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PostSubject: Andy   July 16th 2016, 2:07 pm

Andrastea/Anderson O'Connor

Gender/Sex: Androgynous, They/She

Age: N/A

Species: Gynoid/Human-synthetic Hybrid

Love Interest: N/A

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): None. Completely Aro/Ace.

Weapon/Meister: Self-Resonating/I/Melanie

Other Form(s):
Cyborg (Hybrid)


Each of Andy's forms has a different appearance. Additionally, each of the forms can vary in appearance as well. Basically, there isn't any one specific description for any of the forms. The reasoning for this is simple: as a synthetic being, Andy is capable of altering their appearance. The crystalline pieces of their android form have magical properties that allow them to shift to look human. The artificial "skin" can alter in color, including adding birth marks, moles, and freckles. Hair grows out as artificial strands in seconds, reaching Andy's desired length and stopping wholly. The longer "human" components exist, the more likely it is that they can become real; artificial skin and hair can go from seemingly plastic, crystalline, or rubber materials to actually containing DNA and being organs. The likelihood of this is rare, however, as the gynoid very frequently changes appearance and other aspects of their being. Andy does prefer her/their female, human appearance, however. As such, she has orangish-red hair; hazel eyes that change between blue, green, and grey; a thin, unassuming build; and freckles dotting her skin.

In short, Andy is a blank slate. They/she absorbs information quickly an easily, and can actually plug into different devices to download information from them, learning various social habits and interactions from things that she views in this way. The more exposure she has to any personality (type), habit, or behavior, the more likely it is that she will pick up on these things. Her personality will also be effected but which form they take on, due to unplanned, glitched programming. The more often they are male, the more masculine, protective, and sometimes aggressive they are prone to being. Extended female form usage will cause more of a motherly, "guardian angel" tendency, as well as passive and feminine states. The androgynous form will slowly reset the gender-based personalities into neutrality. The robotic form alters their personality back to a "factory reset," leaving them with all of their knowledge, but without any effect on the personality itself. Over-use of the crystalline form will cause a full reset, as it begins to reform them entirely.

Unbeknownst to Andy, they were created in a lab by a rather intrigued, and possibly slightly insane, witch.  Though Andy's base programming and forms were completed, further programming could not be completed as the witch was assassinated by her previous coven before returning to the project. Not knowing the creature's full potential, as they had not yet awoken, the other scientists were unable to make anything of them, and in fact couldn't take them apart. Deciding instead to discard the invention, they had it sent to a landfill, where they should have been melted down. The process triggered their crystalline form, however, and they woke up soon after, wandering off without anyone noticing. Eventually, they came across people who assumed they were merely a motorcyclist, due to the crystalline form appearing to be an androgynous figure in a biker helmet. After observing others, they eventually came across a cellular phone. Downloading information from it, they took on their favored female human form, using their synthetic powers to add temporary clothing. Due to a... strange hacking glitch, Andy gained access to money (this, in fact, was her creator's account, which was one of the few programs added to her beyond basic survival skills, as part of her purpose was to be a utility tool). Using this, she purchased actual clothing and some basic amenities. Housing has yet to be secured, however. Without the need for sleep (yet), this has not appeared to be a problem for them, yet.

Soul Count (If Applicable): It is unknown if Andy can consume souls.

Andy received her basic name (nickname) from the phone she downloaded; the feminine/masculine, long variants are from subsequent searches, but are only provided for legal purposes. She uses the name on the account she has --- O'Connor.
An additional side effect to her utility programming, she has a strange obsession with Cat Sidhe.
Binary Translator (for reference)


TransformationThis is the ability that allows them to change between forms, as well as appearances.-
DownloadRobotic-based ability that allows her to download information from technological devices. Also allows her to make toast. (It's a long story.)#
Wire-ChordThe ability, strongest in robotic form, to summon thick wires that can attack, and plug into, opponents or objects like tendrils or usb devices. Weakens the less the robotic form is used.#
FirewallRobotic ability that can be used in any form; creates a barrier that prevents things from coming through. Will disintegrate and download any information from technology that tries to pass through. Can shut down, or simply disrupt, sentient robotics.-
DronesRobotic ability that summons a single drone. It can be offensive, fire low-energy, or else soul-powered lasers, or defensive, creating weak firewalls or metal-plate shields.#

In any robotic form, water is most certainly not their friend. In organic or robotic forms, electricity isn't, either. Extended use of the crystalline form can slowly remove all information stored in the being, and eventually reduce them to a statue.

Have You Read the Rules?
"Have you not?"

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PostSubject: Re: Andy   July 16th 2016, 3:28 pm

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