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 Axyl Murphy (Adopted)

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PostSubject: Axyl Murphy (Adopted)   April 22nd 2017, 10:49 am

Axyl Murphy

Original Sheet



Justice Abbey (Sometimes/not necessarily permanent); None

Weapon Form:
Upon transformation, Axyl becomes a beautiful golden throwing knife with engraved handles. Near the base of the handle on both sides has a small sunshine that seems to glimmer even when in pitch black darkness. Engraved on the front sides of the handles are grisly death scenes from ancient Greek mythology. On the back on the handles there are roughly 30 small hearts. All of the engravings are raised from the knife, creating a rough and molded grip for the meister. The knife blade itself almost has the ability to blind when raised to sunlight. The point is wickedly sharp, and if the wielder isn't careful, they can easily get the weapon stuck in any nearby object.

Love Interest:
Justice Abbey (Planned)

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic):

Axyl has medium length hair that is streaked with various shades of brown. He wears thin rimmed black glasses that are constantly sliding down his nose. He is rather pale, due to his Greek descent. His eyes are always focused on something in the distance, which makes him come off slightly rude occasionally (although nobody has ever told him) At the slightest embarrassment he will flush a medium shade of cherry red and he will start to fidget. When he is thinking or spacing out, a pencil manages to make his way to his lips when it is available. No matter how much his hair is brushed, it maintains its fluffy and messy look.

Axyl is a generally quiet person unless provoked. He loves books. He grew up with a father who had very high expectations for him, so he now holds people accountable for their actions.(especially those close to him) As a boy, he never had anyone close to him which lead him to not really tend to get close to anybody for his entire life. Sometimes Axyl has a bit of a loose tongue, which makes awkward things slip out of his mouth when he is in a tough situation. However, the Greek can be trusted with the secrets of those near and dear to him.

He Grew up in a strict household. His mother was a nurturing and caring person, the complete opposite from his father.  His father was elected president of Greece when he  was six. Axyl's father was always pushing him to be the best he could be, which put a lot of stress on both Axyl and his three brothers. Being the oldest, Axyl ended up receiving most of the blame for just about anything that happened in their household, not that he minded. He was glad he was able to protect his little brothers. The punishments typically included beating, verbal abuse,public shaming, or worse. When he got old enough, Axyl was forced to become his father's 'political representative' Axyl put up with all of it for 15 years of his life until one day. In the middle of the night, Axyl took his pre packed backpack of supplies and snuck into his father's office. He had knowledge of the password to a safe in the office, and he unlocked it only to find a singular ticket to Death City and a note that read "Go to the DWMA. They'll help you unlock those freakish abilities of yours." in his father's handwriting. Axyl was bewildered, but he figured that a free ticket to this "Death City" place was better than the hell that he had to endure on a day to day basis. So, without a thought of his brothers having to suffer still, he fled. Axyl took the long boat ride to Nevada, and in a month he finally arrived at the stairs of the DWMA. He then saw a small boy perched on the steps. Axyl confronted him and asked the boy what the place was. The boy introduced himself as Alexander, and Axyl spilled his heart out to him. Alexander took him to a teacher who later became his mentor and helped him unlock his weapon blood. He was initially terrified, but with the aid of his teacher, Axyl slowly learned to become only nervous when he transformed. He celebrated his 16th birthday at the DWMA, and incidentally unlocked his partial weapon form the same day. The teacher obtained special permission from Death to take Axyl on missions with them, and the Death Scythe that was his teacher encouraged him to eat the monster souls they discovered (not wanting to purge himself of his current souls). By this, Axyl became a Hunter's Axe.

Soul Count: 10

MutationsDescription# of souls
Illusionary ReplicationGained from a Hydra, when thrown, Axyl's weapon (and when used in it, human) form creates two false duplicates; when struck, they each create two more, and so on. The duplicates are illusions, meant only to confuse.1
Siren's Song(Siren) When activated, or when singing in his human form, Axyl is able to attract victims (though only those attracted to men) to him, usually into traps. If replayed backwards and at a higher frequency, causes disorientation, nausea and (with prolonged exposure of 3+ hours straight), blackouts.9
Petrify(Locked)(Cockatrice) At will in human form but only when striking the face in weapon form, Axyl can temporarily paralyze an opponent. If left in place for 24 hours, the effect becomes permanent on the victim. Also has the side effect of causing him to randomly hiss or bock during conversations, making him speak even more infrequently than before. (Not in effect until unlocked).19
MutationGained from twentieth soul, activated at twenty-ninth29
MutationGained from thirtieth soul, activated at thirty-ninth39
MutationGained from fortieth soul, activated at forty-ninth49
MutationGained from fiftieth soul, activated at fifty-ninth59
MutationGained from sixtieth soul, activated at sixty-ninth69
MutationGained from seventieth soul, activated at seventy-ninth79
MutationGained from eightieth soul, activated at eighty-ninth89
MutationGained from ninetieth soul, activated at ninety-ninth99

(Additional information of any importance that does not belong to any other category can be placed here)

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PostSubject: Re: Axyl Murphy (Adopted)   May 24th 2017, 8:34 pm

Alex Montgomery up for adoption
Rhiannon Johnson~Witch
Desdemona Simpson~ Kishin Egg
Addison and Lydia Campbell~weapon
Achima Ravencraft ~Kishin Egg
Eliana Boyd~Witch
Allelujah/Halleljuah Haptism~Death Scythe
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Axyl Murphy (Adopted)
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