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 Ashfallen [WIP]

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PostSubject: Ashfallen [WIP]   April 6th 2016, 9:39 pm

Name: Ashfallen

Gender/Sex: Male or Female

Age: 16 - 60

Species: The uniform makes them basically human.

Faction/Association: The Ashfallen Syndicate

Playable By: Those who are hunting down Ashfallen, Those who have joined the Ashfallen, The Admin council, anyone in a thread where there would be many Ashfallen.

Love Interest: Varies

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Varies

Weapon/Meister: N/A

Other Form(s): Ashfallen have no access to other forms.

Appearance: Typically the ashfallen are assigned one of two types of uniform, for women and men respectively. That being said there are ashfallen who have customized uniforms to fit more... unique body types. The uniform is made up of two fireproof layers of cloth and pieces of armor above those layers. Typically the inner most layer is black covers most of the skin, and the outer cloth layer is decorative and covers a significantly smalle portion of the body than the black layer. Over both cloth layers the are scattered pieces of armor which vary from person to person. Though they all have helmets that obscure their face, individual pieces of armor vary from pauldroms, to gaunlets, to gorgets, to solerettes.

Personality: (Please describe the character's personality and their mannerisms here)

Important Information/Opinions: (With multiple people playing the same character, certain things, such as values, need to remain consistent. List those things here.)

  • 1) Ashfallen who are in uniform will not go against the orders that they receive. Their uniform is a symbol of their respect for the goals of Syndicate.
  • 2) They almost never will attack innocent people. They will never kill innocent people. While this is said Ashfallen don't always know the reasoning behind their orders, so though at times it seems like they are attacking people who are innocent there will be more to the situation than meets the eye.
  • 3) Though the Ashfallen are obedient to orders, if they feel like whatever they were fighting for isn't worth it than they will abandon their uniform.
  • 4) for the most part one Ashfallen can hold their own against a one star meister wielding a weapon or a kishin egg with 60 or less souls for two posts increasing by one post per additional Ashfallen. (Maximum ten posts)
  • 5) for the most part five Ashfallen can hold their own against a two star meister wielding an equivalently strong weapon or a kishin egg with 120 or less souls for two posts increasing by one post per three additional Ashfallen. (Maximum ten posts)
  • 6) for the most part ten Ashfallen can hold their own against a three star meister wielding an equivalently strong weapon or a kishin egg with 240 or less souls for two posts increasing by one post per five additional Ashfallen. (Maximum seven posts)

History: The Ashfallen have joined The Syndicate for various reasons. Despite whatever they may have been in their previous lives, now they serve a higher purpose. All of these individuals were brought together to make the world a place where certain things can fruit, and as that concept develops their status among the other Ashfallen will increase. For example while an Ashfallen may initially join in order to save their daughter, they may grow and soon wish to make the world a better place for children to grow and develop. It is this type of mentality that is promoted in the Ashfallen Syndicate.

Soul Count (Not Applicable): Ashfallen cannot consume souls.

Miscellaneous: Ashfallen cannot use any abilities that they may have.

Ashfallen bodiesThey become very athletic and capable of feats that they would only be able to do in the pique of their condition.
Weapon of flameThey are able to summon weapons made of solid flame that they are trained to use. These weapons are hot enough to slowly over the course of one post to melt through one foot of Iron.
Immune to the heatThough they feel discomfort in heat, they cannot be harmed by flames or any form of heat.

Weaknesses: Under their armor they are basically human.

Have You Read the Rules?
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Ashfallen [WIP]
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