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 Scylla [WIP]

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PostSubject: Scylla [WIP]   March 7th 2016, 10:15 pm

Scylla Crataeis

Gender/Sex: Female

Age: Even Scylla doesn't know her real age at this point.

Weapon: Reserved to Saren Lautrec

Animal Form: Architeuthis, commonly known as the Giant Squid.

Mantra: Her mantras seem like jiberish, however they're actually an ancient tongue used by her ancestors.


Strong Life ForceScylla's lifespan is FAR beyond that of an ordinary human. In addition, she's able to enter a meditative state. In this state Scylla can spend extreme spans of time training her magic from within her soul without the need to sustain her body. This could be due, in part, to her rift magic.Passively Active
Spacial RiftScylla is able to connect two spacial points by creating a purple rift in both locations. Typically this is used to place one rift near her, and the other wherever she wants to go. This is done by picturing a person, place, or thing, and reciting the mantra. This is mostly used for long distance transportation, but could also be used to negate a ranged attack if given enough of a chance.Fkgalx'n prnnqui.
The EyeScylla can place the eye of a Giant Squid on any solid surface that she sees fit. While this eye is closed, it just appears as the surface. When Scylla wishes to use it, the eye will open. Through this eye, Scylla can hear and see what's going on around it. These eyes can vary in size, bigger ones take more energy. She can only use one of these eyes at a time, but she can deploy as many as she wants. Plug'nagh nilfa nuaah.
Tentacle GrowthScylla is able to grow and manipulate tentacles in any location withing a fifty foot range of herself. While she can manipulate as many tentacles as she wants. Reciting her mantra one time gets her five tentacles. To get more charges, she must recite it again. Nw ph'zhro ngfm'latgh.
Presence of CorruptionScylla's presence subtly stirs up madness that's already in a person's soul. While she can't give someone madness, she can make it worse. This is null if she puts her soul protect on. Passively Active

Love Interest: None

Orientation: Homosexual

Appearance: Scylla is




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Scylla [WIP]
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