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 Server-0001 (Open)

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PostSubject: Server-0001 (Open)   November 29th 2015, 2:51 am

(I highly suggest reading this chars page before reading)

It was the Fort Knox of the internet. Famous, grand, impenetrable. Internet Server-0001: DWMA Database. It held the greatest collection of knowledge ever brought together on this earth, with files upon files upon kishens, witches, humans, among a range of other topics. It was also the most highly guarded server in the world. It was rumored some of the security protocols had been designed by the famous Dr. Stein himself. The security was what mattered most. Niram didn't care about the gold at the center of the fort. He just wanted to see if he could bust it open.

He circled the server like a shark circling an island, and waited for his opportunity to strike. All he had to do was break through the various security measures before anyone noticed him, and re-write the code from within. Simple, right?
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Server-0001 (Open)
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