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 Death Scythes

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PostSubject: Death Scythes   Death Scythes I_icon_minitimeNovember 25th 2016, 11:45 am

The next and technically singular evolution of a standard, pure weapon, the Death Scythe is achieved upon consumption of the one hundredth, witch’s/sorcerer’s soul. Unlike regular weapons, Death Scythes are able to sprout multiple portions of their weapon forms from their bodies without sacrificing existing body parts in the process (i.e. Spirit, who can sprout multiple instances of his scythe blade from places such as his back; for ranged weaponry, this would mean shooting their projectiles out of his or her hand, etc.)
Abilities of a Death Scythe vary between weapons depending upon their previous abilities, weapon form, and meister. For partnerships that include a grigori soul, the weapon and meister can agree upon the appearance of wings to appear from one member of the partnership or the other. These wings would be able to achieve flight. It is of note that a meister that “creates” a death scythe achieves the top tier of meister rankings: a three star meister.
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Death Scythes
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