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 The Servant of Evil (Ready for Review)

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PostSubject: The Servant of Evil (Ready for Review)   June 8th 2017, 11:31 pm

Name: Servant

Gender: Male

Love Interest None

Madness Strand: Madness of Servitude

Appearence: Servant takes the appearance of a masked man. Someone whom is visibly in his early to mid-twenties. He possesses short, pitch black hair and no visible eyes. The mask he wears seems to be his true face, not just something he happened to wear one day. The clothes Servant wears, also seem to be apart of him. Almost as though they were made from his own flesh. One however, could still mistake the clothing for actual clothes just based on appearance alone. For 'clothes', servant wears black attire. Black coat and black pants. For the mask, it is a white face with black markings that form a uninterested expression. Servant is very much, a blank slate.

Personallity: Servant is very dedicated to the idea of serving his Kishin. By any means necessary, even being willing to give up his life to protect them. Servant possesses little regard for his well being and needs, placing his Kishin's needs over his own. He possesses very little interest in anything else if at all. Servant at times may seem very emotionless because of this but that quite frankly isn't the case. In fact, he can take great pride in his Kishin. Feel sad for any of his shortcomings in serving. He will even most definitely feel wrathful toward anybody that tries to fight against his Kishin's goals.

Servant will adore his Kishin above anything else, showing genuine love and care for this person. Servant will worship this Kishin, openly giving praises to them. Servant will despise anyone whom speak ill will to them, often showing an unbelievably murderous side to his demeanour. Only his Kishin will be able to calm his wrath, preventing him from outright tearing the individual to pieces.

Servant displays behaviour most commonly found in psychopaths and psychotics. Pleasure in killing, distorted sense of right and wrong, and humor that strays toward the darker side of the spectrum. Servant will display kindness and polite manners only to those of which his Kishin views as friends and allies. This kindness, also just so happens to be genuine. He will never fake kindness and will even apologize and make good to allies he may have wronged in the past. These apologies however, are the only tokens he will give to gain forgiveness however. He will not go too far out of his way for forgiveness.

History: Servant's conception, is even a mystery to himself. He can not recall his creator, his origins, or even even his very name. Choosing to take on the name of Servant, solely because of the fact that he knew what he must do. Serve. Despite remembering nothing about his past, Servant awoke within his underground chamber knowing at the very least that he was made to serve the cause of Madness. More accurately, the being whom will usher in such great Madness. Beings that were known primarily as Kishin.

Servant was set within his chamber in a death-like state, incapable of awakening till enough Madness had engulfed the world. With the help of many present day Kishin Eggs and other clowns, Servant was permitted to activate out of his dormat state. He would then escape his confinement to find the very first Kishin or Kishin Egg he could find, preferably someone of great strength. One day he will serve that person, doing anything they want of him. Till then, Servant has been killing plenty of people. Gathering souls as an offering to his Kishin.

Profound Martial Arts and Acrobatic AbilityServant is a great combatant in hand to hand combat and is also quite acrobatic. Being capable of performing amazing flips and stunts while fighting opponents. He is quite on par with Two-Star Meisters.
TransformationServant can morph, bend, and contort his body at will. He is even capable of taking on gaseous state to fly around a battlefield. Of course, he can not attack while in said state.
Pulling Yourself TogetherIn order to properly kill Servant, one must incinerate his body with flame or eradicate him with any basic wavelength attacks. If Servant were to be torn apart, he can pull himself back together.
Madness FusionServant is capable of fusing with others, no matter the race. He can strengthen them and potentially even grant them new powers.

Miscellaneous: Since Servant has escaped his tomb, he has gathered 25 souls.

Have you read the rules?
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PostSubject: Re: The Servant of Evil (Ready for Review)   June 9th 2017, 10:27 pm

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The Servant of Evil (Ready for Review)
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