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 Tottori Terror!: The Gashadokuro's Grand Meal (Individual Mission)

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Wisteria Sodorov
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PostSubject: Tottori Terror!: The Gashadokuro's Grand Meal (Individual Mission)   May 5th 2017, 4:46 pm

Name: Tottori Terror!: The Gashadokuro's Grand Meal

Overview: In Japanese legend, the Gashadokuro is a horrifying beast, taking the form of a massive (sometimes told to be hundreds of feet tall!) skeleton made up of corpses belonging to those who fell long ago, but can only manifest in areas such as mass graves or battlegrounds where many deaths occurred at the same time. Their angry souls fermented and transformed into the horrific beast. These ancient monsters were known to stalk the countryside in the darkest hours of the night, only lit by the light of the moon high above. However, in recent reports, one of these beasts seems to have been appearing in the Tottori Prefecture's agriculturally active areas, biting the heads off of humans and stealing their souls. The last attack was recorded to be located in the city of Kurayoshi. Shibusen has identified the target to likely be a Kishin Egg, who has assumed a form similar to that of a Gashadokuro. Be on the lookout for that spooky, scary skeleton!

Location: Kurayoshi, Tottori Prefecture of Japan


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PostSubject: Re: Tottori Terror!: The Gashadokuro's Grand Meal (Individual Mission)   May 24th 2017, 6:26 pm

Note: Perhaps it'd be better if you made it a team mission ^^
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Tottori Terror!: The Gashadokuro's Grand Meal (Individual Mission)
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