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 Elnora "Nonie" Maynard

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PostSubject: Elnora "Nonie" Maynard   Elnora "Nonie" Maynard I_icon_minitimeMarch 25th 2016, 4:52 pm

Elnora "Nonie" Maynard Af6fa117f95988bc2e2b5a2f248b3c83--anime-girl-hot-pretty-anime-girl
Base Ref:

Elnora "Nonie" Maynard

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Meister: Abigail "Gayle" Maynard

Weapon Form:
Elnora "Nonie" Maynard Sword___43_by_rittik_designs-d8p9ljy
Nonie's weapon form is known as the Moon Blade. For the most part, it is one solid, continuous piece, though the diamond shards of her handle guard appear to float around the form, giving it even more of an ethereal appearance. The smooth, sleek surface is a soft, pale blue, and reflects nearly anything that comes near it, altering the reflection's appearance to a monochrome, pale blue, like the blade. A faint glow surrounds this form at all times, the brightness altering depending on the moon phase, though it intensifies around her sister's, reflecting the light of the Sun Blade. Being the quieter of the twins, much of what she does and is, is either a reflection or a compliment to her sister's abilities.
Fusion with Gayle:

Love Interest: Gayle

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Homosexual/Bi-curious

Naturally pale, Nonie appears to be completely unable to burn or tan, keeping her skin alabaster and clear at all times, a small blessing that she takes no notice of. She keeps her ashy brown hair short and choppy, messing with it very little and often ignoring the existence of her bangs until told to get them cut once more. Fully aware of her developed figure, Nonie chooses to ignore it, donning whatever feels comfortable, though her attire is often simple. Day to day, or at least at school, it would seem that the girls each pick matching outfits in different colors and trade pieces, making two mismatched and opposingly identical outfits between the two of them. Outside of school, their attire can differ, though for them to wear anything that doesn't at least compliment the other is remarkably rare.

|| ISFP ||
// The Artist \\
Practical, quiet, shy, sensitive, and perceptive, Nonie is known to see many things, chiefly the good in things, though she outwardly appears to see very little. In many ways, this is the exact point. Most things about her personality are incredibly low-key, from her enthusiasm, noticed almost exclusively by Gayle, to her spontaneity and creativity. Though she prefers very heavily to have things planned in advance, she is known to develop ideas and quick schemes to worm through or out of nearly any situation in a pinch, she just doesn't let on that she does. Hardly speaking, most of her interaction is reserved very specifically for Gayle, as she is the one person that does not, standardly, trigger any of her anxieties, despite specifically dragging her into situations with the potential to do so. Nonie holds a fierce loyalty to the girl, though such as the potential to spread to others, should anyone manage to get close enough to keep her from just generally fleeing. She is a remarkably warm individual, though her lack of social development leaves much to be desired; luckily, perhaps, this has lead to a complete lack of pulling any stops against an enemy in combat, leading to techniques, plans, and attacks that would make others seem psychotic and sociopathic, or at least sadist, especially coupled with her calm, cool demeanor.

In some ways, the girls' history is a sad little tragedy, though not so much so that anything particularly bad has happened to them. No, the truth of the matter is that they have spent much of their lives sheltered in the most innocent of ways, cut off from most human contact by circumstance. The children of a scientist and a game developer, their exposure to even their own family was largely limited, leaving them without proper social development, to begin with. Despite this, the girls were home schooled, an additional fact that both outcast and alienated them, driving them closer to each other rather than out into the open world of society. Neither of them have ever seen any problem with this, outside of the apparent loneliness that having only each other has brought them, though separating the two is an endeavor best not undergone. Close to the point that it defies typical, or even logical means, Nonia and Gayle are such that it seems almost that they would have the capacity to resonate, were they not both weapons, related or otherwise. At some point after they joined the Academy, Nonie and her twin have gone missing, with no lead or clue as to where, how, or why.

Soul Count: 1

MutationsDescription# of souls
FusionNonie's specific fusion, as opposed to her sister's, involves fusing with other people. While doing so, she locks both herself and the person she has fused with out of transforming (including into weapon forms and familiars), forcing them both to remain in their human state. While doing so, she also takes on the abilities of the person fused with.1
???Gained from second soul, activated at ninth9
???Gained from tenth soul, activated at nineteenth19
???Gained from twentieth soul, activated at twenty-ninth29
???Gained from thirtieth soul, activated at thirty-ninth39
???Gained from fortieth soul, activated at forty-ninth49
???Gained from fiftieth soul, activated at fifty-ninth59
???Gained from sixtieth soul, activated at sixty-ninth69
???Gained from seventieth soul, activated at seventy-ninth79
???Gained from eightieth soul, activated at eighty-ninth89
???Gained from ninetieth soul, activated at ninety-ninth99


  • Nonie has a slight fear of darkness, made increasingly more extreme the further she is from her sister.
  • She carries around at least one bottle of sunscreen at all times, as well a bottle of aloe, and sunglasses (though she will not wear them).
  • She apparently lacks any sensitivity to the sun, in complete contrast to her sister.
  • The later it is, the more uncomfortable that she ends up being, finding solace in the daytime.
  • Her and her sister are both avid, competitive gamers, and doing so helped them to get and stay in-sync, learning each other's battle styles and tactics and adapting them to the real world.

Have You Read the Rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Elnora "Nonie" Maynard   Elnora "Nonie" Maynard I_icon_minitimeMay 27th 2016, 6:57 pm

Elnora "Nonie" Maynard Fuckin16
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Elnora "Nonie" Maynard
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