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PostSubject: Whelp   August 27th 2016, 11:27 pm

Wren "Whelp" Martin

Gender/Sex: Female

Age: 16

Weapon: Nope.

Love Interest: Nope.




Whelp stands at about 5'4" and weighs an impressively small 105 lbs. Needless to say, she lives up to her nickname. The first things you may notice aside from Whelp being small are her pointed ears and enhanced canines. Both mark her as obviously inhuman. Her hair is a shoulder-length mess of pink-red hair. Her eyes seem to be a forest green and her pupils are black rectangles rather than the normal round shape. There are purple marks tattooed under each of her eyes in the form of triangles. Whelp also has an odd purple symbol tattooed onto her forearm (depicted below) which she tends to keep covered under a piece of cloth wrapped in ribbon, colored to match her outfit. Her combat outfit consists of a white jacket that splits into two coiled tails. It has a folded collar and short, puffy sleeves. On each sleeve is her "closed eye" insignia in pink. She pairs this with a short black shirt with white trim an a white skirt with a black belt. She wears large baggy black and white striped socks and steel-toed black combat boots. When training, she wears heavy metal weights beneath her socks. When not training, she wears lightweight metal shin-guards. Upon her head usually lies her hat, a simple fabric cap with her insignia and some ribbon. Her boots seem to have metal plated bottoms...


Whelp seems to be a pretty energetic girl with a love for combat. To some, Whelp may even seem hyper. She tends to remain pretty positive, even in the face of certain doom. She does hold a grudge against witches, becoming infuriated when she identifies one, literally requiring detainment. She admires the DWMA and other meisters for their strength and abilities to stop witches and Kishin Eggs from doing what the witch did to her long ago. Her loyalty to the school is matched only by her loyalty to sweets and combat. She tends to get pretty quiet when she's scolded... It seems she can't handle people yelling.


Wren Martin
Wren was born a human and doesn't remember much before age six, much like anyone else. She does, however, vividly remember the night a witch slaughtered her parents and kidnapped her. It was a gruesome night that she wishes she could forget. The witch was plotting to create an artificial witch with greater power than even her own, however she never really got around to finishing. Through the use of magic and physical alterations, Wren developed into what she is today. Beaten, bruised, and locked away each night. Eventually, as Wren got older, she became smarter, stronger, and more capable. By waiting until the witch brought her out, she used her bindings as a means to strangle the witch, taking a lot of damage in the process. Finally, at age 14, Wren drug herself out of the witch's lair. Injured and shaking, but finally free.

Freedom and New Beginnings
After escaping and a proper evaluation by a hospital and a meister, Wren was determined to not be a threat to society, but they feared she may become an outcast if left unchecked. Taking responsibility for her, The DWMA nicknamed the young girl "Whelp" and relocated her to Death City. Here Whelp found a new drive, the desire to become someone that could easily slay Kishin Egg and witches alike. It was shear luck that she came out alive last time, next time, she wanted a clean cut victory. She trained extremely hard to make up for her lack of ability to use a weapon or wavelength attacks, pushing her physical capabilities to limits she never thought possible... Now, at 16, Wren still lives in Death City, ready to go on missions.

Unique Soul - Whelp's soul is pure, however it seems to be wrapped in an odd pink-purple vine. Due to it's nature, she is incapable of utilizing her wavelength. This means she cannot self-resonate or wield weapons. Her soul seems to almost be compressed by these vines... Just how much is unknown...

Magic Tattoo - The tattoo on Whelp's wrist seems to be magical in nature. It seems to be tied to the vines on her soul, however just how or what it does is unknown. It is assumed that a witch could remove this seal, but the effects this would have on Whelp are unknown. The DWMA has determined this a risk they do not want to take for now.

Martial Arts - Whelp has spent two years studying and combining the styles of Muay Thai and Capoeira. She now uses a unique style of combat that combines the fluid movements of Capoeira with the explosive impact of Muay Thai.

Physical Capabilities - Whelp has achieved agility and strength that seems to surpass normal human limits. It is assumed that her ability to develop so quickly stems from her mutations.

Miscellaneous: Whelp still has the witch's soul hidden away in her dorm.

Have You Read the Rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Whelp   August 28th 2016, 1:28 am

I'll accept it
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