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 Ribblette Creako ((Wip))

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PostSubject: Ribblette Creako ((Wip))   April 21st 2016, 11:54 am

Riblette Creako

Gender/Sex: Female

Age: 100 (Turned 100 on April 1st.)

Weapon: Throwing knives that she keeps all over her body, she seems to have an endless amount of them and even if you think you have taken them all, more seem to appear. Each knife is laced with the poison of a dart frog, some of them just have poison mean for weakening opponents, some have poison for killing and some have poison for hallucinations.

Animal Form: Frog, her form of frog depends, her main one is the Golden poison dart frog.

Mantra: froglet froglet croak. froggy frog. ribblet croak ribbit.


Swamp Manipulation: Swamp manipulation is the manipulation of both water and earth, when used by Ribblette/Ribby she will often summon a swamp out of her mouth, coughing up large amounts of water, once the entire area in covered in swamp she may begin to use her most powerful magic, though the coughing up of water takes time, meaning she can be stopped. If not stopped the area will become murky, the ground will be hard to walk on for other people but Ribblette can travel faster when the swamp is around her. She will be able to summon tendrils from the murky water to attack her opponents as well as make massive frogs from the swamp water to do her bidding. She can also sink into the water as if it is more than 3 feet deep, vanishing from the battle until she decides to strike again. When the swamp is activated she has no need to say any mantra's, the spell remains active until Ribblette is either defeated or she cancels it herself. Ribby will be able to make pillars out of the swamp, she can also harden the material in the swamp waters around herself or the opponent, making for an effective shield or entrapment. Ribby can create waves and bubbles, she uses the waves to knock people off of their feet and usually the bubbles are to distract them.

Frog Physiology: As the name states, Ribby has frog physiology, also known as frog abilities. She doesn't ahev to say a mantra for most of these abilities, there are only two of them she has to actually speak while using. Ribby is naturally like a frog, she can jump to extreme heights, she climb walls and hang on walls as if it comes naturally. She has an extremely long and strong tongue that she can use to grab stuff or just simply choke people out. She can survive underwater for an extremely long time, sometimes she sleeps underwater if she feels unsafe on land, she has vision of everything around her, not just whats in front of her. Ribblette can activate a natural camoflauge when near a surface, she must say a mantra before doing this, but once activated she is completely invisible to the naked eye.

Poison Manipulation: Poison manipulation allows Ribblette to do a lot, not only can she make her skin dangerous to touch, she can also spew a poison mist out of her mouth that when inhaled can be extremely dangerous. She can produce skin melting poison on her nails that will tear through flesh like paper and cause severe damage. The poison she makes depends on what she wishes to do, if she wants to cause hallucinations she will form that poison, if she wants to damage the soul she has a poison for that, if she wants to kill someone she has a poison for that, if she wishes to completely paralyze someone she has poison like that...though the paralysis isn't long lasting and if she just wants to weaken someone she can also make a poison like that. While she has the power of poison, she can not make large quantities of the poison like she can the swamp water, but she can mix the poison into the water, making her tendrils poison and painful the be hit byit.

Love Interest: Plum

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): She

Appearance: Ribblette looks like a simple girl, the only thing setting her apart would be her green ahir but other than that she is a normal person. She has a simple smile, bright eyes, her smile is always wide and gentle, she is fairly short for a girl, a small 4'11. She weighs 100 to 190 pounds, she doesn't really measure her weight. She has a simple figure, it isn't really skinny but it isn't that curvy, yeah she has all the right things in all the right places...but, it's not that noticeable.

Personality: Ribby is an Aquarius, she is a very friendly person to those she likes, she is honest and loyal to people she deems worthy of her loyalty. To gain her honesty you must first gain her loyalty, then she will never lie to you...which is something she does a lot with people she isn't loyal to. She is very independent and smart, she has a natural cunning and will never ask for someone else to help her out of a sticky situation, even if she really, really needs the help. She is fairly unpredictable to pretty much everyone, even people who have earned her loyalts, she is a free spirit, you can never control her. She is very detached from society, no one will ever truly understand what goes on inside the head of the frog witch.

Ribby is a trained assassin, she has the personality of a trained assassin that hse keeps hidden under her regular personality. She is cold hearted, unrelenting toward her targets. She is not afraid to torture people to get information and she is unfazed by the pain of others or herself. She will kill those who need to be killed, save those who need to be saved and escape every time. Ribbette seems to have an on-off switch when it comes to her trained killer side, one sec she can be the kind, friendly frog witch that everyone knows and then the next second she can have a knife at your throat and the threat of poison lingering on the blade of it.

