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 Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing)

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Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) Empty
PostSubject: Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing)   Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) I_icon_minitimeMay 14th 2016, 4:54 pm

Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) O5UxND5

Toromaki, Kimiko

Gender/Sex: Female

Age: Appears 18; 0

Species: Revenant

Love Interest: N/A

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Unknown

Weapon/Meister: N/A

Other Form(s):  As a Revenant, Kimiko manifests her madness in the form of a weapon. In her case, this weapon is a staff with an incorporeal scythe blade. Unlike Sirena, whose weapon form is largely red, her own is largely purple, unless her madness spikes, in which case there may be no going back from it. Whenever she manifests this form, for unknown reasons, she keeps her right eye closed; when doing so, the eye at the head of the staff is open. The more energy she channels into her wavelength, and thus her madness and weapon, the larger the blade becomes. However, the scythe blade itself is not tangible, and cannot cut through solid objects; it is only good for wavelength attacks.

Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) DnSeAWB

Appearance: True to the Toromaki name, Kimiko possesses the clan's trademark silver hair. Her eyes used to be a deep purple, and though one tries desperately to retain the coloration, the other is a bright, blood red. The irises within them aren't so much as irises as they once were, more of shapeless blobs that encircle the pupils around which they float. Stress causes her veins to thicken as her blood runs faster, making her eyes bloodshot in moments, more obviously so simply because of the madness that has taken over her genes.

Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) Ska8gED

Before rebirth, Kimiko was very much a Toromaki. Her hair has retained it's silver hue, though her deeper purple eyes have been fighting a losing battle against the bloodied hue of her madness. A few pounds lighter and she'd have seemed gangly, with her long, thin arms and legs, but her fuller, athlete's figure makes the proportions less awkward and significantly more attractive. Previously a meister, her theme seemed to have revolved around the sea, sunsets, and aquatic birds, and such has vaguely, but only so, carried into this second life.

Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) TH1fHXc

Despite being, at least previously, a Toromaki, this new life has left her with little more than instincts and basic knowledge. As such, she lacks the sort of power and authority to her brought about by the clan's raising. Muscle memory retains her training and reflexes, but she lacks any form of previous memories. Even bearing nature versus nurture in mind, there is little to her mind but a basic foundation with which to build off of, and it is unlikely that she would physically recognize anyone that knew her before.

History: N/A
Kimiko and her "coven's" current whereabouts are unknown.

Soul Count (If Applicable): 0

Condition/WavelengthRevenant/"Madness of Perfection" Infection
SightKimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) 21347-blue-red-dark-lighting-things-sphere-photocase-stock-photo-large
TouchInk in water
Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) 7Z6n4bx
TasteCoconut oil
SmellDried flowers and the sea
WorldKimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) 9JpEkve


Family Members:

Basic attacks performed by Kimiko's weapon blade do no physical damage, instead attacking others on a metaphysical level, targeting and harming soul and wavelength alike. As such, it is especially potent against weaker souls and Black Blood, capable of effecting even weapons and witches. The staff itself, however, can be used for paring, though she does not use it offensively on it's own.

CataractNearby targets, ranging from a determined center point, suffer from a blurring, or fogginess, of vision. Continued exposure worsens the effect, until eventually causing a temporary blinding state; this is especially potent and effective against visually-oriented meisters with Soul Perception. Continuous exposure beyond the initial blinding state runs the risk of the effect remaining permanent, disabling visual Soul Perception in the process.N/A
DiplopiaAbility to mess with the vision of others, as an area of effect, causing them to see doubles and sometimes triples of surrounding objects. Upon training, repeated usage, and higher levels, this allows for intangible clones of Kimi to appear. While effected, a meister cannot properly locate or use their weapon, even while holding it, as it prevents focus.N/A
Soul ProtectA passive, persistent ability, Kimiko's soul registers as an innocent, meister's soul to anyone seeking it. It is unknown how to disable the ability, or what would be seen beneath it.N/A
HyphemaA targeted ability, focusing the ear of her staff on an opponent can trigger ruptures of the blood vessels in the eye. As the attack settles in, bleeding of the eye ensues; can be used on up to 5 targets every 20 posts.N/A


  • As it is an extension of her madness, Kimiko's weapon is highly dependent upon such not being disrupted. Should her wavelength or madness be disrupted in some way, it is entirely possible that she may not be able to manifest her weapon.
  • As she is "reborn" and thus basically a small child, or even newborn, in many ways, Kimiko is very naive and prone to gullibility and misdirection.
  • Perfection is deep-rooted in her psyche, leaving her vulnerable to stabs at imperfection, though she won't always visibly react; as she gets older, OCD is a possibility.

Have You Read the Rules?
"There is no great genius without some touch of madness." -Aristotle

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Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing)   Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) I_icon_minitimeMay 14th 2016, 10:15 pm

Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) Fuckin13
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Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing)   Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) I_icon_minitimeAugust 10th 2016, 8:36 pm

Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) Char_c12

As of 8/10/16 this character is in perfect compliance with the rules!
Otherwise, if you plan on dropping/deleting this character let me know. :cheer:
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Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing)   Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing) I_icon_minitime

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Kimiko "Kimi" Toromaki (Missing)
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