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 Charim Griswald (Adopted)

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PostSubject: Charim Griswald (Adopted)   Charim Griswald (Adopted) I_icon_minitimeNovember 11th 2017, 9:59 am

Charim Griswald (Adopted) H2nhLDh

Charim Griswald

74 (appears to be in her mid-twenties)


Animal Form:
Though she does not possess the typical coloration of one, Charim's animal form is that of a Great White Shark; the main body of this form is completely white, with the usually black eyes replaced by the bright, piercing blue of her own. Like her human form's arms, her pectoral fins are marked and scarred by burns, mirroring those of her other form. Her tail is jagged at the end, an act done purposely to produce a saw-toothed patteration. As a shark, she can use her fins to cut through things as hard as steel. Due to the aquatic nature, or perhaps necessity, of her familiar, it is theorized that her magic is at least partially water-based. However, no one actually knows.

Mission/Opponent Difficulty:
**** (Challenging)

Faction/Association: Self

Playable By: Staff, Plot-restricted

Abilities & Spells:

There are, in general, two appearances that Charim is known for keeping up, though the basic details of her physical description remain the same. Charim holds an almost mysterious beauty, matching a thin build with an attractive muscular, or at least athletic tone, helping to offset her slightly taller than average height at 5'7". In a combination effect that can leave some stunned upon their first, and sometimes even subsequent meetings, Charim's naturally snow white hair and striking, vibrant blue eyes make her seem almost otherworldly in her beauty. These, she fancies as an advantage, adding to the mystery of the aura she presents. Though she is typically found in her business attire, sporting a black suit and glasses with her hair in a well kept ponytail, this is not the only way she can be seen. As a witch, she keeps her hair down and fanned out behind her, with a long, dark blue gown covering the majority of her form. Her hat has a teeth-lined brim, befitting her animal form, though it is not the only nod to such. Her forearms are protected by twin wrist guards, each with two fin-like protrusions lining them. Adding to this are combat boots, which finishes the outfit.

Childhood blessed Charim with a carefree, but focused nature, lending her to a life befitting both a child and an upcoming magical powerhouse. The death of her mother changed her greatly, however, marking the clear-cut end of her childhood, if not through the tragedy itself than how she responded to it. Without a second thought for the life she left behind, she threw herself into the world, growing fast from lively child to hardened adult. It didn't take long for her to learn that her femininity could be used as a weapon, and she came to find that seduction and flirting could often keep both men and women alike off their game and away from her plans and intentions. From there, she learned lethality and ruthlessness, growing in combat and espionage in ways unbefitting of the girl she was before; nothing could stand between her and her goals, marking her as a hunter while those counted among her enemy became her prey. Like her familiar counterpart, she is adapt at smelling blood in the water, as it were, and can track down an enemy at record speeds before they even truly become aware that their injured, let alone threatened. From a corporate perspective, however, she learned subterfuge, quickly adapting to find that keeping all, or even a majority, of her cards on the table could lead to irreparable damage. As such, she developed the need to be mysterious, to act as the factor at play that nobody could, or knew how to, anticipate.

Important Information/Opinions:
  • Undisclosed
  • 2
  • 3

Thread List:

Charim's mother, a mid-powered witch, was the type that sought to make her daughter more powerful outside the influence of humans. As such, the woman and child became lost to the wind following Charim's birth; it is unknown whether or not her father even knew that she was conceived, let alone existed. With Charim's affluence for magic being as great as it was, her mother put a heavy focus on training her accordingly, developing her into a powerful witch and magic user. Neither mother nor daughter was anywhere near indestructible, however, a fact Charim learned all too well at the age of seventeen. It came to pass that their hideout was discovered and attacked by a fire elemental weapon and meister pair. With the weapon's flame control being absolute, Charim's mother did not survive the assault, and Charim herself was left scarred for life, her forearms burned in nearly identical patterns. With the loss of her mother, the only person to whom she had any connection with to this point, Charim made a resolving vow that would carry with her through the rest of her life: she would exterminate every living weapon on the face of the Earth, bringing them to extinction in retribution for her mother and revenge against the heretic that had killed her. In her efforts to bring this dream to reality and fruition, she spent several decades following the incident forming a multinational enterprise. From this, Charon Inc., she watches and influences the world, with her hands dirtied in a business that has become the international, foremost supplier of everything from bullets and man-made weaponry to the bandages and medical equipment that repair the damages they leave, and everything between and beyond.
Even in this position, she keeps a relatively low profile, with the main corporation possessing the title of the company while the sub companies and various branches maintaining separate titles, with which she hides her monopoly over them all. This helps to keep her from the spotlight, as well as to hide the various connections she has. It is unknown, even by her most trusted advisors, what it is that goes on with the parent company, and where all of its revenue is dedicated to. She chooses to keep everyone in the dark unless it is pertinent that they know something; even then, they learn no more than is relevant, and Charim is sure to keep her secrets her own. It seems that there is no ally that she keeps for long. With her connections, there's no real telling where she is at any given time.

Charim's burns have always been trouble, and she often goes into fits where they release some of her stored up reserves of magic, often in the form of heat, or sometimes steam.
Her color is #4F94CD.

Have you read the rules?
"And if you come with me, there will be overwhelming power and madness."

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PostSubject: Re: Charim Griswald (Adopted)   Charim Griswald (Adopted) I_icon_minitimeJanuary 6th 2018, 10:28 am

All is fine. Accepted.


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Charim Griswald (Adopted)
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