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 The Spider Bride

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PostSubject: The Spider Bride   March 19th 2016, 7:05 pm

Once upon a time, in a magical land long ago there existed a small village by the sea. Among the villagers there was a loving couple who were to be wed. Friends since childhood the man and woman proclaimed their love to the rest of the village.  They received blessings from all but one of the villagers, a jealous maid.  She loved the man and despised the woman. She coveted everything the bride had and would have once she was married. This maid, however, had a talent in the arts of dark sorcery.  Praying to her wicked gods she asked that a terrible curse be placed upon the bride so that the she may rise in her place.  It was then that the spell was placed on the bride.  Whilst in her bedroom, brushing her long flowing hair, she watched in horror as her flesh began to peel from her face. Underneath her rotting flesh was a shiny, ugly carapace covered in black spines. Two long legs burst from each rotting extremity and her torso became bloated and heavy. Knocking her mirror over she collapsed to the ground and watched in the shards as her face began to peel away. Underneath was a leathery helmet.  Two large fangs dangled from her mouth dripping with venom. Across her brow were eight hideous eyes gazing back at her. Horrified by her appearance she screamed, arousing the villagers from their sleep. Her groom entered the bedroom and saw what remained of his bride scattered across the floor. He then saw the spider. Horrified he drew his sword and pointed it at the spider's brow.  The spider bride cried out to her groom but her soft voice had been replaced with a monstrous roar. The groom slashed the spider's face and she leaped through the roof and fled.  The groom fell to the floor heartbroken by the loss of his bride.  The treacherous maid comforted him for days, attempting to seduce him.  The groom, however, wanted nothing to do with the witch. When her plans failed she cast another spell granting herself power over the groom's will.  Entranced by her spell the groom wedded the witch. Later that evening the groom took the witch to bed with him and together they conceived twins.  

For months the groom remained under the witch's enchantment and a handful of the villagers suspected foul play. They could see it in the grooms eyes, an absence of all rationality.  When asked by the villagers if he truly loved his wife, the groom would wave them off furiously. The villagers became worried and later spied on the witch day and night.  When she suspected the villagers would discover her plans, she gathered ingredients for another spell.  On one evening, when the moon was dark, she cast a spell to conjure shadowy specters to haunt and kill the villagers.  The next morning the village was in uproar.  Five women and men and six children had been skinned and were found hanged from a cliff.  The villagers collected the bodies and burned them in the square. From that day forward, everyone in the village left the young couple in peace. Ten years passed in the village and it became a dreary place. All of the villagers lived in fear of the witch and her enchanted consort. Outside the village was rumor of a monstrous spider terrorizing neighboring villages and eating livestock.  Hearing this the witch became infuriated thinking she'd driven the bride away for good.  She called for her husband. When he approached her she handed him his sword and commanded him to go out into the neighboring villages to search for the spider and kill it. The groom did as he was told and set out for the villages.  He had ventured to two and did not find the spider. Several villagers directed him to an old forest where they claimed to have seen the spider flee to.  Hearing this the groom departed for the forest.

He ventured for four hours and finally reached the forest's edge.  In the trees above him were blankets of spider's silk. Unwavering he crept through the eerie forest, unaware of his bride who was looking down upon him.  She watched as her groom drew closer with sword in hand.  With heart weighing heavy in her chest, the spider leaped from her perch. She landed in front of her lover who proceeded to try and stab her.  The spider, once again, tried to call out to him but to no avail.  The groom continuously swung his sword in powerful arcs, striking the spider's hard skin.  The spider pushed him away with her leg and he fell back against a tree trunk. The spider wove a blanket around her groom to subdue him.  Whilst he was bound she approached him.  As she approached something pierced her side. She fell to the ground and saw an arrow sticking out from her body. She looked off in the distance and saw the witch holding a bow. She knocked another arrow and fired it but missed this time. The spider rose quickly from the ground and dodged another arrow.  The groom, meanwhile, tore his way out of the web blanket and lunged at the spider.  The spider struck the groom. She pushed him away but was hit with another arrow.  Stumbling she collapsed to the ground and watched as her groom rose. He slowly walked over her, his sword clutched tightly in his hands.  As he prepared to deliver the final blow the spider lunged forward and knocked the groom back once more.  She limped towards her lover. When she was finally standing over his body she was hit by yet another arrow. The blow caused her to lose balance and she fell onto her groom.  She attempted to stop herself but her fangs were driven into the groom's chest. Slowly she watched as his warm flesh turn deathly pale until he was gone.

