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 Andy (Revamped, Pending "Revivial")

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Andy (Revamped, Pending "Revivial") Empty
PostSubject: Andy (Revamped, Pending "Revivial")   Andy (Revamped, Pending "Revivial") I_icon_minitimeJuly 16th 2016, 2:07 pm

Andy (Revamped, Pending "Revivial") QejbVlp

Andrastea/Anderson "Andy" O'Connor

Gender/Sex: Androgynous/Fluid, They/She

Age: 3

Species: Gynoid/Human-synthetic Hybrid/Enchanted Object

Love Interest: N/A

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Designed to be completely Aro/Ace

Weapon/Meister: Self-Resonating/No weapon partner established

Cyborg/Hybrid (Primary usage)

Andy (Revamped, Pending "Revivial") AQxg75Y
Each of Andy's forms has a different appearance. Additionally, each of the forms can vary in appearance as well. Basically, there isn't any one specific description for any of the forms. The reasoning for this is simple: as a synthetic being, Andy is capable of altering their appearance. The crystalline pieces of their android form have magical properties that allow them to shift to look human. The artificial "skin" can alter in color, including adding birthmarks, moles, and freckles. Hair grows out as artificial strands in seconds, reaching Andy's desired length and stopping wholly. The longer "human" components exist, the more likely it is that they can "become" real; artificial skin and hair can grow from seemingly plastic, crystalline, or rubber materials to actually containing the DNA and organs used to create the human(oid) forms. The likelihood of this is rare, however, as the gynoid very frequently changes appearance and other aspects of their being. Andy does prefer her/their female, human appearance, however. As such, she has orangish-red hair; hazel eyes that change between blue, green, and grey; a thin, unassuming build; and freckles dotting her skin.

Being lab-grown and raised, Andy finds themselves often referencing their being as "this unit" or by her designation (or the variant Alpha Unit 006). In addition, Andy speaks very plainly and literally, stating facts without feeling the need to explain information unless prompted. Andy is very analytical and impartial, observing information in a very literal sense, though it's arguable whether she simply does not understand anything in the realms of jokes, rhetoricals, and sarcasm of if she blatantly ignores these things. Andy also has a bad, and at times annoying, habit of not using acronyms or shortened words, in any circumstances (such as referring to Minerva as "Artificial Intelligence Unit Minerva"), despite the fact that using such would be time saving. Without a directive, they see no purpose in social interactions, as such seem unnecessary to the unit. However, they/she absorbs information quickly an easily, and can actually plug into different devices to download information from them, learning various social habits and interactions from things that she views in this way. The more exposure she has to any personality (type), habit, or behavior, the more likely it is that she will pick up on these things, should she choose. Her personality will also be affected but which form they take on, due to unplanned, glitched programming. The more often they are male, the more masculine, protective, and sometimes aggressive they are prone to being. Extended female form usage will cause more of a motherly, "guardian angel" tendency, as well as passive and feminine states. The androgynous form will slowly reset the gender-based personalities into neutrality. The robotic form alters their personality back to a "factory reset," leaving them with all of their knowledge, but without any effect on the personality itself. Over-use of the crystalline form will cause a full reset, as it begins to reform them entirely.

The facility housing Andy, previous iterations, and the experiments that predated them all, is a brain child funded by an unknown benefactor several years ago; without direct access to the notes and history of the facility and its projects, no semblance of a timeline prior to the Alpha series can be determined. The Alpha prototype series would be approximately a decade old, prior to Andy's reactivation; Alpha-006 was created in the program's seventh year. Unlike the first three prototypes, Andy, like units four and five, was created, in part, using magic to enchant and combine two test bodies into one; the initial robotic/synthetic human creation by the lab and an off-site, crystalline body that was already infused with magic. These crystalline bodies were infused with souls, to grant such to the later gens where the synthetic bodies had none. This added enhanced durability to the units, but also created a fatal flaw in the series. Should Andy be in her crystalline form in an area affected by any form of dispel, it will kill her instantly; this was tested on Alpha-004 and no correction had been found before the project fell to a halt. Having been awoken by Minerva following the AI's discovery of her presence, Andy now resides at the facility with the super computer, operating, for lack of any other goal, as a sort of house/groundskeeper for the location. The name, "Andy," comes from the nickname provided to her from the lead scientist on her particular model, found in the terminal attached to her sleeping pod; written notes throughout her lab area describe her, alternatively, as "Andrastea" and "Anderson," depending on what forms (female/male) were being tested for the experiments referenced. The surname Andy dons for any "official" usages is taken from the same lead scientist that penned her nickname.

Soul Count (If Applicable): Andy is incapable of consuming souls

Binary Translator (for reference); she uses such to communicate with other robotic or augmented beings when she does not wish to speak with humans.
Character inspirations: Celty (Durarara), Synths (Fallout Series), personal brainchild
Color: #068D89

In addition to a powerful Soul Perception and an unused Soul Menace, Andy has abilities as part of her creation and programmer, most of which are robotic or tech-based. Her crystalline form also adds its own abilities, though they are exclusive to the form. Andy's crystalline form is nigh indestructible, by physical means, but takes time to transform into (especially completely) and runs its own risks, found under "Weaknesses."

Transformative ShiftThis is the ability that allows them to change between forms, as well as appearances.
DownloadRobotic-based ability that allows her to download information from technological devices. Also allows her to make toast. (It's a long story; toast-related additives cannot be used for combat.) This ability can be used in reverse to upload any information she has stored on a technical level, including creating a back-up.
Wire-ChordThis ability, which is strongest when used in Andy's robotic form, allows her to summon thick wires (seemingly from her internals) that can attack and plug into opponents or objects like tendrils, USB devices, or various other male connectors. This ability weakens the less the robotic form is used.
FirewallRobotic-based ability that can be used in any form; it creates a shield barrier, disintegrating and downloading any information from technology that tries to pass through. It is capable of shutting down, or simply disrupting, sentient robotics; wavelength abilities can pass directly through, as this ability is robotic, rather than wavelength-based.
DronesAndy is capable of summoning 1-5 drones, of her own creation or from the facility, to act as offensive (low-energy or soul-based laser turrets), or defensive (weak firewalls or metal-plate shields) under her command. The number she can control at any given time is reduced based on the number of actively-controlled "turret slaves" relative to the Hijack Hacker ability.
Hijack HackerThis robotic ability allows the unit to hack, remotely (for weaker devices) or directly (attached to something connected to the same network) into a technological device. She is able to thus hijack up to five devices (less if she has active drones) and force them under her own command. For ease, Andy labels these devices as "turret slaves," regardless of the device. If allowed access, she can remotely connect to any device on her "personal" network, including the cell phone she keeps.

Robotic Form: Electricity, Water
Human: Electricity
Cyborg: Electricity, Weakest to Hacking/Hijacking
Crystalline: (Usage, Magic) Extended use of the crystalline form can slowly remove all information stored in the being, and eventually reduce them to a statue. Existing in any form of crystalline state in range of AOE dispels will permanently kill her. The restoration of any potential back-ups she might make will not return her personality or soul.

Have You Read the Rules?
"Have you not?"

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Andy (Revamped, Pending "Revivial") Empty
PostSubject: Re: Andy (Revamped, Pending "Revivial")   Andy (Revamped, Pending "Revivial") I_icon_minitimeJuly 16th 2016, 3:28 pm

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Andy (Revamped, Pending "Revivial")
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