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 The Celestium

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PostSubject: The Celestium   The Celestium I_icon_minitimeFebruary 29th 2016, 1:48 pm

The Celestium Atlas_10

Name: The Celestium

Purpose: To eradicate the evils of mankind by any means necessary.

Leader: Atlas the Titan

Location: Olympus

Description: The Celestium are the former soldiers of the Titan, Atlas, who had been pinned in the sky as constellations for their crimes against the greek gods and for the souls they consumed in battle. Their souls were used to form the first weapons, but due to the souls they consumed in battle prior to their transformation, they were made into dark weapons. The Celestium members all are made of stardust due to their time in the heavens as stars, and have immense weights as a result. The fusion with witch souls that crafted them into dark weapons was an imperfect art when they were transformed, and all of them can now shift their appearance at will, though the process is discomforting for some.

The Celestium has taken up residence on Mount Olympus, after storming the gates and finding it empty.

Requirements: All are named after constellations, and require the approval of Beyril or Atlas to join. All members are Dark Weapons.

The Gemini Twins

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PostSubject: Re: The Celestium   The Celestium I_icon_minitimeFebruary 29th 2016, 4:42 pm

Approved and moving


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The Celestium
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