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 Lucciano Pitciati (WIP)

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PostSubject: Lucciano Pitciati (WIP)   September 12th 2016, 6:14 pm

Lucciano Pitciati

Gender/Sex: Male

Age: 16

Meister: Allister Pitciati

Weapon Form:

Love Interest:  "I'm single and ready to mingle~"

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): "Heh, wouldn't you just love to know?~"

Appearance: Lucciano is a 5ft 7inches tall teen with sharp green eyes and flowing fiery red hair. Lucciano is quite fond of the colors white, blue, black and red when it comes to clothing, and has a dress shirt for almost every occasion, he also likes wearing suits and ties, the weapon is a fan of the clean professional look. Lucciano's beautiful hair falls to about his back when down, but he usually keeps this wild mane in a very long braid that draped over his shoulder. Lucciano always seem to walk with confidence, he talks clear and loud and has perfected his charming smile. Lucciano has a lean build, but most would be surprised to find out his timid little brother is actually the meister of the two and not the other way around. Lucciano has an Italian/French accent, and while it's not a thick one,  it's very prominent.

Personality: Brash, courageous, loyal, flirty, and suave are some of the words to describe this young man. Lucciano will rarely back away from a challenge, and likewise will challenge others when his pride or his loved ones are in stake, in fact, in times of peril, Lucciano will show nearly unwavering bravery when the lives of those he cares about are on the line, willing to risk his very life. Lucciano is all about loyalty, going behind the backs of those who trust him is something that disgusts him at the very thought, it irks his soul when he sees weasley back-stabers betraying their colleagues or loved ones just for their own gain. Lucciano was a known womanizer in his home town prone to getting into more relationships than he should, however, Lucciano would never want break any girl's heart for another, so he decided "why not date them all?", needless to say, it got him into a lot of trouble more than once. Anywho, Lucciano is a shameless charmer, and would complement a woman on her looks even at the worst of times, and if he's truly smitten with a girl (which happens every other day) he'll write poems and attempt to cook, clean, and get gifts for her. Speaking of poems, even if Lucciano isn't trying to get with a chick or maybe even guy, he knows to be observant and complement them on things that they're good at, or on their looks, but mostly to butter them up to complete some goal. Despite his extroverted and almost comical personality, those who see Lucciano as a fool would be horribly surprised since the weapon is far from it, indeed, Lucciano can be as crafty as any old fox, and can come up with some very devious, sometimes sadistic, plots.

History: Lucciano was born to a weapon and meister pair, and was privileged in the sense that it was rare that he didn’t get what he want, and for a large part of his younger years he was spoiled. With the mindset that he could get anything he wanted, when he saw an adorable white fluffy bunny sleeping in a flower bed in their backyard, he basically demanded that he bring them home, he really wanted this bunny. Lucciano’s parents took this opportunity to try to build Lucciano’s character, and only said he could keep the bunny if he promised to take care of it if, and for even a moment he neglected them, Lucciano’s parents threatened they’d take them away, they also made it a challenged, saying that only the best of people could be able to take care of bunnies, so he’d have to be one of those people to do so. Lucciano accepted the challenge.
Lucciano immediately started to pamper the bunny like he was, never taking his eye off them, in fact, he was so determined to take of his new pet, he often put the bunny’s needs before his own.  He was determined to take care of his bunny (which he named Snow), to the farthest extent he could. One day, a week after taking in the bunny, Lucciano decided to run home early after school instead of going to the park to check on bunny, but instead of finding the usual bunny in his special box, he found a white haired boy with bunny ears rummaging through the kitchen pantry.  Lucciano was very much surprised at first, but after getting over the initial shock, Lucciano started asking questions, and soon learned that this boy was the pet bunny Snow, or better put, Lucciano’s pet bunny Snow was actually a boy in the form of a rabbit. The bunny-boy stated he was a bit tired of greens for dinner and hoped he’d have enough time to make some pancakes. Lucciano, still with the mindset of he needed to take care of his new rabbit friend, made him special pancakes. From that day on, Lucciano would go straight home after school to hang out with the rabbit boy, which he learned to be Allister.

Soul Count:


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Lucciano Pitciati (WIP)
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