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 What A Helpless Pair (Gumpy and I)

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PostSubject: What A Helpless Pair (Gumpy and I)   April 8th 2016, 11:23 pm

Clayton was sitting at the top of the stairs to the school, staring at a sheathed sword that was placed across his lap. The sword itself wasn't anything special, just a basic knight-sword. Yeah, he got a weapon like he said he would, but how would he learn to use it? It wasn't as if just having the sword would just drop souls into his hands... Still. He couldn't give up. He'd stuck with this stupid school this long, and he wasn't about to let up now. Sighing, the boy set the covered blade to his side. He looked a bit frustrated, in all honesty.
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What A Helpless Pair (Gumpy and I)
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