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 Two Years: Blade To Blade Once Again

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PostSubject: Two Years: Blade To Blade Once Again   August 8th 2016, 4:29 am

The ground is brown and flat... It seems to be made of hardened earth and covered in a layer of orange-red dust that scatters loosely among the cracked terrain. The sky is a vivid orange-pink color, the sun beginning to set in the distant west. The cool air blows calmly across the plain, undisturbed, almost as if anticipating. Void of clouds, the harsh environment sheltered no life. No rain came here, no plant dare to grow. Animals that lived here had long since fled. The battle of warriors past had left it's mark on the earth. Even humans, as resourceful as they were, held this land as a sacred place, not to be disturbed... And yet here, in this war-torn place, stood two figures facing each-other. Each bearing a sword, poised and ready to strike.

With her back to the north stood a young child of only age fourteen. Her long black hair was tied up into twin pigtails and her eyes were like crystal blue pools reflecting the purity of her soul. Her face bore a look of determination and confidence as the wind lightly blew her hair adrift. Her clothing, though nothing special, spoke wonders of her character. A black sailor-style school uniform with white decoration and a large white bow on her neck. The skirt was rather short, and the sleeves of the shit only went a fourth the way to her elbows. Her choice of footwear was a pair of plain black converse high-tops with a Shinigami skull on the ankles. Standing with her legs apart, she held her blade at her center: A large two-edged great-sword with a marvelous grey-steel design. It's guard was only about an inch wider than the blade, and it's handle was long, wrapped in a black bandage that tied to her wrist. Within this weapon, the soul of a Death Scythe resided, though the boy dare not reflect his face in the blade before the enemy...

Hailing from the southern direction was a young woman of age nineteen. Much like the northern girl, her hair was a dark back color, though it was left to hang down for the most part, save for a single braid that ran down the left side of her face. Her eyes were a deep green color, and her expression seemed a lot less interested in the fight. Despite this, her gaze was locked with the other girl, refusing to make the mistake of turning her gaze. Her clothing was very simple: A tan, long-sleeved sweater with a collared shirt underneath. This was paired with a grey skirt, black leggings, and a large pair of black, heeled boots that almost reached to her knees. Her stance was less open, her right shoulder turned to her opponent and her right arm stretched horizontally across her body. In her right hand was a large dark-steel nodachi of very odd design. It's handle was black, wrapped in a red silk ito, is capped with a golden guard that gives way to the widened blade. On the left side of the nodachi's blade is a thin strip of paper, stuck to the side as if painted on. On the paper is a mess of scribbles that can only be described as ancient writings. The soul of the young woman is pure, yet somehow varies from her opponent's. Unlike her opponent, the blade she wields seems to give off no wavelength.

"I've finally caught up to you..." Spoke the child, breaking the drawn out silence. "It's been two years, you know. I've been waiting that long to fight you again... I'm not the helpless kid you spared last time... I'm much stronger. I've even made a Death Scythe! You though... You haven't changed at all. You still carry that blade around... Do you remember? Back then, when you cut open my chest with that very blade and left me for dead? I do..." The young girl added, her voice beginning to waver as her hands started to shake, not out of fear, but anger... Anger that had spent two years building up.

Silently, the older girl stared back, her eyes averting for only a moment to glance at the talisman on the side of her blade. "I see... So you've made a Death Scythe of the weapon in your hands... No matter how good the weapon, if the one who wields it cannot fight, it's better off fighting on it's own. But you know that, don't you...? I have changed... My weapon of choice has remained the same, however... I have changed..." Replied the woman, placing her index and middle fingers on the talisman and sliding a thumb beneath it. From beneath the paper, a black mist poured out in a tiny stream, disappearing into the air a few inches from the blade.

The young girl became quickly frustrated with the nonchalant attitude of her adversary. She gripped her blade tightly, making a dash at the woman as her soul reached out to her blade. "Soul Resonance!" She called out as they approached the woman, who was still holding her ground.

"Heaven's Mighty Slash!" As the words escaped the girl's mouth, her blade began to glow a bright blue color, swirling and mixing with the white light that was now the blade of the sword. It extended it's length to nearly twice as long, curving around to prevent easy escape from the attack. She grinned, knowing very well that there was nowhere to flee...

As the arc approached her, the woman did not seem bothered. She simply removed the talisman from the blade, casting it aside as she swung the sword very quickly to catch the large attack. The nodachi's blade now seemed to give off a black steam as a heavy stillness fell upon the area. As the attack hit the nodachi, it seemed to shatter, returning the death scythe to it's original state. A heavy madness flooded the plain, in pulses at first, but slowly evening out. "Though I suppose... If the Meister did not have the weapon, they would be very limited anyways..." Stated the woman as her eyes dyed red, her weapon's soul now visible to the child... A Demon Blade. Something to be feared. It was as if the very winds had gone into hiding when it's head was reared.

The small girl backed away, nearly dropping her partner as she did. "Y-You... You had that... E-Even back then you..." She stuttered, in a quiet whimper. The overwhelming power of the blade seemed to have her shaken.

"If I had intended you to die back then, I would have just killed you... You focused so much on who I had killed that you failed to ask why. Now you've spent two years pursuing me, and still you want only revenge. I killed that man because he had strayed onto the path to Kishinhood. The fact that I used madness as a tool to do so does not matter. Even now, I wield a cursed Demon Blade. It can no longer harm anyone, it is at my mercy. If I wish for it to kill you, it will kill you. If I wish for it to protect you, it will protect you. But ultimately, it is only a tool and my actions are what matter. And yet, you are not afraid of me, but the sword." Stated the woman as she lowered her blade, gently pressing another slip of paper onto the side and masking the blade's wavelength. "If you still wish to fight me after you've reflected on that, you can come and find me again. However... If this mere tool scares you, I would re-consider..." The woman stated, walking past the small, devastated girl to the north as the child's weapon tried to console her.

The two never did speak again, and what became of either no longer matters. What does matter is that a valuable lesson was displayed that day... But I'll let you figure that one out for yourself, hm?~
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Two Years: Blade To Blade Once Again
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