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 Yurio the... Something.

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PostSubject: Yurio the... Something.   September 26th 2016, 9:17 pm

Name Yurio. Arget? Umm...

Gender/Sex: Male

Age: 9
30th June

Species: Dragon with the power to transform. A bit like Blair, but bigger.

Love Interest: Aurora Foster, a sand witch.

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Probably something.

Weapon: No. Not yet? Uuuuh...

Other Form(s): Having undergone a transformation somewhat similar to that of his linked partner, Yurio ended up with a form that is pretty much human; a form gained when Glyndwr in turn gained more dragon-like characteristics. 

Dragon form:

Yurio is a quadrupedal dragon about two times as tall as a large horse and muscled much more heavily, especially in the chest area, due to the large flight muscles needed to power a pair of wings. Yurio's scales are varying shades of purple around the top of his body and a light cream colour on the underbelly and front of the chest. The scales on the underbelly are much soften than the ones at the top. Yurio's wings are like those of a bat. Yurio's eyes are a glistening purple. On his head, Yurio has a large pair of ears.

Human form:

Even though Yurio is only nine years old, he appears to be of a similar age to Glyndwr, who is well into his teens. This likely being due to the nature of his transformation, from which his form probably got a lot of it's characteristics. To anyone seeing both Yurio and Glyndwr for the first time, together, it may seem that the two are brothers since they look so much alike. They are, however, quite different looking at the same time. Whereas Glyndwr shows fairly soft facial features in his most ordinary form, Yurio's are sharper. He doesn't have any other forms, like Glyndwr does. While Yurio's eyes are still the same purple with slit pupils, his hair seems to be a mix between Glyndwr's old brown and his new hue, leading it to be much less striking. After his transformation, Yurio's hair was at about shoulder length, though not the whole way around. He elected to keep it as it was then; it kind of helped hiding his pointed ears. Yurio's canine teeth are much longer than any normal humans, just able to reach the middle of the gums of his lower teeth; this does not hinder him in any way, however, as they fit together perfectly well. His build also seems to be tall and thin, as is his partners, though he is noticeably a few inches shorter, standing at 6 feet exactly and weighing 140 pounds. As for his wardrobe, much to the dismay of his partner, Yurio borrows from Glyndwr; jeans, shirts and t-shirts are mostly what he wears, though some of Glyn's mission clothing seems to have gone missing too. Seeing as Glyndwr is a little taller than Yurio, his clothes seem a little bit too long on the dragon-man. When Glyndwr's clothes aren't available, Yurio can also create his own clothing when transforming from his dragon form, which looks to be made from solid, opaque fire that is only slightly warm to the touch, rather than burning. An effort by Glyndwr to keep some of his clothes untouched was made, and he owns some things which fit him well, but it doesn't really stop Yurio from borrowing every once in a while.

Personality: Yurio is a tame and gentle beast being person and even though he is quite young, he is also very intelligent. Despite this, Yurio is very childish at heart and often bickers with people (mostly Glyndwr) about stupid things. With Glyndwr it's usually things like 'which one is going to clean up.'  (The number one excuse in Yurio's books is that he has no thumbs. Not anymore. It's, "I don't know how to use these new thumbs of mine!" whenever it suits him.) Yurio is mischievous when left unattended and will probably steal your lunch while you aren't looking. Something that is no longer considered as funny by the victims, since he looks just like a person. Amongst his childish features, however, are dotted traits of an earnest individual who cares deeply for those he deems his friends; even if he doesn't show it all the time. That is, usually, when sandwiches go missing. It's a big issue, now!

History: Glyndwr, at the age of 9 was kidnapped by a group of witches who were experimenting on linking humans to different creatures, causing their minds and souls to be linked. The witches performed their experiments on Glyndwr and a dragon who was taken away from their nest when young, causing them to link and be reliant upon each other for survival. That dragon was Yurio. The duo attempted many times to go their separate ways during the start of their relationship, but the strong witch magic stopped this from happening. This is where Yurio and Glyndwr started travelling together, learning how to survive together and finally arrived together at the DWMA.

The next upset in the duo's lives was when Neoma, a witch who happened to be the mother of Glyndwr's girlfriend, showed up out of nowhere. After almost killing Glyndwr, he managed to unleash what the experiments done almost 9 years ago were truly meant to accomplish. The creation of a pseudo-sorcerer. Whether it's Glyndwr or Yurio, or both, that should be considered such is up for debate; what can be said, on the other hand, is that the experiment was a huge success.

Miscellaneous: No longer allowed to steal sandwiches.


Dragon abilitiesThe usual dragon breath, now more powerful. Range is 4 meters in a large area in front of his head.

Fireballs: name sort of says it all, really. Long range attack. Leaves impact area burning for two posts.
TransformationYurio transforms between human and dragon form, like a witch or warlock. He is able to manifests parts of his dragon form while in human form. This includes his armour-like scales.N/A
Inhuman sensesWhile in human form, he retains his dragon senses; eyesight, smell and reflexes and sandwich-radar.N/A
Super-strengthWhile in human form, he exhibits inhuman strength, stamina and agility; this is the same as his partner, Glyndwr.N/A

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses+Underbelly and wings in dragon form or when manifesting parts.

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PostSubject: Re: Yurio the... Something.   September 27th 2016, 9:32 am


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Yurio the... Something.
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