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 Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas)

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PostSubject: Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas)   Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas) I_icon_minitimeSeptember 8th 2015, 6:43 pm

Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas) Lines-Black-Grey
Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas) 08KBXQY

Vasilka Haze
Lolita Lich

Kishin Witch

Gender/Sex: Female/Witch

Age: 8 (Physically)

Partner: None

Animal Form:
Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas) Rhc39Z2
Cats/Cheshire Cat
Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas) Zombie_cat_drawings_by_davenevanxaviour
Vasilka's familiar is the feline family, chiefly the Cheshire Cat. As such, she follows the Lewis Carrol Alice motif. Chiefly, she appears purple in color, her eyes and inner ears appearing a neon green in her standard form. As a lich, and if she has not maintained herself properly (or has a mishap as a result of her combined classes), she can also take on a more zombie-esque appearance. In human form, she can control whether or not her ears, tail, or claws show; typically, she prefers not.
It's so cute I'm gunna die:

Mantra: Palingenesis Purr~fection

Thrall: None at Present

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Pan, relatively Aromantic

Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas) A2ZNzaP
"Lolita Lich" is more than just a mere title; Vasilka is, quite literally, an undead lolita. Though her height (4'1"), overall appearance, and face seem very young and child-like, her figure is that of a curvy woman. Her eyes are a deep violet, and her hair is just slightly on the purple side of white. Her typical attire consists of gothic lolita dresses, all in Victorian style, and typically not of the most conservative manner. Especially when trying to remain hidden, she wears cloaks adorned in skulls (usually fake/buttons, etc), that are inevitably tattered and torn. She has a single "tattoo" --- a pastel purple/blue pentagram, usually inverted, at the center of her chest. It glows faintly when she casts. As an undead, she maintains a pale, purple-ish hue to her skin at all times. Additionally, when she does not maintain herself well, one can begin to see the decomposition set in. Her ribs are always visible (should they not be clothed), with white, translucent skin covering them. Her nails are solid black, as claws or otherwise.

INTJ | Strategist
Though she appears to be about eight, this is very much not the case. She has the intellect of a centuries old sorcerer, and the wisdom and cunning of a kishin twice that age. Vasilka is remarkably independent, refusing the leadership of anyone that has not, or cannot, garner her respect, intellectually or otherwise. Some would call her stubborn and bossy; in fact, she is determined. Not a single project she starts has any chance of being left unfinished unless fatally thwarted. She is analytical, valuing structure, competence, and long-term solutions to any "problems" she sees or foresees. This does not, however, change that she is also very much a child, retaining, or seeming to, the playful nature of one of her "apparent" age. Giggling seems to be the most sound that she makes, as she talks little (and even when she does, it is either singing, riddles, or both). She favors games, though they seem to be twisted, demented, and sadistic, completely of her own creation and for her own gain.

Her birth and origin are unknown. Her powers, hard to explain. To put things simply, Vasilka is an experiment gone very, very... wrong, and a price very heavily taxed upon her former coven. Initially an attempt to combine weapon and witch, the experimentation debilitated her quite drastically, nearly killing her. When this failed, Black Blood was tried instead; this had far better results, but began turning her incredibly... mad. Still not fully recovered from the initial experimentation, but retaining more than her fair share of her magical capabilities, she did what lead to the final piece of what she is today; she created a phylactery and made herself into a lich. The details she keeps very vague, and what the phylactery is, no one but she knows, even its holder. Of course, all details with her are vague, including just how the rigorous training programs she was put into actually lead to the retention and understanding of all that she knows. These, she says, are secrets that she will never tell.

Now, where the first of her current soul count came from, that she will not hesitate to explain. As a witch, the types of souls she consumes do not require any sort of order, which helps her quite significantly. In fact, the first 8 of her souls are all witches and sorcerers --- every last one of them. Now, she did not necessarily kill them all herself, mind you... but set them rather heavily after each other. Locked in bloodthirst frenzies, they went down one by one, leaving her to walk around and pluck up the pieces and spoils of her incited war. It is of note that, while yes, at least eight members of her coven have been confirmed dead (and consumed), there are still approximately fifteen members unaccounted for (though she has no idea as to the number, at all). These are likely either in hiding from or in such of her.
(I would like to make a note that anyone who wants to include one of their witches/sorcerers or witch hunters into this coven or possible hunt is more than welcome to. Just please, please, please let me know! I am very interested in collaborating.)
Coven Count:

Soul Count: 27
-8 Witch/Sorcerer
-3 Weapons
-2 Meisters
-1 Kishin Eggs
-13 Innocent
-0 Monsters

