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 Looking for something to do (Open)

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Vixy McCloud
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Looking for something to do (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Looking for something to do (Open)   Looking for something to do (Open) I_icon_minitimeJuly 24th 2017, 11:01 pm

Crushing loneliness. That's all Decca was able to feel for a whole two weeks. He had finally found someone who actually want to be around him, even after being able to see his twisted soul, and they just...Vanished. He hadn't been killing alot lately, and even when he did kill, the dark weapon didn't have the heart to actually eat the souls, "A lowly piece of garbage like me doesn't deserve to get stronger, I don't even have a partner anymore..." the messy haired teen mumbled to himself as he walked along the crowded sidewalk. He would usually be giddy about all the potential toys, but he hadn't been able to shake his funk, nor had he been able to regain his normally positive attitude. Why was he even getting worked up over Cedrick, they didn't know each other for very long... He still had the same passions as me, he even got  excited just about the idea of partnering up, Decca thought, sighing sadly, the only other people that had actually liked to be around him and actually wanted to see him make it were his mom and old mentor, but of course, that damned academy took them both away from him. Decca tensed, getting angry, though his expression stayed zombie like; he wanted to hurt someone, or just about anything that'd relieve his distress, he would've considered binge eating if he didn't have little to no money on him, just barely enough to buy a soda, so killing was the next best thing, but even though he tried to ignore it, now the stinging pang of hunger started to distract him. He needed to eat.

Decca sat on a bench, stomach growling loudly as he stared blankly into the crowd of people walkibg passed him. The scrawny teen was looking for someone who looked like they had a good deal of money on them, maybe someone with expensive clothing, or maybe someone who looked like they had just finished a shopping spree. He'd stalk them, rob them, and would probably kill them just for fun, though, his passion for blood had dwindled a bit, maybe after I eat something, I can start focusing on rekindling my passion, he thought. A small half smile spread on the weapon's face, making his dead expression look a bit more ominous, I'll figure out a way to make myself get better, It'd be a shame if i stopped using my hunting skills, Decca thought, his gaze becoming a bitmore focused.
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Looking for something to do (Open)
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