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 Demon/Death/Magic Weapons (Basic Weapons)

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Demon/Death/Magic Weapons (Basic Weapons) Empty
PostSubject: Demon/Death/Magic Weapons (Basic Weapons)   Demon/Death/Magic Weapons (Basic Weapons) I_icon_minitimeNovember 24th 2016, 2:45 pm

Demon/Death/Magic Weapons (Basic Weapons) 2cd9a922-ee60-4664-83d5-833f052fbec0
Demon weapons, also called Magic Weapons, are, in the simplest of terms, beings capable of transforming into weapons. In general, their human form seems normal, though it is possible for their weapon form to show in some way, shape, or form, as a human --- possibly as the result of being in tangent with their theme. Their souls work this way as well, maintaining the bluish hue of an innocent human’s and possibly revealing portions of their weapon form. Through transformation, a weapon’s human form will glow the color of their aura, seeming to fade into a plasma-like state, often following themes or elements, as they shift to their weapon form; when the glow fades, the weapon form has solidified and can be wielded. While transformed, a weapon can still communicate, though it appears to be that they may only do so with those that they are resonated with and/or are within close proximity to. They are also visible, both on the surface of their weapon form and within a black space thought to be some sort of soul room; visibility of multiple weapons in the same black space works the same as communication would. Whether or not their visible form is clothed varies, though they will always glow the same color as their aura. Relatively speaking, weapons are invincible in their weapon forms, largely able to take attacks without effect, though it has been shown that they can still bleed as a weapon; soul-based attacks may also do damage. No base-level weapon is capable of avoiding the “Sacrifice Rule;” in order to utilize their weapon form at all, or its abilities, without transforming some part of their body into some part of their weapon form. As such, the rule then follows the alchemical Law of Equivalent Exchange; nothing can be obtained without first sacrificing something of equal value. If one wishes to use their blade, they may only possess as much, upon transformation, as they transform, turning their arm from the elbow down into half of their blade and so forth. Without losing some part of them that is human, they may not have some part of them that is weapon.
Weapons are shown to be most effective when paired with a meister with a complimenting wavelength, acting as an amplifier for their partner’s soul power. Simply, “opposites attract,” like the ends of a battery or really anything with polar properties. Because of this, it can be a difficult process to manage a consistently symbiotic partnership, as conflict is likely to happen and negative emotions towards one another can desynchronize pairs, but it allows for a balance between the two.Relatives may wield each other, regardless of class, by a separate resonance known as the “Bond;” through this method, weapon siblings may wield each other, and meisters may perform full resonance with weapon relatives.
A well-known fact about the transformation/leveling of weapons is the order of soul consumption: ninety-nine plus one. For a typical weapon, this consists of consuming ninety-nine kishin egg or impure souls, followed by a witch/sorcerer one. Disturbing this order in any way will reset the weapon’s count, dropping it down to zero, eliminating the odd soul from the count in the process, a misfortune showcased at the pilot of the series by Soul’s consumption of Blair’s cat monster soul, ruining the plus one with a monster soul, rather than a witch one.
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Demon/Death/Magic Weapons (Basic Weapons)
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