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 Allister Pitciati WIP

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PostSubject: Allister Pitciati WIP   September 18th 2016, 12:56 pm

Allister Pitciati

Gender/Sex: Male

Age: 15, looks younger in the face.

Species: Nature spirit: Jack-o-lope: A small race of monsters who are very connected to nature, also known as warriors of nature, they're jobs are to protect the circle of life and natural way, which usually leads them to dislike humans who defy nature. Allister's Jack-o-lope like form is about the size of a grown goat, but is small compared to his relatives, it has plush short fur, front legs that are long like a deer but have the rounded digging front paws of a rabbit on them, and the back legs of a deer. He has two bunny like ears on his head along with a small pair of antlers. His fur is pure white. When wanting to blend in a bit more, Allister can take the form of a fluffy small white rabbit.

Love Interest: "D-does nature count?", N/A

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): "O-oh, a bit personal, d-don't you think....Uh..."

Weapon: Lucciano Pitciati

Appearance: Allister is a lean teen with an adorable face, deep emerald green eyes, and snowy white hair. Off the bat, most wouldn't assume that Allister is the meister, but don't let his appearance fool you, his lean stature allows for speed, stealth and maneuverability. Just like his brother, Allister like looking neat and proper, preferring dress shirts and suits. His favorite colors when it comes to clothing is navy blue, white, green and grey. Allister looks like a pushover seeing how he looks like a human version of a bunny (Even without his bunny ears formed), and even though he can put an assertive tone to his voice, it's not a very intimidating one. Allister has an Italian/French accent that isn't very thick.

Personality: Shy, chivalrous, focused, quiet, and sweet are a some of the words used to describe Allister. The white haired teen gets very nervous when around girls (even the slightest touch from one might cause a blush or a nose bleed), he's also not one to go in front of crowds, he's alright with being a support in the background, but once he gets to know someone, he's a bit more open and less timid. Allister is all about manners, and whoever you are, you'll be treated with respect as well. Unlike his brother who seems to be everywhere at once, Allister is able to focus on a given task, and is able to pick out key elements of a situation. Allister isn't much of a mouthy person, and when he speaks it's in a soft, level tone, unless surprised or angered. Allister is very caring and loving to those he loves and nature, he's very considerate of other's feelings and might be a bit sensitive himself at times. Despite his calm and introverted exterior, Allister is fiercely loyal and protective of his friends, love ones, and cause, and when the moment calls for it, his confidence spikes. When dealing with enemies, he always chips away at a weak spot.

Allister was born into a family of nature guardians stationed in Europe, and to a fairly noble family within their clan. His parents were well known activists amoung his people, and had done a lot to try to keep the clan strong, but due to the rapidly expanding human population and the dwindling natural habitat, their domain started to get smaller and weaken. Not wanting to see their people due out, their started to turn towards more aggressive measures towards humans, usually in the form of random spouts of invasive weeds attacking crops and infestations of various small animals and insects under their command. Their short reign of vengeance didn't last long, because while enjoying time in the woods together in their guardian forms,  Allister's parents were shot by hunters, thought to be rare game. What made the problem worse wad the fact that Allister, who was small enough to be unseen, had been there during the outing. The young guardian hid in a thicket as hunters took his parents' bodies away. After the hunters were far enough, Allister ran through the woods blindly, not knowing where to go. Exhausted after running for hours, Allister, too tired to transform out of his rabbit form, collapsed in the backyard of a private estate. The next day, he was found by a red headed boy, he demanded to keep him, not knowing he was more than just a random rabbit. TOO tired and scared to protest, Allister was taken into the house.

Soul Count: Doesn't eat souls




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Allister Pitciati WIP
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