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 Shattered Dreamer

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PostSubject: Shattered Dreamer    January 21st 2017, 6:11 pm

Shattered Dreamer: Vivian Cruz Seegers


Age: 14 (2003)

Meister: Phoebe Mystic

Weapon Form:

Strangely, Vivian, or Dreamer's, weapon form looks corrupted. It's actually not at all; the appearance is due to her father being a kishin egg. Dreamer's mother, an unwed 23-year-old devout Catholic, was raped by Dreamer's father, resulting in the girl's conception. The initial form of the weapon would have been a straight white polearm staff with a small spear tip at the end and a beautiful, pure white scythe blade with small, circular cut outs. The glowing blue circles seen in the image are originally dark blue gems. The black spikes typically would serve as a sort of a cap at the top of the blade and staff, anchoring it all together. The wrappings seen in the image have blessings and crosses on them in an attempt to help ward off the kishin blood.

Love Interest: None at present; Heterosexual

Dreamer's eyes are pantone red, and she keeps the left one covered when and however she can; though the right one is completely normal, the left one looks like Asura's. Her hair is long and pure white, and her skin is pale but neither burns nor tans. Vivian is often described as having "resting bitch face" when she is mentally preoccupied, though she seems not to mind the term, and will even use it to her advantage if she does not wish to speak, glaring at anyone she is disinterested in. Her outfit changes from day to day, but she almost always wears a rosary and black combat boots. Her headphones are with her the majority of the time, though she isn't always using them for music and sometimes just pulls them on to ignore those around her.

Dreamer likes to see the best in people, and is a warm and kind-hearted young teen. She will do what she can to help others, being able to instinctively sense how those around her are feeling. On the other hand, as willing as she is to help others with their life and emotional problems, she does not like to express her own; any frustrations she has are worked out through learning and experimenting. Anything she learns, she must do so hands-on, and has tinkered with more than her fair share of electronics, toys, remotes, and otherwise. When directly beside her partner, Dreamer largely prefers to allow the elder of the two to do the talking.

As mentioned above, Dreamer is the child of a kishin egg and a devout Catholic. Due to her eyes, her mother has tried to have her exorcised a number of times, but as she is not possessed by anything, this has had no effect on her. Aside from her mother's almost paranoia about her, Dreamer grew up almost as normally as any asocial child would, keeping to herself and just generally staying out of anyone's way. Of course, she was considered the weird person in class, and though she had a few friends, no one truly made it far past the level of an acquaintance, and bullying soon became an everyday occurrence when middle school approached.

Her weapon discovery seems almost typical, in truth; she was being mocked, shoved around, and cornered. In an attempt to block a hand going for her face, aiming to strike at her always-hidden right eye, her arm shifted to her polearm. Pushing the assailant back, she stood slowly, the handle shifting slowly into the blade. At the spark of soul energy, her right eye began to glow, and as she moved to dodge a fool-hardy attacker, the kishin eye was revealed. Her mother took the opportunity, upon the reports that she'd transformed and several assailants tried to frame her for injuries that in no way matched the shapes of her weapon, to ship her off. Vivian has not heard from her since.

Discovered soon after her enrollment by a witch living at the sister school beneath the Academy, Dreamer was approached by Phoebe. Within the week, the two were partnered and Vivian moved before anyone really noticed that she'd even been there to begin with. Ever since, they've stayed together almost every moment, forming a formidable pair.

Soul Count: 5

MutationsDescription# of souls
Dragonscale(Dragon) Dreamer is capable of sprouting scales on her body or her partner's, protecting her from significant levels of damage and making her completely immune to fire. In weapon form, the scales cover the weapon and physical attacks are even harder. The scales can fall off and be collected, fetching a high price.1
Handicap(X) Dreamer is capable of cancelling out magic in the area, approximately 9 feet around, both in and out of weapon form. Since this is untrained (and besides which, currently locked), she cannot limit or expand the perimeters, meaning that it works against Phoebe, as well.9
MutationGained from tenth soul, activated at nineteenth19
MutationGained from twentieth soul, activated at twenty-ninth29
MutationGained from thirtieth soul, activated at thirty-ninth39
MutationGained from fortieth soul, activated at forty-ninth49
MutationGained from fiftieth soul, activated at fifty-ninth59
MutationGained from sixtieth soul, activated at sixty-ninth69
MutationGained from seventieth soul, activated at seventy-ninth79
MutationGained from eightieth soul, activated at eighty-ninth89
MutationGained from ninetieth soul, activated at ninety-ninth99


"Our Solemn Hour" by Within Temptation

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Shattered Dreamer
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