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 Samantha (WIP)

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PostSubject: Samantha (WIP)   September 5th 2016, 5:06 pm

Samantha "The Snapdragon" Lockwood

Gender/Sex: Female

Age: 22

Weapon: None

Animal Form: The Snapdragon - Samantha's animal form was once simply a salamander, granting her fire abilities. However, as Samantha grew and was affected by the magic ring that she and Candle had made, her animal form took on a strange mutation and her magic changed as well... First, the salamander grew, becoming around five feet long, two feet of which were the tail. Then it grew scales, replacing the fleshy skin that once composed it's shell. Finally, it stood more upright, much like a Komodo Dragon, sprouting a pair of large wings. The dark orange lizard has been named the snapdragon by Sam, in honor of Candlewick.

Mantra: Flick, Burn, Char, Yern, Fly, Soar, Horde, and More are the various words that make up her mantras.

Magic: Samantha uses magic that seems to tie into the central theme of a "dragon". The fire based spells are older, some of the first she learned, and originated from her Salamander form, changing themselves to suit her new animal form. (Table WIP)

Love Interest: Nope.

Orientation: Bisexual

Appearance: Samantha stands at about 5"6 with fiery orange hair and eyes that make it seem like her very soul is on fire. Normally she'll wear an orange-ish red tank top with a matching shoulder cover. A very short skirt of a darker shade covers her waist, along with a large belt. She has dark brown boots that go about halfway to her knee and fire-proof brown gloves that sit tight around her wrists. To top it all off, a very generic orange witch's hat is placed on her head. Occasionally she'll don an old brown cloak to hide all of this.

Personality: Samantha can be described as a hermit. Afraid of getting to close to people, she keeps herself hidden away in her home with minimal human contact. Because of this, she isn't the best at expressing herself, possibly coming off rude or becoming obsessive, almost stalking, a person she's particularly fond of. While she'd like to make friends, she's terrified that she'll be disappointed or betrayed. She has a tendency to excessively make and horde jewelry, then offer it up to people as payments for tasks ranging from grocery runs to soul hunts. Samantha may become VERY attached to one of her students, which are the people she has preform tasks for her. When this happens she'll be more likely to pick them over others as an excuse to see them more. Her actual house is kept at high temperatures ranging from 75-90 degrees (Fahrenheit) at most times. While she can live in a lot colder temperatures, her body freezes up pretty quickly in anything below about 30 degrees.

History: (Please explain the backstory of your character. How they came to be, what events shaped their lives, and what they are planning to do [Once you finish the application])

Miscellaneous: (Additional information of any importance that does not belong to any other category can be placed here)

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Samantha (WIP)
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