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PostSubject: Gayle   March 16th 2016, 2:32 pm

Abigail "Gayle" Maynard

Gender/Sex: Female

Age: 14

Meister: Meisters for Nonie and visa versa. Besides that she has no current meister.

Weapon Form:

Gayle's weapon form, being opposite her sister's, has been dubbed "The Sun Blade". The brilliant golden broadsword seems to shine as brightly as the sun, dazzling ally and enemy alike with it's fantastic design. The sword itself seems to be composed of a single piece of metal. In the center of the guard is an orange stone that seems to be the source of the blade's glow. When held near it's twin blade, they seem to glow a bit brighter than usual. The reasoning for this is unknown. Despite the blade's implicate form, it holds no special powers or attributes aside from what it earns as a Hunter's Axe and it's glow.

Love Interest: Elnora "Nonie" Maynard

Orientation: Confused. Bi-curious? Primarily lesbian.

Appearance: Gayle is a smaller girl on the more petite side. She has long brow hair that she keeps in one or two braids that hand to her mid-back. She shares the same eyes as her sister, though Gayle's are shot from hours of late night internet research, and thus she needs glasses. She's rather scrawny, and always wears a smile. Her normal attire changes from day to day, though it's almost always whatever her sister is wearing, but in perfect color contrast. She finds that this makes it easier to identify them from each-other. Often she can be discovered to have various odd objects in her pockets. Where she gets them and what they are changes all the time, but more often than not they're just random pieces of junk that she deems useful.

Personality: Gayle tends to be a bit of an energetic person. She has a hard time sitting still and keeping her hands to herself. Due to this, a lot of people find it hard to deal with the young girl. However, Gayle doesn't let this bother her... Nor does she care if you like her or not. If she likes you, she's going to follow you around. She bears a particular attachment to her twin sister Nonie. This is not to say that she cannot grow to love others, just that her sister will always remain top priority on her list. She also displays a strong fascination with the female form... But that serves an entirely different purpose in her life. She tends to greet people loudly and with a smile that shines ear to ear. Often she can be seen at the highest or most notable point in a room, and sometimes likes to climb things she shouldn't to get there...

Mistress Lani wrote:
In some ways, the girls' history is a sad little tragedy, though not so much so that anything particularly bad has happened to them. No, the truth of the matter is that they have spent much of their lives sheltered in the most innocent of ways, cut off from most human contact by circumstance. The children of a scientist and a game developer, their exposure to even their own family was largely limited, leaving them without proper social development, to begin with. Despite this, the girls were home schooled, an additional fact that both outcast and alienated them, driving them closer to each other rather than out into the open world of society. Neither of them have ever seen any problem with this, outside of the apparent loneliness that having only each other has brought them, though separating the two is an endeavor best not undergone. Close to the point that it defies typical, or even logical means, Nonia and Gayle are such that it seems almost that they would have the capacity to resonate, were they not both weapons, related or otherwise.

Soul Count: 1

MutationDescriptionSoul Count To Use
FusionIn stark contrast to her sister's fusion ability, Gayle's fusion allows her to fuse weapon forms with another individual. By doing this, she combines the forms of both herself and another weapon, creating a new weapon form with the powers of both, as well as a few of it's own.1
???Gained from second soul, activated at ninth9
???Gained from tenth soul, activated at nineteenth19
???Gained from twentieth soul, activated at twenty-ninth29
???Gained from thirtieth soul, activated at thirty-ninth39
???Gained from fortieth soul, activated at forty-ninth49
???Gained from fiftieth soul, activated at fifty-ninth59
???Gained from sixtieth soul, activated at sixty-ninth69
???Gained from seventieth soul, activated at seventy-ninth79
???Gained from eightieth soul, activated at eighty-ninth89
???Gained from ninetieth soul, activated at ninety-ninth99


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PostSubject: Re: Gayle   May 27th 2016, 6:58 pm

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