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 The Ashfallen Syndicate

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PostSubject: The Ashfallen Syndicate   The Ashfallen Syndicate I_icon_minitimeApril 6th 2016, 8:46 pm

The Ashfallen Syndicate Tumblr19

Name: The Ashfallen Syndicate

Purpose: The Ashfallen are a group of people who have given up their identities to live anonymously in order to make the world a better place for the people or things that they hold dear to flourish. There main goals for the last few months have been resource gathering, and though no one knows the leaders true intentions they can see change happening in their personal lives. For example one of the people who was recruited as an Ashfallen had a daughter who was dying of cancer and he couldn't pay her bills. At the cost of his identity and agency his daughter now has the best treatment available in her area and is going to school and living a relatively normal life, but a life without one of her fathers.

Leader: Presumed to be a very powerful witch.

Location: There are minor bases in the Galapagos islands, the Ivory Coast, New York, and Saudi Arabia. There are two very small meeting places located miles beneath Death City and Tokyo Japan. This group seems to have a very large influence over India and that might be because there main base is hidden somewhere there.

Description: Typically this organization works with Large companies that are run by people who they think might share their views and won't talk too much. They for the most part are interested in making lots of money, searching for new members, and they seem to be looking for magical tools. It is almost as if they are militarizing.

Requirements: There are little requirements to become Ashfallen. Though they attempt to do a thorough background check first they will accept almost anybody, but once your in you must give up your name, your abilities, and your old life. Though you are allowed to leave whenever you want without retaliation, while you are Ashfallen and wear their uniform these things are required of you. All Ashfallen must have something or someone that they want to improve the world for that isn't themselves.

The Nine Lieutenant Generals
The Ashfallen
Haney Alabaster

Faceclaims: The Red Knights of Beacon by Josh Corpus.
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The Ashfallen Syndicate
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