Madness Strain: Survival

Kishin Egg/Lich (Necromancy)
Phylactery (Object Magic)A lich's phylactery is a device used to contain the lich's life essence --- it's soul. Phylacteries are powerful objects, always hidden and usually kept as far from the lich as possible while still remaining in a safe location. It appears, by all accounts, to seem like a completely mundane, inconsequential object, and most would simply look over it as if it were nothing out of the ordinary. However, it's power is inescapable. Should her body be destroyed, the phylactery can rebuild her nearby (within a 100ft range). However, her soul count will completely reset and she will be left in the exact same state she was at when she first became a lich. Each new death will also increase her decomposition rate. On the flip side, if her phylactery is ever destroyed, it will kill her instantly.
UndeadAs a lich, she is able to sustain significant physical damage, and is immune to disease, poison, fatigue, and other effects that affect only the living.
MaintanenceThis ability is what prevents her body from decomposing and is the reason why she continues to eat souls. In consuming them, it allows her abilities to increase enough to continue to maintain her body as is (though her ribs will never fully repair). Left undone or out of check, decomposition will set in. This ability increases in increments of fives, while the required frequency of soul consumption decreases. Even if she reaches kishin level, she will continue to have to consume souls for the sake of maintenance. It is of note, however, that decomposition will not actually kill her; if she does "fully" decompose, however, maintenance is rendered useless and she will permanently be in that state unless killed.5+
EnthrallEnthrall is a type of love spell, to put things simply. This ability can only be used on one player character, whether that one dies or not, and heavily connects both characters. For this to be performed, both characters users, as well as a staff member, have to approve of the bond. Should the thrall die, Vasilka will suffer a permanent handicap to her abilities, preventing approximately 25 souls worth of ability changes* (subject to change).10
InsertionMerely the power of suggestion, this ability allows her to act as a sort of "voice inside one's head." It is the suggestion of doubt, in ways such as how depression were to work. This would only work on certain characters, which would have to be unsuspecting. This can only be used with the approval of both users and a staff member.25
AwakenThis ability allows her to raise incredibly weak NPCs as zombies for a handful of posts. New souls allow for her to raise either more powerful ones or more of them. Weak zombies require one "soul point;" each increased power level requires one more, with up to two additional power levels being possible. At max capacity (of this base ability) only 6 soul points are available (souls 25-30). At 30, the side ability, Graverobber becomes available, allowing (with user and staff member approval) the temporary zombie resurrection of a single NPC that has died within the same thread. This negates the ability to have any other zombies for the remainder of the thread.25-30
Army of the UndeadAllows for up to fifteen "soul points" to be used for Awaken, where Graverobber now factors as using five and no longer prevents other zombie risings.45
Black Blood
HardenAs simple as the name suggests; allows for the hardening of her blood.
WeaponizationAlso simple: allows her to weaponize her Black Blood once hardened. Her preferred weapon is "tendrils;" yes, the little lolita lich makes tentacles. No, this is not meant that way, that is just her preferred weapon (think Slenderman, not Hentai. This ability increases in power (i.e. damage) and complexity every 25 souls.5+
Spellcast (Shadows)Whereas Medusa works with Vector magic, Vas' area of control is focused on Shadows. This includes a manipulation of darkness (subtracting and adding, though usually adding) but is coupled with a mild sensitivity to light.
EvaporateVasilka Madoline Haze (Vas) Large
Like Lewis Carrol's Cheshire Cat, Vas is able to evaporate into thin air. Unlike such, it takes three posts to disappear completely (grin, eyes, and body, in any order), she disappears into shadow clouds, and can only teleport short distances. However, she is intangible when teleporting. Ability will develop with use and strength of character.
FamiliarThis ability includes both her ability to transform into her familiars, felines (her prefered shown above), and magics relating to such.
Perception/Uncanny SightThis includes her soul perception, which detects both life and death, and also nightvision (through her familiar being feline).
Weaknesses (All increase in severity with soul count)
Mishappen DebilityThe combination of kishin egg abilities and side effects (i.e. Madness), and witch abilities causes debilitations such as misfires, backfires, and improper transformation. If maltransformations occur too often or severely, they remain permanent.1
Poor SynchronizationVas is very limited to whom she can resonate with, even on such a low level as to be able to wield. To this effect, achieving, let alone maintaining, synchronization is immensely difficulty. The only guaranteed resonation she can achieve is with her thrall or own blood.0
Insanity"There is no great genius without some touch of madness." - Aristotle (Actually, she's just insane, but the sheer level of it is combined very heavily and psychotically with her absolute brilliance.) Insanity increases more drastically with each witch or sorcerer soul consumed.
ParalysisParalysis is a temporary touch disability that begins to decompose her. She can't be in (direct) physical contact with anyone besides her thrall or it fully paralyzes both her and the one touched for a single post, possibly even the thrall as well.
DecompositionThough her bones will never decay, Vasilka's flesh is more than capable of decomposing. Without proper, consistent maintenance, her body will do exactly that, rendering her remarkably similar to the specified picture above. If left unchecked for too long, Vas will begin to suffer a condition known as Brain Rot which is twice as difficult to get rid of as the decomposition itself. This results in increased insanity (to the point of severe psychosis), drastic personality changes, uncontrolled (and often illogical) thought, and retardation. If not taken care of, this condition will remain permanent. Brain Rot is still of risk even after "full" decomposition has been reached. Her Black Blood cannot decompose.

Her text color is #9900BB.

Soul World:
Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas) 1bQw9dN

Have You Read the Rules?
Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas) 858c70610421b2534b834360381d0b88-d4cs5bo

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Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas) Shinigami_sama_summon_by_limit_vanitas-d69ix6i
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PostSubject: Re: Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas)   Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas) I_icon_minitimeAugust 10th 2016, 8:00 pm

Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas) Char_c10

As of 8/10/16, this character is in perfect compliance with the rules! :cheer:
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PostSubject: Re: Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas)   Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas) I_icon_minitime

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Vasilka Madoline Haze (Vas)
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