History: Ribbette was born 100 years ago to a happy family, her mother was a witch and her father was a warlock, together they brought her into life. When she was born she was taught isntantly how to use her magic, knowing it would be important to her in the future, for most of her years she was taught how to use her magic with as much skill as possible. Then once satisfied with her magic training she was sent to her uncle at the age of nine to learn how to defend herself from anyone who would want her dead. There she was trained as an assassin as well as a warrior, she was taught how to be stealthy or loud and confident, slowly she was given the mindset of an assassin and all that was left was for her to learn how to kill like one. Now, why she was taught to be an assassin and why her family were so determined to make her into a skilled one is unknown, maybe they just wanted a bad ass daughter.

((This is where the history gets serious ))

Ribette was soon taken on her first mission with her uncle, she had been training all her life she thought she was ready to fight everyone, when they arrived to the destination she saw a simple human man and asked if that was their target but her uncle shook his head and pointed to someone above the man on a building, it looked threatening, had leathery skin, multiple eyes and a tail lined with razors, it looked like it was ready to pounce and as Ribbette was about to help her uncle stopped her "He is our bait." before Ribby could protest the thing was down on the man and tearing him apart limb from limb, this was the moment where she felt her uncle wasn't a hero but just a man looking for money. She watched as he jumped down towards the beast and she quickly followed, without hesitation her uncle made an attack on the distracted beast but it simple flicked it's tail and the razors on it came off and stuck deep into her uncle, she could see them poke out of his back and almost threw up from the sight. This was her first fucking mission and her uncle had to go and get himself killed, she was so shocked she didn't heaven notice that the kishin egg was now right in her face, her heart stopped for a second and then it made an attack.

The second the thing lunged foreward to bite her she shoved one of her knives right into it's mouth, then she high kicked the kishin egg right in the jaw, causing he knife to lodge into it's upper mouth. Satisfied she quickly shoved another knife into it's temple, she would of been crueler but she had no reason, she didn't care for the scumbag that was her uncle. She gathered the soul of the kishin egg, told the mayor of the town, got her money and went on to the next target, leaving her uncles body to rot but burying the body of the 'bait' so that he could rest in peace. Once she reached the age of 16 she had 68 confirmed kishin egg kills and 2 dark weapon weapons, she was slowly racking up a major bounty and it was growing.

Now some people did try to shut her down, a loose cannon like her needed to be control but whenever someone tried to get her to die or join their side, she chose neither and went on her mary way, ignoring them completely. She continued her hunting for as long as she possibly could, training all day and hunting all night for every year of her life until present day, she developed her own fighting style, her own battle clothing and a persona. At the age of 30 she was a skilled fighter and had a lot of knowledge on how life went. Her persona she had developed at the age of 16 became her actual personality, she was a nice lady who lived in Death City, she helped feed those who couldn't feed themselves, she would give living spaces to those who needed it and she just lived out her life normally.

At the age of 60 Ribby decided that it would be the best idea to start practicing her magical arts a bit more, she worked as hard as possible to mix her magic into her fighting, making sure it was a perfect mix of magic and combat. Once she was satisfied she began to find ways to conceal her soul wavelength, making it almost invisible to some, in this timezone she had managed to make a large sum of allies, most of which taught her what she needed to know to survive, she lost friends and she gained friends. At the age of 70 she had found someone to love, someone who she thought would be close to her forever, until the end of time, she was in love with this person, they both had the same goals in life and the same mind set. Though.....her love for this woman was rough and painful for her, the woman she loved was a fairly brutal person, she was one of those people who thought of love as showing violence and soon enough Ribby had to call off the relationship, this didn't go well with her lover and....Ribby was attacked and brutalized by her lover, she was lucky to survive the degree of rage that was let out on her. At the age of 90 she had decided to completely give up on her life as an assassin and planned on just settling, but at the age of 99 she decided that she could never escape the action of her life.

((REALLY SUMMARIZED VERSION. You will have to pay attention to her rp's to understand what went down in her life))


Ribby own her own house that is located in death city, she is actually extremely rich and makes sure to show it, now she isn't the most rich person in Death City but she is indeed one of the richest. She own multiple cars, servants and other stuff, her house is huge. When she is not out killing people or singing at karaoke bars she is normally home in her movie theater watching reruns of her favorite cartoons.

Ribby is allied to the DMWA, while she is not in the DMWA, she will come to the schools aid when it is needed and will sometimes work as a substitute teacher when needed.

Ribby looks like a 18 year old girl.

Ability to see through the eyes of any frogs.

Ribby speaks in Green

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Ribblette Creako ((Wip))
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