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 Combat & Ability Rules (WIP)

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PostSubject: Combat & Ability Rules (WIP)   September 3rd 2016, 3:02 pm

In the world of Soul Eater, violence is a frequent, common occurrence, and why wouldn't it be? After all, the real world itself is bad enough, but the SE Universe has such joyous additions as magic, monsters, and other things like beings that can literally turn into weapons! All of the mechanics of the SE Universe and SERP itself thus allow for not only abilities, but combat as well. As such, it seems long overdue that some guidelines are established for these things.


A character's abilities are listed on their Character Sheet, and optionally, the user's Character Log. These abilities can be posted as lists or in charts/tables. Here are some specific regulations for them:

  1. Acquirement and advancement methods must be listed for abilities. For weapons and kishin eggs, this means: a, how many souls before an ability is unlocked; and b, how many souls can be put into an ability to make it more powerful. For meisters, monsters, and magic users, abilities are advanced through training, and links must be posted on the CS of threads that helped to do this.
  2. Resonance chains can consist of no more than 6 tiers, though 4 is preferable. On this note, a partnered pair may not achieve a resonance that is of a higher tier than the weapon possesses souls for. For example, Tier 1 will require no souls, but to advance to tier 2, the weapon must have 25 souls. This means the partnered pair may only achieve Tier 1 resonance until those 25 souls have been acquired.
  3. No more than ten ability chains are allowed.
  4. No ability chain may have more than ten abilities, advancements, or tiers. (For example: No character can have 11 Black Blood abilities.)
  5. Unless your character is a 400 Soul KE or above, no abilities that could, for example, level an entire city block.


  1. No autohits.

  2. No one-shot or auto-kills.
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Combat & Ability Rules (WIP)
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