The witch wailed loudly and fled from the forest. The spider bride then rose slowly from the ground shaking with rage. She took the body of her groom and wrapped it in webbing. With her groom resting on her back she pursued the witch.  Her journey was difficult  and long, but she didn't rest. She would find the witch and do worse to her. Later that evening, she arrived at the village she'd abandoned ten years ago.  While the village slept, she crept quietly across the roof tops.  She reached the roof of the home she and her groom lived in prior.  Inside she could see the witch lying on her bed clutching her bow to her bow to her breast.  The spider looked through the window opposite and found the twins lying in bed, sound asleep. She squeezed in through the window and crawled down to the kitchen. There she found the witch's spell book by the stove. She opened the leather-bound tome and flipped through the pages. She stopped at a page written in red ink.  "The Devil's Retribution" was it's title.  The text was cryptic and made no sense to her. It listed no ingredients or incantation. She would have to improvise and she rushed over to the witch's spice cabinet.  Snatching every ingredient she felt would be potent enough, she brought them over to the counter. The bottles and jars clinked loudly and she paused to see if the witch had took notice. When she realized all was safe the spider read over the spell again. "Into a bowl add that which sets your nerves on edge".  Looking at the labels she tried to think of what would set her on edge. Cayenne powder seemed to make sense to her.  She dumped the powder into the bowl. "Next add your sorrow".  She cut an onion in half and held it under her eyes.  Little tears beads began the drizzle down her cheeks and into the bowl.

"Add your disgust to the bowl."  Opening several jars this time she added festered chicken toes, diced leeches, dried rat's liver, bat saliva and finally tree mold. "Next your hatred, add your spite and your vindictive malice to the brew."  She held her fangs over the bowl and let drops of her venom drip into the bowl. "Now add the abuser to the mix." She went back up to the witch's bedroom and took a lock of her hair while she slept. Then she took strands of her children's hair and added them to the bowl.  "Now add the abused to the mix."  With one of her claws she lightly pricked the  groom's neck. She drew a single drop of blood from him and then herself. She added the blood droplets into the bowl mixing them into the ingredients.  The bowl reeked a foul odor. Covering her face she read the final step in the spell, "utter a prayer to the wicked gods and when they appear speak your will to them". Once all had been prepared, she recited a prayer to call forth the wicked gods.  The bowl caught fire and out of the flames appeared three tall, shadowy, horned figures. Speaking with deep voices in unison they asked for the bride's request.  Stuttering with fear she uttered her wish.  They looked upon her grinning menacingly. They told her their former disciple, the witch, displeased them. They spoke of the witch's selfish behavior and how she wastes hers and their own power over trivialities. The gods demanded in exchange for her wish the spider bride must take the place of the witch as their new disciple.  The spider hesitated but the thought of losing the love of her life gnawed at her.  She agreed and spoke her wish to them.  Hearing her wish, they clapped their clawed hands together. A crash of thunder shook the house and the spider fell backwards. The room was spinning and her consciousness was waning.  As the room spun faster and faster, she slowly fell into a deep sleep until all went black.

 The bride awoke in her room.  She looked down at her arms and saw her lovely hands. She ran her fingers over her head and felt strands of long flowing hair. She turned to face a mirror and gazed at her reflection. In it she saw her beautiful face.  Outside the sun had risen to its peak and there was an uproar in the village. She was clothed in a white shift in bed when her groom entered the bedroom. He was wearing his finest clothing with his sword at his side.  The bride leaped from her bed and embraced her groom happily.  The gods had answered her prayer and restored the life which had been stolen away by the jealous witch.  All that she'd suffered had become nothing more than a bad dream. They kissed and he invited her downstairs to join him in marriage.  Agreeing to his invitation the bride felt a surge of excitement wash over her. She went over to her wardrobe.  Rummaging through she found  a long, flowing, white gown and took it out.  She set the gown down on her bed then looked over at the window. She saw a web on which two lonely, black colored spiders rested.  She then looked over at her bedside table. On it was the witch's spell book. Beside the book was a tiny wooden box. She went over and picked the box up. She cracked its lid and peered inside. A tiny fly was buzzing around trying to escape but she closed the lid tightly.  Chuckling she brought the box over to the window. She opened it and pinched her finger's around the fly's body. She dropped the fly onto the web and the two spiders mercilessly killed it. Walking back to her bed she changed into her wedding gown and proceeded downstairs.  She walked out of her house and into the town square and was greeted by all of the villagers. She looked over and saw a white scaffold where her groom awaited her. She was greeted by two lovely maids. They gave her a bouquet of bittersweet with white heather and placed a crown of myrtle on her head. She proudly walked down the isle and up scaffold to her groom.  There they exchanged their vows and were married at last.  Together they reared three beautiful children who eventually went on to raise loving families of their own. Together the bride and groom lived out their remaining years peacefully. When they reached their final year together, they bade their loved ones and were laid to rest beside one another happily ever after.  However this was not truly the end...
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The Spider Bride
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