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 Anubus (WIP)

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PostSubject: Anubus (WIP)   September 13th 2016, 9:56 pm

Name: Anubus

Gender: Male

Love Interest None

Madness Strand: The Madness of honor. A Madness that causes individuals infected by it to uphold their own internal code of honor. Anubus is capable of suppressing his Madness so others won't become infected with his Madness.

Appearence: Anubus' pyhiscal appearance draws great influence from the Egyptian God Anubis. From the neck down, Anubus is a very muscular male humanoid that stands at a height of about 7 feet tall with swirly tattoo looking markings all across his chest. From the neck up, he is a canine known as the Jackal. His entire body shares a colorless pigment however, being either black, white, or even grey. The only body part that isn't colorless is his crimson eyes. Due to his transformative capabilities, he can alter his muscular build and frame to make himself just a bit faster or to possess more agility. Using his transformative ability, he can also make himself more intimidating by transforming his jackal head into a skull of canine origin. Within his empty eye sockets, he will possess crimson orbs that function exactly like regular eye balls. Despite the transformative ability he possesses however, he doesn't possess a fully human form. He may be capable of developing one but he will always use this form when ever he fights.

As for regular clothing attire... He only wears the cloth wrapped tightly around his waist. He wears this even when out in public.

Personality: Anubus is best described as an honorable warrior, fighting for causes greater than himself. He cares deeply for humans and even Lord Death, wishing to protect them form any forces that attempt to stand against them. He fights against any obstacle in his way, never revealing a shred of fear in his demeanor. Being very physical however proves to be a great weakness when a task at hand requires a much more strategic approach. Anubus is a terrible problem solver and despises this about himself. Fortunately he will more often than not, allow others to assist him if he needs it. Proving himself capable of swallowing his own pride. Being an honorable warrior and a possessor of the Madness Strand of Honor, Anubus feels the need to always uphold the honor of a warrior. He will allow an opponent to fight at their maximum potential, pausing to let them do whatever they must to do so. He will prevent them from powering up however if that means killing or stealing power from others. Anubus will also provide his opponent with a general explanation of his abilities, so they may be able come up with counters to his attacks. If Anubus is faced with an opponent whom is clearly leagues below him in power, he will restrain from killing them, preferring to capture them for interrogation instead.

Anubus shows a great dislike for anyone or any activities he deems as dishonorable. Things he deems as dishonorable are dirty tactics, cheap shots, lying, stealing, and putting others down. He will finish fights against dishonorable enemies as quick as possible and with supreme aggression. If he is ever paired with dishonorable allies, he will make sure to keep his distance between himself and them, giving them cold shoulders or occasionally glaring daggers at them.  Anubus seems to view the world in an idealistic manner, believing that everyone is capable of upholding his brand of honor but simply wish not to for whatever reason. He must learn that his idealistic view of thinking should be toned down, for an idealistic world is nigh unobtainable.

History: Many Clowns are born in the conventional manner. A Kishin Egg or full-fledged Kishin sheds a great amount of Madness Wavelengths that gather into the form of a Clown. They serve that Kishin until that Kishin embraces their inevitable death. Some Clowns however, aren't born in this manner. They have no Kishin that spawned them. These Clowns are known as Artificial Clowns. They can be born in any manner besides the conventional spawning. Anubus just so happens to be one of these Clowns along with many others that he deems to be his siblings.

There was once a group of Witches that shed their ties with the Witch Order to pursue their own agenda, becoming targeted by both the DWMA and their kind. They sought to uncover the very nature of Madness and its many delightful delicious flavors. They developed spells that granted them the capability to steal the Madness of others. This requried them to kill in order to completely siphon the Madness Wavelengths from in type of soul. They gathered souls from Humans, Kishin Eggs, Monsters, and even Witches. Once they gather enough Madness they began to craft another spell, hoping it would allow them to create constructs that they could communicate with. They succeeded and made many Artificial Clowns. Unfortunately, many Clowns at the beginning were difficult to control, let alone attempt to converse with.

To prevent the Clowns from killing them and each other, the Witches needed to  lock up the Clowns in sealed tight rooms. Manufacturing of new Clowns continued while experiments and tests were ran on the Clowns. The Witches would eventually find Clowns that were fully cooperative and obedient. These Clowns were picked to serve the Witches as personal assistants. These Domestic Clowns were treated with more respect than the others and were a great help with classifying the different Madnesses each Clown possessed.


Madness Wavelength AbsorbtionAnubus is capable of absorbing Madness Wavelengths through physical contact. If enemies fire wavelengths at him that are clearly powered by madness, he can easily absorb them. Whenever Anubus gathers Madness Wavelengths, more tattoos will spread across his body. Once Anubus' body becomes completely black, he has absorbed the maximum amount of Madness Wavelengths as he possibly can.
Second NatureAnubus is capable of possessing a second Madness Strand. This Madness Strand is the same as the last Madness Wavelength he absorbed. This second Strand doesn't affect him mentally but others could become infected by it if they hang around Anubus for too long.
Clown RegenerationAnubus can regenerate completely as long as another Clown possesses one of his two natures and there's enough of the Madness in the area to do so.
Clown BodyAnubus possesses the remarkable body of a clown, a body that doesn't possess a single definite form. It can stretch, morph, liquify, solidify, and be torn to pieces but reform into its natural shape when need be.
Madness Wavelength ManipulationAnubus can manipulate the Madness Wavelengths he absorbs through the tattoos on his body. The tattoos can leave his body either to form solid objects as tough as Black Blood or plasma like matter that can disintegrate anything as tough as Black Blood. The plasma will quickly fade after disintegration however. Solids appear white in color while plasma appears crimson.
Madness FusionAnubus can perform Madness Fusion with other willing individuals. This will change that Individuals appearance slightly, grant them some of Anubus' abilities, boost their own, and possibly even grant them a new one.


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Anubus (WIP)
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