye. This made Avis one of the only members in her family that wasn't considered to be a true troublemaker. As she aged and matured, Avis began to slowly mellow out. She even began to notice how dysfunctional her family truly was. By the time she reached the age of eighteen, Avis immediately moved out.

Avis wouldn't go too far though, she would eventually find herself living in a relatively new town called Tenor Town. Many buildings and houses here were still incomplete so many citizens were asked to help assist the many construction workers that were still hard at work with their town. Avis didn't mind this at all. In fact, she would actually find herself truly enjoying the company of the workers. They all shared very attractive features that Avis would soon find herself obsessing over. Little did she actually know, Avis would end up becoming a female pervert, peeping on the men in secret. Avis in the end, would end up suffering from a terrible nosebleed before teleporting away to avoid being caught. In terms of actual work however, she would simply just bring drinks and food for the workers to partake in. She would however pick up a few pieces of information on construction work. This would eventually lead to Avis developing a few new spells that would help her build homes with relative ease.

One day however Avis's life would take a drastic turn for the worst. When Avis would bring in a meal like she regularly did, a construction worker she was the most fond of would be high up in the sky working on installing Windows for a building. Unfortunately, the scaffolding this worker stood upon collapsed right underneath his feet. This caused him to start spirally downwards to his almost certain doom. Avis however, was capable of hearing him scream and she turned to lock onto his location. Avis wasted no time in teleporting to his location. Within a split second, Avis's Soul Protect was down and she was now falling with the man within her arms. Now everyone knew she was a Witch but even worse, Avis was now falling along with the man. Avis teleportation required a cool down before was to use it again. She didn't think before she acted

Miscellaneous: (Additional information of any importance that does not belong to any other category can be placed here)

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Avis Craft The Home Builder (WIP)
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