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 Rebuilding Burnt Bridges (Hawk, Kidd, Shilo)

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PostSubject: Rebuilding Burnt Bridges (Hawk, Kidd, Shilo)    September 19th 2015, 11:43 pm

A mere week passed. Rori was walking relatively fine, however, not too quickly for fear of splitting open at her seam--which was highly unlikely. The pain in her abdomen was fading with each passing day, and she was grateful for it. Hawk, well, while the boy was no longer in a coma, he'd might as well have taken an oath of silence against his partner. She'd been sure that his coma had caused him some issues, mostly in regards to his communication skills. Her self esteem wouldn't allow her to think Hawk was purposely avoiding her.

Attending class was a bit rough and she was still getting around on crutches, her many fans following her about the halls of the DWMA offering to carry her things, or bring her gifts. With each new day she opened her locker, things spilled from its' belly and onto the floor. Bending over wasn't working and so a pile had started to form in front of locker 303 and she'd stopped visiting the storage unit altogether.

Two days without seeing Hawk anywhere. She didn't even know where to start looking for him. Surely he'd found himself plenty of hiding spots. He was shy after all. She gave a great sigh and exited the DWMA, staring at the massive staircase that lead to the ground level of the school. No way she'd get down those stairs alone. She wanted to throw a tantrum, but instead settled on sitting down and staring off the vastness of the campus, hoping she'd see him walking about.

Where were Blakely and Kidd anyway? She hadn't heard from either of them since the night in the infirmary. Which was for the best, she decided. As the two really needed to work on their partnership or at least just end it before they got attached to people they couldn't really resonate with. The thought of resonating made her heart hurt for a moment, trying to keep it together about Hawk ditching her, she kicked her heels against the ground, the sleek, glossed, wedges of her shoes clacking loudly as she groaned to herself and stopped thrashing at the sharp pain that tingled below the surface. "I'm a wreck. Ugh." she whined, glaring at the sky and with that, rain dropped like sheet over the campus and Rori sat atop the stairs shouting a few choice slurs at the clouds.
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Rebuilding Burnt Bridges (Hawk, Kidd, Shilo)
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